"Give me one."
"Sold out" Wen Zhu looked up at Wang Xuanyuan while counting the money. He sold ice cream, and then he sold water instead.
This box of water is naturally very heavy, and he has only recently worked, so it is naturally too much for him.
"Isn’t there another one?" Wang Xuan pointed to the ground and left that.
"That’s already eaten," Wen Zhu said unconsciously. "They are all acquaintances, and Wang Xuan is the one who she prefers. Handsome and nice. The only regret is that when I met him, he was good with Chen Lu."
"No, I don’t mind." Wang Xuan was really hungry. Put the money into Wen Zhu’s hand and go get a box lunch.
Zhou Zhu was also surprised, but he only tasted a few foreign roots, so he couldn’t tell the truth. Wen Zhu could have sold him, but Wen Zhu didn’t do that, which shows that he is a good person.
Of course, he is also interested in Wang Xuanlai. It is said that children are delicate flowers in greenhouses. Nowadays, it is not so little. This Wen Zhu and Wang Xuan are very hardworking.
"Lareina C, you are also fighting." Wen Zhu has some regrets. Although she also wants to help, there are too many 300,000 realities. She also donated her own money.
"It’s far from enough." Wang Xuan wolfed down her food and seemed to be in a hurry. She probably had to continue to earn money after eating.
"You also don’t take too much responsibility to yourself." Wen Zhu comforted that after all, it is absolutely impossible for a student with limited ability to cobble together 300,000 yuan.
Many people in this world have money, but they won’t give it to save an irrelevant person. This is the social reality.
"I know, but I always have to work hard." It’s really a race against time that Wang Xuan ran away with his last bite of rice.
"Ah" Wen Zhu sighed.
"Girl, it’s quite good for you to make money? "Zhou help praise to him is not flattering short practice class earned six hundred dollars or profit.
Chapter 21 Ghost Story
"How to regret? "I can’t give you the money now." Wen Zhu was very proud to knock with a pile of broken money.
Poof, Zhou Zhu thinks this girl is really naughty, as if she had seen her before, so she may give money back. At least she has a monthly salary of 30 thousand and some odds and ends, and she earns nearly 500 thousand a year
"By the way, have we met before? "Asked zhou help some doubts.
"Ha ha probably haven’t seen it" Wen Zhu smile every day.
Zhou Zhu feels that this girl has something to say, and it seems that she has an impression. By the way, when Wen Zhu wanted to go to Taiwan, he came in to make trouble and almost drove away.
He felt a little guilty at the thought of this. The girl didn’t discover it, but his face was a little irritable.
"Well, I’ll go back first. If there’s any business to continue looking for me," Wen Zhu pointed to his words. Dad should worry if he doesn’t go back.
Dad won’t worry about what happened to her, but with so much money, his dad is worried that other people’s families are all mothers and money slaves, and their families are just fathers and money slaves.
However, he still has more fucking money, and his father is a thief.
When I got home, a group of people staggered, touching their bellies and leaning against things in their most comfortable positions. Wen Zhu was too lazy to take care of 1,000 yuan and gave his father 500 yuan.
"How did you finish eating the meal without leaving any for me or not? "Zhu Wenyi didn’t have any food for himself. There was still a lot of people lying in the dining room to eat, and suddenly they were furious.
"Didn’t you eat out?" Wen Zhu’s father replied while counting the money.
"I’m so angry. I’m so angry that I don’t even have a meal." Wen Zhu complained that he could have an egg fried rice to deal with one if he had a meal.
"You didn’t eat?" Wei was a little surprised and said that Zhang Hui was sick and others felt very bad. Consciously speaking, it was all because she was rushing to eat. Suddenly, everyone’s atmosphere was lit and eating became a game.
I can’t help it. Wen Zhu’s father cooks delicious food. Plus, they are all tired from work and naturally hungry. Wen Zhu’s mother didn’t expect everyone to eat so much.
"You damn fool, don’t count the money, just take care of the money. Your baby girl is starving." Wen Zhu’s mother grabbed the money and drew two for Wen Zhu.
"Where to eat a meal and take your classmates to play?" If there is no food at home, you can eat out.
"Don’t cook my horse." Wen Zhu’s father was so anxious immediately.
"Come on, this money is all earned by my daughter, and you can’t bear it." Wen Zhu’s mother was dissatisfied and scolded.
"Come on, let’s go and play together." Zhu Wen waved at everyone, and it was obvious that 200 yuan had already satisfied you.
"No, I want to sleep, but I can’t walk." An An feels his belly, and some people are tired. People always eat it, just like sleeping in An An. If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t be so fat.
"I really don’t want to move." Cui conforms to the fact that it is so reasonable to speak in peace.
"You let me have a rest."
