Qin Dingfang is a woman with both talent and beauty. Many officials are full of admiration for Qin Dingfang in their eyes.
Qin Dingfang can say, "I’m flattered by the golden guards."
Lin Yi added, "But I also heard that it is because the fairy is so excellent that she is still unmarried. This time, she came to my capital, and most of them are romantic talents. I will find a Mr. Right to let you glad you came."
Lin Yi’s words also damaged Qin Dingfang’s hearing, and suddenly he was dizzy with anger, and his body was also trembling with qi and blood.
Qin Dingfang stared at Lin Yi noncommittally nodded.
Red eyes full of resentment
When Li Chao saw Qin Dingfang, he was afraid that he would lose his dignity if he didn’t answer. After all, the golden-faced bodyguard now represents the emperor’s disrespect if he ignored it.
Li Chao responded to him on behalf of him, saying, "The fairy western regions are grateful to you for your kindness."
Lin Yi really wanted to laugh at Li Chao’s answer.
Qin Dingfang couldn’t stay for a moment.
Stay one more moment and he will feel out of control and go crazy.
Qin Dingfang then said to Li Chaodao, "Ling Wang, I suddenly feel unwell, so I’ll leave first."
The Li Dynasty also knew that Qin Dingfang could not stay for a moment, and he didn’t want Qin Dingfang to continue to leave the boat. After all, the conditions given by the land phase were also very attractive, which was very beneficial to the western regions
National interest are important.
Li Chao doesn’t want to talk about it.
Li Chaodao said, "Since Fairy is not feeling well, go back and rest early."
Lin Yi also said, "Please take care of your county."
Qin Dingfang whispered to Lin Yi, "Lin Yi didn’t kill anyone, but you humiliated me today and I’ll let you pay twice as much in the future!"
Lin Yi also said, "Qin Dingfang, you are a man, a woman and a woman who think you are a flying fairy. You are insulting yourself. When do you come to me, I will always be there. If you really have something, you might as well find a place to fight for life and death like the Tibetan king!"
Qin Dingfang said, "Are you and I as stupid as the Tibetan king? Let you set me up after cheating? The Tibetan king was calculated by you. If you hadn’t calculated two, you wouldn’t be the opponent of the Tibetan king! You are a despicable villain, but it’s a pity that the Tibetan king. "
Lin Yi said, "You don’t have to provoke me. I dare you."
Qin Dingfang said, "If I want you to die, I have a way to treat you like Lin Yi. We have been fighting since childhood, and we should end it! Your death is not far away! "
Lin Yi way "is there a way? Isn’t it just some dirty tricks? Qin Dingfang was bloodbath in Beifu, when I was fourteen, when did you try to kill me? What have you done for so many years? I’m fine. "
Qin Dingfang said, "I’m fine, and you can endure me!"
Lin Yi said, "How are you? You know better than anyone in your heart. You also said that fighting for so many years should be over. It’s a pity that you dare not live and die with me openly. You Hu Ling people are Hu Ling, and the rest of them are’ flying spirits’."
Hearing this, Qin Dingfang was so angry that he was about to vomit blood. He knew that it was not Lin Yi’s opponent who didn’t talk and turned away from the banquet hall.
Lu Xiang looked at all this and looked old as usual. People couldn’t see through it. They drank the wine in front of them.
Guan Hong doesn’t show his face.
Others can’t see the difference.
Lin Yi and Li Chao sat down again and then continued to drink and have fun.
At the moment, Li Chao drank so many toasts after three rounds of wine, and he got drunk. Now he knows that the gold-faced bodyguard is Lin Yi, who is not angry in his heart and can’t drown his sorrows in wine.
After drinking for half an hour, Li Chao was even more drunk.
Li Chao also felt the urine suppress, so he left first to urinate.
Li Chao went out of the banquet hall.
Outside the hall stood four death warriors and several western warriors.
And the followers of Lu Ba-shou officials.
Four death warriors and western warriors escorted Li Chao to a toilet near the banquet hall.
Two samurai also advanced toilet exploration.
There were two people squatting in the latrine and defecating. These two people were attending a banquet, and two officials followed them. They were just halfway through when they were driven out by the samurai.
Although they came out in pants, they were angry, but they dared not say anything.
Two people leave the toilet.
Because the toilet near the banquet hall is mainly a convenient place for people in the banquet, the toilet is much larger than the general toilet. There are six pits in the size of a house, with a shed on one side and an open one on the other.
Two samurai confirmed that one samurai put a torch in the toilet to illuminate, and then the two men withdrew.
They set up latrines and guarded them around.
Li Chaojin went to the toilet. He took off his pants and peed.
As a stream of urine spurted out, Li Chao made a carefree sound.
Then he said to himself, "Lin Yi didn’t expect you to be a real mesa. You really have something to become a golden bodyguard, but don’t be proud too early. Even if you are a golden bodyguard, I have a way to deal with you. We’ll see …"
Also at this time suddenly a strong breeze overhead.
At the same time, a sound entered the secret sound Li Chaoer.
"You can’t wait for that day!"
Li Chao was not an idle generation.
Before the sound rang, he felt a strong breeze coming towards the back of his head.
With many years of experience against the enemy, Li Chao also felt that it was a sword wind!
Chapter ninety-seven The king of the toilet stab ling (1)
Li Chao really didn’t expect someone to assassinate him in the toilet.
At the same time, the torch inserted in the toilet went out.
At this moment, Li Chao almost stepped on his feet in front of his body, and his head shook to one side to avoid the strong breeze.
That strong wind is a knife wind.
Li Chao’s head was thrown to avoid a deadly knife, and a knife was attached to the right side of Li Chao’s head. A large piece of flesh on the right side of Li Chao’s head was cut off by that sharp knife.
This is also the martial arts of the Li Dynasty, which is also extremely high, and the strain is strong, otherwise it will be killed by this knife.
Li Chao gave a painful cry, and then he kicked the sneak attacker backwards. The sneak attacker also kicked Li Chao’s foot vigorously. Li Chao felt that his opponent’s foot was not as strong as usual. Li Chao’s ankle bone was rattled by the other party and was almost kicked off by the other party.
The other side cut to the Li Dynasty with another knife.




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