Soon she said, "There is an army of monsters ahead … attacking the city."
"Monster siege?" Su Li looked at Xu Xuehui and said, "You mean a monster is besieging that Jin ‘an county?"
According to the azimuth and distance, it is not far ahead. It should be the area where Jinan County is located. The only possibility for Xu Xuehui to tell the monster army to attack the city is that a monster has besieged the county.
Xu Xuehui nodded. "There are many people trapped … they are in danger."
Hear Xu Xuehui said that there are many people trapped in danger Ding Longyun suddenly impatient.
His daughter Ding Han was taken to Jin ‘an County by his ex-wife to settle down. Now he heard that Jin ‘an County was surrounded by a monster army and everyone was in danger. He immediately grasped the magic knife in his hand and said anxiously, "You mean the county people were surrounded by monsters?" Are they in danger? "
Su Li saw Ding Longyun anxiously and knew that he was worried about his daughter. Although he was not sure that Ding Han must still be alive, he always had a miss in his heart if he didn’t see it one day. Now that we know that the county is surrounded by monster troops, they naturally can’t sit idly by.
"I see, then let’s go and have a look."
Although they have five people, one beast and four mounts, which are hardly helpful in fighting, they have the most advanced combat power and Jiang Shuijue can now display the "fog maze" in three places at once. Even if they encounter the abyss zerg monarch Titan giant worm yesterday, they can escape safely. It can be said that the lack of roots in general monsters threatens them.
As Su Li commanded two crocodiles, turtles, sharks and beasts, five of them and one beast rushed towards the distance.
Groups of monsters are emerging on the water ahead, which has caused a large-scale commotion.
Soon, dozens of iron fist elite beasts appeared in front, and these iron fist elite beasts were mixed with polar evil eels.
Four mounts sprinted to Suli to summon the six-armed demon to protect the people, and took the initiative to meet the two-pole evil eels in front of them.
Water’s beast started water control while chopping out golden flashes, and a large amount of water was summoned from the water to form a blade and cut it towards this group of elite iron fist beasts.
"Water Jue’ fog maze’!" Su Li doesn’t want these monsters in the periphery to pester him. Now it’s most important to enter the distant county seat. Xu Xuehui said that there are many people trapped in that county seat and the situation is dangerous.
"good!" Jiang Shuijue immediately found that the flying shark became bigger. This flying shark had enough back to ride in Suli and three Jiang Shuijue.
Followed by the launch of the "fog maze", Fiona Fang was immediately covered by rolling clouds. Jiang Shuixuan controlled the "fog maze" and followed them to move the crowd. The "fog maze" protected the speed and rushed toward the distance.
Although there are a lot of monsters in the front, these monsters can either dodge or be shrouded in black fog when they see this sudden appearance, and they are also instantly bound and unable to move.
By the time the "fog maze" disappeared, they had rushed out for more than a kilometer along the water surface, and then Jiang Shuixuan’s second doppelganger followed closely with the "fog maze"
When the "fog maze" has been put into use for three times, everyone has advanced five kilometers. At this moment, everyone can vaguely see a large number of buildings and groups of monsters on the distant water.
In general, there are not so many buildings in the town, and so many buildings exposed to the water can be seen far away. There is no doubt that it is Jin’ an County.
After the third "fog maze" is over, the fourth "fog maze" will continue to be put to use, because the cooling time has not yet arrived, but it needs to be stopped. When the first member of Jiang Shuijue puts on the "fog maze", he can continue to put on the "fog maze".
It can be said that she was almost able to sew the connection.
A powerful "fog maze" protects people from approaching Jin ‘an County, and more and more monsters appear in front of them. Soon, people see a large number of buildings appearing in front of them, and they finally break into the county.
Chapter 417 The Hunger ape
Jin’ an county doesn’t have as many high-rise buildings as Nanjiang city, but the terrain here is higher. At most, the flood has flooded to the fifth and sixth floors. At first glance, rows of buildings appear on the water surface, and the number and density of buildings that surface are even higher than that of Nanjiang city.
However, at the moment, many buildings have been destroyed, and groups of monsters gather around the water. Some monsters stand on the top of many buildings and launch various long-range attacks into the distance, while monsters in the water are constantly gathering in the distance.
All kinds of fighting, screaming, screaming, braying and explosions are endless.
As they approached and listened to these sounds, they felt the bitter battle ahead.
Jiang Shuijue once again used the "fog maze" to protect the people and rushed into the front to gather together in the monsters to gather in the place where the fighting was the most tragic.
Many monsters have noticed that they are far away from the top of the building, and monsters launch long-range attacks at them. Everyone is protected by the "fog maze", and even the titan giant lava bombs can’t hurt them, let alone these monsters attack long-range.
All kinds of fighting are getting closer and closer. When the "fog maze" dissipates again this time, everyone finally rushes into this group of monsters and reaches the center of the most tragic battlefield.




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