Wang Lame was tactful when he finished his work. He didn’t come over to continue to sit down for dinner, but someone poured Cheyenne white rice into his plate.
"Do you know who that man is?" Baimengyan pointed to Wang Lame and asked
Chapter 4 I will levy you
Cheyenne naturally can’t admit that the image of Wang Lame is so bad that it is beneath him to know him. He quickly shook his head and said "no"
"How do you provoke Zhang Cheng? What grade are you in? Why can’t I get through when I call you? " Bai Mengyan accurately pulls Cheyenne’s ear and looks guilty.
"I lost my words and have no money to buy …"
Bai Mengyan said, "I happen to have an old apple there. You can take it first."
Cheyenne hasn’t come yet to express his gratitude, but Bai Mengyan added, "Just sell it to you at a discount. Well, the money will be deducted from your salary."
Cheyenne almost didn’t stumble, so she could express her gratitude in Bai Mengyan’s threatening eyes.
"Come with me, I’ll get your mobile phone now." Bai Mengyan drew out of the canteen with a wave of his hand.
Cheyenne waved to the surrounding audience like a national leader, and then had a limp with Bai Mengyan. Bai Cheyenne was waking up. He couldn’t help but nod his head.
Because Zhang Cheng’s appearance delayed Xia Anshi, he lost sight of Zou Yu, but he was not in a hurry. With Bai Mengyan as the campus bully, he would definitely make progress.
"Are you out of the novice village?" Baimengyan carefully asked
Cheyenne nodded and said, "Well, I’m in Sirius City. Where are you?"
There are nine major cities in the game that can touch Bai Mengyan and their chances are not great, and Cheyenne is not in the mood to bring these two drag bottles. He is very ready to pick up the words "It’s a pity that I didn’t share the same city with you to replace the car in the main city and it’s so expensive. I’m afraid we can’t meet for the time being …"
What a grandiose and wonderful excuse. Unfortunately, Bai Mengyan’s words broke Xia’s peace of mind.
"Wow, haha, it really seems that the first meeting of our guild in the game is about to be realized!" Bai Mengyan milli image laughed and said that Enron had covered her face at a side.
"It’s not such a coincidence, is it?" Cheyenne couldn’t believe that there would be such a coincidence.
"A rookie is a rookie! This is certainly not a coincidence. You need to give the mayor a silver coin to choose your own main city. You don’t know this, do you? " Bai Mengyan was shocked and stared at the big eyes. Even Enron looked down on Cheyenne-it was too humiliating for a man to even play games.
Cheyenne remembered that it seemed that there was such an urgent matter. Naturally, he didn’t remember it very much, but it was a shame for two rookie to despise it, but it was never a multiple-choice question for Cheyenne to be shameless.
"You two are not still in the novice village, are you?"
Bai Mengyan’s face turned red and his mouth shut. "Aren’t we trying to get all the players in the guild to win in the same main city?" It happened that your words couldn’t get through, so we were just waiting for you in the novice village! "
Cheyenne saw at a glance that the president’s adult was arguing irrationally. Presumably, she didn’t reach the standard of leaving the novice village until we grew up. Cheyenne is not surprised at all. Enron is a clever girl. She didn’t say it must be, and Bai Mengyan didn’t leave the novice village.
"Eldest brother, I know wrong, please forgive me this time!"
Bai Mengyan waved the doll’s head and said, "I will barely forgive you for waiting for us in Sirius City this evening and our guild has grown and I will introduce you to new members!"
"Is there anyone who is so short-sighted and wants to join this guild?" Cheyenne can’t wait to see who is so fat.
As Bai Mengyan and Enron came to the girls’ dormitory to get their words, Cheyenne was waiting in the building. This is a pilgrimage site for all boys!
At this time, the crowd in the girls’ dormitory is like a shuttle, which is the most lively time. Cheyenne is uneasy at the door and doesn’t know what to put in the pss. His eyes are like radar searching for the target that surprises him.
Super beauty!
Suddenly, Cheyenne made a major discovery. A snow girl with a temperament like ice came towards him. Her appearance and Zou Yu were equal, and she belonged to peerless beauty.
No, this must strike up a conversation with Cheyenne, touch his face and comfort himself by saying, "You are handsome, you are handsome …"
"Hello, can you tell me your phone number?" Cheyenne was very embarrassed to stop the beauty and said
The iceberg goddess didn’t even look at Cheyenne. She bypassed Cheyenne and moved on.
"You can’t just abandon me. It’s cruel of you!" Cheyenne tore heart crack lung shouted
The iceberg goddess finally looked back at Cheyenne and coldly spit out a word "get out!"
Cheyenne’s action attracted the attention of several passing girls. I believe that there will be various stories and rumors soon in the origin of this divination.
When I heard the iceberg beauty, Cheyenne showed an epiphany. It turned out to be her. This iceberg beauty is the number of fans in the game, and Hanyue is also the founder of the Moon Palace.
This sound is like the frost of ten thousand years, and it is full of cold meaning. Cheyenne recognized her voice as soon as she dealt with it in her previous life. What’s her real name again? Oh, yes, Bai Hanyue!
Bai Hanyue Bai Mengyan?
Cheyenne thought there would be nothing between them, right?
"You should be glad that you can make our university flower respond." A sweet and greasy voice came from behind Cheyenne.
When Cheyenne heard it, he had a strong impulse to have a look at this face.
Another beautiful woman!
However, this beautiful woman has a bold style. Even though it is early winter, her chest still shows a large area of white, crisp, tender and greasy skin. Outside, a small black small west perfectly outlines the devil’s curve. A pair of black boots on both knees makes the slender legs with black stockings and leather shorts more attractive.
This is a beautiful thing that kills people. If you marry her, it will make people live 20 years less.
"can you give me your message?" Cheyenne swallowed saliva to ask
The beautiful woman joked and laughed. "If you hadn’t asked us this question just now, maybe I would have given it to you."
Cheyenne is more honest and tolerant. "It’s a pity that I asked just now."
"But one day I will let you take the initiative to tell me because I will levy you!" Cheyenne shouted that he was surprised to look around and laughed. "Sorry to tell my heart."
"Little basin friend has ambition" This beautiful woman is not angry at all, but she giggles and drives a large piece of white and tender skin on her chest to sway.
"Hey, what a coincidence today!" The beautiful woman smiled meaningfully.
Cheyenne looked up. What a coincidence.
Chapter 5 The man is a little embarrassed
Coincidentally, this is the right time.
In front of Cheyenne, a beautiful woman is coming with high efficiency. It is Cheyenne who has just seen Zou Yu in the canteen and just walked into the dormitory. Bai Hanyue doesn’t know and hurried back.
There is a large position in the place where Cheyenne stands-no woman wants to be with the Uber-level beauty next to her, while Zou Yu and Bai Hanyue are not in such a problem. They directly entered this area.
Zou Yu came with a powerful aura like a queen.
Bai Hanyue is like an iceberg with a face that will not turn cold for ten thousand years.
The unknown beauty is smiling like a flower, which makes people drool.
If you don’t know if people are still filming-even the male pig’s feet are really a little embarrassing-this is the heart of all onlookers
"What a coincidence! This should be the first time for the three of us to meet at the same time, right?" The unknown beauty ourtenant said
"Su Qingyan’s enchanting goddess"
"Queen Zou Yuqiang!"
"Parker contains an iceberg in ten thousand!
"The three major schools of Yao University are all together. This is a good show!"
"Who is that man?"
"Don’t look at his mediocre clothes, but he must be very famous. Don’t you see that the three goddesses look at him differently?"




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