"that who"
"Don’t me, don’t me"
"If you eat and sleep like this, you will get fat." Wen Zhu used his killer. He said that he was ashamed, but a group of girls were afraid
In reality, Zhang Hui got up and exercised a little, and she felt ok. Then Wei was afraid of losing to Zhang Huiyuan, and she was not as good as Zhang Hui. Now she is getting fat, which is unimaginable.
"Yeah, I knew I didn’t eat so much. I blame Ann." Yan also got up and complained.
"How do you blame me? I also blame you. If you hadn’t shot me, I wouldn’t have eaten so much." An did not hesitate to refute.
"Forget it, everyone is arguing. How about going to the activities and going to the fire dragon street dance?" Zhang Hui, everyone quarreled badly and immediately became a peacemaker. Everyone suddenly came to the fire dragon street dance, and the spirit came from the position.
Because of eating too much, everyone is going to walk over and digest it. When Wen Zhu passed by the pastry shop, he smiled and said to everyone
"What you want to eat is my treat." Wen Zhu naturally made a good idea. Now that you are full, I will invite you to eat.
Everyone shook their heads. Even Ann shook her head after eating. It was really too much to eat. Wen Zhu bought a hamburger and a milkshake. She was quite economical. She had 700 in her pocket, so she saved it.
When everyone comes to Wulin Square, the audience doesn’t seem to be enthusiastic. After all, after waiting for so long, everyone has lost patience. Generally, four hours is enough for an activity.
This organizer is also amazing, and it is even more tiring to leave a whole time, and this kind of open-air concert has no place to sit, which makes people even more confused and mixed with a lunch.
Everyone is burned, but what makes everyone expect most is that Feng Qianqian and Huolong Street Dance haven’t performed yet, and they dare to say that this performance is a lottery, and ghosts don’t believe it.
But if you think about it, if these two programs are finished, will there still be people in the whole square? It is estimated that even Feng Qianqian and Yifeng will be gone if they invite 50 cents.
Anyway, it is estimated that the fire dragon street dance will not be performed before it is over. Everyone found a place to rest, because this literary contest has now become a chat contest.
When everyone was chatting, the host sang sweetly.
"A program Feng Qianqian’s Ghost Story"
"Feng Qianqian" Feng Qianqian "At that time, the whole square was popular. Who can stop cheering and shouting?
Even if the singer in Taiwan holds the wheat sound in his hand, he is covered up by the audience’s cries, which shows his sadness.
"Well, I’m not behind Feng Qianqian." Yan is glad that if Feng Qianqian is behind her, she probably wants to be dead.
"Hey, how much does it cost to invite so many people to shout? It is estimated that even Faye Wong concert fans didn’t shout so hard," Wen Zhu sighed with emotion.
"Who is Qian-qian feng? "Illness and shame asked with different mouths.
"Beauty" Zhang Huixiao smiled.
"Don’t worry about the beauty around you. You’re not satisfied." EU dissatisfied pinched a sick low back pain and stumbled. It’s too painful for EU to pinch people. Did I ask Feng Qianqian?
"Come on, beauty, who doesn’t love" Zhang Hui pulls EU’s hand.
Chapter 22 Fire Dragon Hip hop dance
Generally, when a woman moves her heart, she will become unreasonable, and her IQ is high, and she is obviously tempted. Although the real card is not her, she is not comfortable except for Zhang Hui’s accidental illness.
Zhang Hui obviously doesn’t feel this way. She thinks it’s normal for men and women to be beautiful. Even if you don’t let her, she will want to have this idea in her heart, which is obviously very rational.
A woman who is rational means that she hasn’t completely fallen in love.
"I can’t be so far away from my eyes." I was sick and dissatisfied with Wei. It was obvious that this concubine was going to rebel!
The performer seems to be singing a monologue. A group of audience are boiling, but shouting is not the sadness of her name. It is conceivable that she held on to finish singing a song, almost holding back her tears. She regretted not choosing "Monologue" and "Too wronged", which was too in line with her mood.
"Feng Qianqian Feng Qianqian" As Feng Qianqian shouted louder, a big banner was miraculously pulled out in the square with the words "Feng Qianqian I love you"
It is difficult to get good grades in such a general trend unless the referee is not afraid of being killed.
"I’m Feng Qianqian. The song I sang was Leslie Cheung’s Ghost Story to commemorate our eternal idol." Feng Qianqian sounded sweetly and there was a beautiful woman in white beside her, posing as a model to show how spectacular the dancing scene was.
"I’m so angry, she lied to me." Ann complained that she had promised the hexagrams fans that she would lose face.
Toot, toot, toot-
"The dream of life is like a long road". With Feng Qianqian’s sad and tactfully sounding, it is very suitable for the theme of Ghost Story.




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