Pieces of relic information appeared in the ancient sound multi-vision. Xu Le turned around this shelf several times.
But at this time, the salesgirl was afraid to laugh and dare not go back.
Afraid of disturbing the young Red Crescent warlock.
"Is this it?"
Xu Le took some large pocket watches from the shelf.
[Death knell-Seal]
Ancient music relics-su
Death knell-Effect When you release the pointer of your pocket watch at 12 o’clock, all souls will tremble and die.
Return-Effect Clocks can be returned once every hour.
I really want to listen to the teachings of light, which will make my sin less (complete the unsealing of Wang Beichuan’s last wish)
Chap Xu Le really wants something.
"This is the death knell"
Xu Le held the death knell in his own hand. Although this thing is a pocket watch in any way, since it is called the death knell, he can also call it the death knell.
"Is there anything you like, sir?"
At this time, the salesgirl has already released the stars in her eyes, a red crescent warlock!
Can divine the red moon warlock and is a red moon warlock who can divine seven times in a row.
This is more powerful and fascinating than men seven times a night.
But Xu Le smiled gently and ignored the salesgirl’s admiration in her eyes.
"How much is this thing?"
The salesgirl looked at the bill of lading marked with the death knell and said after confirming the mistake.
"This thing is called Wang Beichuan pocket watch because it is a very artistic handmade clock and the energy level is extremely high, which should reach SU level.
Even a seal relic needs 6 yuan. "
"Can 6 yuan be cheaper?"
"Sorry, sir, we don’t bargain here."
The salesgirl didn’t feel disdain because of Xu Le’s counter-offer, because when your status and strength reached a certain level,
Some actions that seem out of place will become frugal in some people’s eyes.
Like Xu Le’s previous life.
The evaluation of a migrant worker’s stall eating fried noodles is completely different from that of a rich second generation stall eating fried noodles.
"Well, then wrap it for me."
Xu Le pointed out six 1 yuan bills from his bag and paid the money quickly.
The knell almost perfectly meets the requirements of Bai Jing.
Xu Le didn’t want to rock the boat again, but he didn’t intend to buy this relic in the name of the team.
If it can be unsealed, this relic is suspected to be a very powerful thing, and so can others
The problem now is to determine who this Wang Beichuan is.
"Sir, does he still need it?"
The salesgirl has a good attitude and is very close to her body. Unfortunately, Xu Le’s mind is not rooted in her body




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