The dark wolf king "originally this guy is at the end of his tether and is too weak to die. No wonder it takes two hours to say anything!"! How can a normal person have the patience to wait for a stranger for two hours? I really admire your patience! He waited quietly for 2 hours for the old man to respond! "
Golden Monkey King: "Your king is like you. People are great people. They are definitely not willing to live in an ordinary life. People have ambitions, good bosses and good commanders! Of course, he will be patient, just like if you pick up girls every day and don’t learn anything, you will know double major, double major, crazy double major, and double major day and night! "
The dark wolf king gloated, "Hahahaha, this is the happiest thing in wolf life. You don’t understand, you don’t understand!" "
Ma Sanzhi regarded the golden monkey king’s flattering words as "be quiet and don’t talk!"
"You … realm … is …" Six wars king Ma Ligu asked.
"Four martial arts gods are perfect" Ma Sanzhi thought a little and answered truthfully.
"Your spirit is very special … your spirit has changed three times?" The King of the Six Wars was a little surprised when he asked. He seemed to know Ma Sanzhi’s state of mind like the back of his hand, even his mind changed from one place to another!
"I don’t know how to practice in the younger generation, but I don’t know how to cultivate my mind. Now this change of mind is a normal evolution. I have never practiced the magical power of mind, and I haven’t practiced the secret. This change of mind is a natural thing for me!"
Chapter 447 The King of War is old!
A heavy sigh seems to be more like taking away all the strength of the King of Six Wars than despair. For a long time, he stopped saying nothing.
"Predecessors, are you okay? What are you sighing about? I’m a little different, but I’m not disappointed, am I? Why do you feel disappointed? " Ma Sanzhi asked
After another half an hour, the other person seemed to have saved enough strength, and he was very disappointed. The sound was lonely and lifeless. "You … are too weak …"
Ma Sanzhi has a bad cold. Is he so strong and weak?
The Golden Monkey King, eager to protect the Lord, can’t stand a stranger’s disrespect for Ma Sanzhi and growled, "Who are you calling weak when you are old and deathless?" Be careful that the king slaps you to death, you bastard, and you dare to look down on my king! "
Ma Sanzhi seems to have a particularly good temper today and doesn’t want to care so much. "Big money fans calm down and don’t mess around!"
"It took a year … to complete the four martial arts gods … neither fast nor slow …" Six wars king Ma Ligu said to himself.
Ma Sanzhi said in his heart, "In fact, if I can practice the most powerful mental method, it can be greatly shortened. Unfortunately, I have no skill. I have an ordinary five-dragon fist!"
The weak king of six wars didn’t respond, and seemed to fall into a deep sleep and rest again.
This time, it took five hours for Ma Ligu to say again, "Five Dragon Boxing? This kind of dirty skill can make you so. It seems that you have great potential! Before you … I’ll teach you … "
These words seem to have taken away his last strength and then fell silent. Under normal circumstances, no one can stand it, and it is easy to lose patience for so long to say a word.
However, Ma Sanzhi was very calm, waiting for him to hesitate a little and then strode forward.
The golden monkey king and the three tiger kings are closely related to each other and worry that Ma Sanzhi will be in danger!
Colorful rocks, many tombstones, a little hazy and bright! It is not dark that the tomb department is influenced by many tall tombstones, but it is also hazy that it is not only full.
The soil is bumpy and very uneven. Ma Sanzhi passed by one tombstone after another along the winding passage.
There are a lot of stone bones looming on the ground, which is shocking. Many pre-ancient biological fossils are condensed together on the ground. It is conceivable that those creatures must be buried with some big people!
Ma Sanzhi walked out of this ancient tomb a few hundred meters away and came to a purple tombstone. The ground in front was very smooth as crystal jade.
There is nothing in this place, and there is no silence. He stands here quietly and alone, and so do his comrades-in-arms. No one speaks.
"Senior, can you be here?" Ma Sanzhi explored but found nothing.
The purple ground in front is as warm and clean as a carefully crafted jade jade, which clearly reflects his figure. However, at this moment, he felt a thrill.
There is not only his figure in the purple jade jade on the ground, but also another tall and ferocious figure with a horn between the eyebrows, six arms and wings on the back, and his body is covered with fine scales.
Monster! Monster!
Ma Sanzhi felt his scalp take a chill and quickly avoided it, then turned around and looked around, but there was nothing behind him.
"Normal situation … you can’t see it …" The old sound of the King of Six Wars came from the rock wall.
Ma Sanzhi turned to look at the purple jade on the ground and found that the humanoid creature was exceptionally ferocious and wide-mouthed and fangs were still behind him.
"Evil thoughts … except jade … reflect the law …" Maligulikou.
It took him a long time to finish spitting dozens of words, which made Ma Sanzhi preliminary.
This is evil thoughts. It is a kind of ancient woman’s paleontology that can automatically lock the living body. The only good thing is that the creature is not just a virtual shadow, not an entity.
Ma Sanzhi was amazed that he was no stranger to this creature. There were some stone carvings of this kind of monster in those ancient books, from which he saw that its figure was fierce and powerful to human beings.
Fortunately, this monster is a virtual shadow of evil thoughts and has no attack power. It doesn’t need a big fight!
"Where are you, senior?"
"In the rocks on the ground"
On the ground of the ancient tomb, next to the purple jade wall, there is a rough rock wall, inside which Ma Li Gu Yin comes.
"Teach you a type to see your understanding, such as …" Six wars Wang Yin is getting weaker and weaker.
Ma Sanzhi meditated for two hours, and suddenly a dry figure appeared in the rock wall. A clear outline was outlined through rough rocks, and bones were not much better than skeletons.
Long hair is longer than the body, and he is skinny. Behind his body, he only made a strange gesture and then looked up and fell down.
Ma Sanzhi was surprised that the other person’s reflection through the wall was not real, but it made him feel a Taoist situation. At the same time, a very short formula entered his heart.




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