If we can purify those artifact fragments, Leo and them can also do it. When it comes to transformation, only he can do it.
Not’ possible’ but certain.
It’s rare to have such a chance to rip off. How can Duke be worthy of himself if he doesn’t take advantage of it?
As soon as Duke raised his hand, a golden high-purity holy pool appeared beside him, and another pool full of shadows also appeared.
The left and right hands are combined to change the taiji diagram.
Yin and yang fish!
This kind of light and shadow blend with each other, and the road of harmony and unity will feel high-end atmosphere at a glance.
Ariel was in awe.
At this moment, she had completely forgotten Marlard’s awakening, and she said that it was probably Duke who deliberately tempted her to take this artifact axe.
"This … you really can do it?"
"Yeah, but it will take me a long time to overdraw a lot of divinity." Duke deliberately raised the price.
"I … can I really afford it?" Ariel got hooked stupidly.
For a moment, Duke really felt guilty, just like instilling in a little girl who believes in Santa Claus.
But when he thought of his little wish, Duke suddenly became confident again.
"no! The alliance needs Delaney! Although I am a demigod, I am also the commander-in-chief of the League, and I am willing to do it in disguise to enhance the strength of the League. However, I have a small request. "Duke tries to calm himself down and make himself look less strange."
"requirements?" Ariel swallowed a mouthful of saliva and the little tail behind her twisted uneasily.
"yes! It’s a small request, "Duke pondered." I don’t know why I’ve always been interested in your tail. "
Ariel’s face suddenly turned red. "This … tail is special to Delaney people and has very, very special significance."
"Can you say?"
"I … I don’t want to say"
"That … I want to touch your tail well? Touch me enough. "
Duke asked Ariel to vomit three liters of blood on the spot.
It’s so hard.
Her tail is very sensitive.
But it seems unreasonable to ask Duke to make such great efforts to transform an artifact without paying any price.




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