"Oh, stop blinking. It’s not pretty."
Barabara gave up on Xiao Shao to show her struggle.
Let it die.
Seeing that she stopped talking, Momo Tao felt that she had won. It was very serious to pull people to settle accounts with Lu Shenglian.
How can you just take people’s things?
Pull a person to pull
"Ouch" Momo peach abruptly hit the past, covering her little head with a flat nutcracker.
"Elder sister, why are you here?"
"How do I know you’re going to do something bad if I’m not here?" Persimmon Gherardini looked at her and played her forehead and said
"You’ve got guts, and you dare to look for trouble?"
"I’m doing the right thing for heaven." Momo Tao lifted it high and confidently.
Xiao Shao … Thank you, but she is really not a day.
"Not even for the land." Persimmon slapped her head and hummed, "Be honest today."
"All right, all right," Momo moaned. "If I’m not smart, it must be you."
"I think you’re so smart now, I’m the one who typed it." Persimmon crooned.
"Blow the water out of your head."
Momo peach angrily stared at her.
It’s simply too much.
Persimmon said with a snort, "Grandpa Zou Wei is looking for you."
"Looking for me?" Momo’s head is crooked.
"Well," persimmon nodded at Xiaoshao and said, "We went to Xiaoshao first."
"Good" Xiao Shao becomes clever in a second.
Persimmon with Momo peach when I go back, even the Wei Lao several were pulled into the battle. Several people here are the most capable children and are the most similar to themselves, making it look like the scene of recognition.
I always wanted to know what they were talking about. Momo Tao suddenly didn’t want to know.
It’s so disillusioned
Can there be a decent person?
There are still Momo peaches who immediately set their sights on the old bend.
Oh, that’s the way to lead.
"Taotao comes to you next to your grandpa Qu", who waved his hand.
Momo peach koo little face looked at him motionless.
"Cough" who said the old man uncomfortable.
"It’s not that your grandpa Qu and your family have the same surname, and they are all in the same province. Take a closer look at whether you are similar."
Momo peach is wrinkly to knit the small nose and looks at the old song next to it. The whole face is wrinkled and can’t help but secretly stare at the old man.
Too much.
Said she was such a lovely young baby and looked like an old man.
I’m so angry with peaches
The old man who successfully received the information couldn’t help but stare at Momo Tao, the rabbit cub.
"Cough, little girl, remember me?" The old man got in a word and looked at Momo Tao with appreciation and said
"You’re a little girl. You haven’t changed a bit."
Momo peach winked and smiled. "That’s still a lot of grandfathers who have grown taller."
I didn’t expect to be remembered for so many years. Master Zong was happier and couldn’t help but note a few points.
"What grade are you in now? How is the result? "
Momo Tao proudly looked up and said confidently, "My horse is going to graduate from college and has always been the first."
"…" They were surprised.
This is still a cub
So she routinely praised Momo peach when her tail was about to tilt to the sky
"But if you look closely at you and Laoqu, you look very much like you. Look closely at your eyes, nose and mouth."
Why are we talking about this topic again?
Momo peach drum drum mouth can be carefully looked at a this tightness in the big leadership don’t look at wrinkles seems to be a bit like it.
However, Momo peach facial features are more delicate and three-dimensional
Momo Tao helped the helper for a while and suddenly shouted, "You wait for me."




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