Jiang Xue Bud whispered softly in his ear [
I frowned when I saw the traces of the lonely moon. It seems that there is some pain and anger.
"A black hole … opaque black hole …"
Jiang Xue Bud’s eyes flashed, and his hands were stretched out and placed in the palm of his hand near his temple, suggesting that "now I will give you back a little bit of your lost memory … Section 169: Yes, yes, the sound is flowing."
Jiang Xue Bud’s eyes flashed, and the palms of his hands reached out and put them near his temple, suggesting that "now I’m going to give you back a little bit of your lost memory …"
"When my hand starts to move slowly, all your lost memories will come back to your mind a little bit …"
"Now think about what happened before you lost your memory?"
Ji Yue Liu Mark’s frown tightened and his head swayed restlessly from side to side.
He sniffed and opened his lips slightly and murmured, "That day … I entered the black hole …" [
"If I can summon Baal, I can practice supernatural magic …"
Speaking of which, his eyelids moved again, and his fox hair stood up. "I have summoned the evil spirit, but suddenly someone appeared …"
Suddenly he couldn’t get out, but he was writhing uneasily.
Jiang Xue Bud frowned and continued to induce "Who did you see …"
Ji Yue Liu Yan gently shook his head for two times and said intermittently, "It’s … it’s a flowing sound …"
"He tried to take me away, and we got into a fight and were both seriously injured … and then I fainted and didn’t know anything …"
Jiang Xue bud hand gently shaking in a flash of surprise.
Is this the reason why the sound of the silent moon has changed and he has changed?
Have everything to do with that evil god?
She was stupefied and quickly asked, "Liuji, can you tell me where that black hole is?"
There is some shortness of breath in the lonely moon. "Black hole … black hole in …"
"Where is it …"
Jiang Xue bud nasty asked him but never again.
But it seems to be getting more and more painful
He can’t continue hypnosis like this.
She pulled the wandering mark of the silent moon back from hypnosis and called Ruoyun in.
Just hypnosis seems to make Ji Yue’s flow mark very tired. He opened his eyes and looked at Jiang Xue Bud with confused eyes, and then closed his eyes and fell asleep-
It’s another convulsion. The update doesn’t show. You can see it by clicking on the last chapter update displayed on the same day. Update Section 163: You can choose to give up.
Just hypnosis seems to make Ji Yue’s flow mark very tired. He opened his eyes and looked at Jiang Xue Bud with confused eyes, and then closed his eyes and fell asleep.
Jiang Xue Bud called Ruoyun in to meet her with anxious eyes and said, "I don’t know whether he has recovered his memory, but I think he will lose his memory because of that black hole."
He shut up when he found out where the key was.
If the cloud is stunned, "Black hole?"
"Well, I just asked him. He said that he had been to a black hole before he lost his memory and … Liu Yin had been there …" [
If the cloud suddenly thinks that the mark of the silent moon and the sound of the silent moon change almost on the same day.
"But he didn’t tell me where the black hole was …"
Jiang Xue bud some frustration with a sigh.
If the cloud goes to the bed and looks at lying on the bed with a sigh and a smile, "If he can restore his memory, nature is the best."
"If you can’t just stay by his side and take care of him, I’m willing to …"
"It’s poor Luo Er. If he grows up, how can he get along with his dad …"
Jiang Xue bud white what she thinks.
Now that children are still young, there is no need to worry too much
If the children grow up and face a dad who is also like a child …
How embarrassing and embarrassing this should be.
"You don’t have to worry about Yunyun, but I will take him back to Zhuque Mountain if the memory is not restored."
"Master, his old man’s house will definitely find a way."
If the cloud looked at her with a face of gratitude, "Thank you … what are you going to do now … you …"
Jiang Xue Bud’s face changed slightly and his expression was a little disappointed. "I’ll think of some way to get him back to the past …"
"If not … I will go back to Zhuque Mountain."
She can choose to give up if there is no good result after trying.
She is a little mortal … and she doesn’t have that much ability to change everything.
She won’t feel lonely with few children in her belly. Section 1631: The feelings are completely revealed.




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