"yes." In fact, these things need not be explained by Xiao Wu, and Fei Luo will do them properly.
The Golden Shield Twelve returned to the city wall and whispered, "The master is ready, except for your metal dragon fist."
Xiao Wu nodded his head and explained some defense matters to pea and orange Landor, and then asked Landor Crane Jasmine Tower to cooperate with Citigroup and then followed Golden Shield Twelve down the wall. Fierce fire and fire phoenix followed by Xiao Wu also went down from the wall. There is no need for Xiao Wu to explain the fierce fire on the wall and go straight to his wizard workshop. All he has to do is to rush out a wizard shell as soon as possible.
The captains of the four main warships of Bez and Black Wheat Pirates, who had not fallen to the Lord’s Mansion, came face to face. At such a critical juncture, Bess still maintained her noble and elegant temperament and said with a calm smile, "Lord Xiao, let’s go to war."
"I agree." Xiao Wu wished that Bess and them would go to war, especially magic dragon Akayan, and her terrorist strength would undoubtedly bring a balance of strength to the impending war.
At this time, Seven Tones flew out of the Lord’s Mansion and said, "Lord, let me do my part. I will use my soul song to soothe my wounded heart and boost morale so that the soldiers can fight bravely."
"That’s not necessary," Xiao Wu said. "I have more important things for you to do."
"What is it?" Seven tone asked.
Xiao Wudao said, "The Great Demon Kingdom has openly attacked us. I suspect that something happened in the Sanqing Dynasty. You should go to Princess Moonlight directly. She has seen you. You must find out what the situation is and bring back the news. Well, if you go alone, it will be very troublesome. I will ask Pang Du and Lin Xianer to escort you."
"ok." Seven sounds very clever point a little bit of her delicate little head.
Just as he was talking, Hu Shi, the assistant commander of Citigroup, quickly ran over. "General, a general in shining armor of the giant knife army said he wanted to see you."
"Bring him here quickly!" Xiao Wu suddenly moved.

Chapter one hundred and ninety-six Crisis coming
The news brought by the tiger war is no longer the news that Zuo Qinghong asked him to return to Sun Moon City to seduce Princess Moonlight, but the news that Sanqing di wang was assassinated by Yang Tian and the dynasty was in chaos. Princess Sunshine and Prince Giant Wood took the lead. According to the old system of the dynasty, Prince Jumu should have succeeded to the throne as the new di wang, but after di wang was assassinated, the first person to get the news was naturally the imperial guard in the city and the Wang Bu garrison in Anding. He led his men to control the Sun Moon Palace and dispatched troops to control the Sun Moon City in the city. When the giant wooden prince came to his senses, it was already too late.
Is it easy for the giant wooden prince to immediately order the soul-serving army Tiege and the Black Hawk to ride an eagle and fly north with troops to surround Sun Moon City? On the side of Princess Sunshine, Mingyue rode Henggang Mountain and fought against the unprecedented tension with the imperial army.
Princess Moonlight’s strength is the weakest, so it is impossible to participate in this battle for the throne. However, her existence makes either Princess Moonlight or Prince Giant Wood afraid, because no matter which side she joins, the other side will lose its balance of strength. However, there will also be such a situation that Princess Sunshine, Prince Jumu and Princess Moonlight fell out as early as the monster beast prairie. It is very likely that they will reach a tacit understanding to eradicate the weakest Princess Moonlight first and then decide the outcome to sit on the throne.
Therefore, it seems that the situation of Princess Moonlight, who can sit quietly and watch the tigers fight, is actually the most dangerous.
"What about Princess Moonlight?" Shaw five urgent way he is eager to know who the light method mirror falls in the hand.
"The princess was attacked by a sneak attack, and it was only when General Zuo arrived that she saved her life. She is still on her way to Sifang City." Biao Zhan recalled and said, "I actually came to Xiantao City on the orders of General Zuo. In addition to this change, General Zuo ordered someone to catch up with me. Told me about the changes in the city. And let me tell Lord Xiao. "
Xiao Wu said, "What’s General Zuo going to do?"
"General Zuo has two plans. One is to transfer the princess to the monster beast prairie." After a pause, he added: "The other is that Lord Xiao leads troops to protect the Lord and gather the strongest forces in the monster beast prairie to go to Sifang City. Well, including your monster soldier, only in this way can we reach a balance of strength with either Princess Sunshine or Prince Giant Wood. "
After a moment’s silence, Xiao Wucai said, "General Biao Zhan may not know the current situation in Xiantao City, right?"
"What’s the situation?" Biao Zhan said, "I was brought here as soon as I came. I didn’t hear anything at all. What happened?"
Xiao Wu said, "The Great Demon Kingdom has invaded dispatch troops. We had already fought a battle before you came, but it was only the tentative first battle of the other side. The real battle hasn’t started yet. I also intended to ask my messenger Qi Yin to send a message to Princess Moonlight to ask her to send a giant knife army to coordinate the defense, but I didn’t expect such a big situation in the Sanqing Dynasty. "
Tiger war immediately froze on the spot.
"The Great Demon Country was obviously prepared to attack when di wang was assassinated in Sanqing." Xiao Wu continued: "From this point of view, this assassination is most likely the mastermind behind the Great Demon Kingdom. The vanguard troops that attacked us also brought the number of vampire bats in the blood river world, which is unbelievable. There is no doubt that there should be the participation of the blood river world. "
Biao Zhan said excitedly, "So to speak. The demon kingdom and the blood river world regard our Sanqing dynasty as a piece of fat meat. Ready to share? !”
Shaw five helpless nodded his head. He has no intention of the Sanqing Dynasty, but the whereabouts of Guangming Fajing are unknown. This also gave him a deep headache and felt that all the efforts he had made before were in vain.
"Funny Prince Giant Wood and Princess Sunshine are still killing each other for the throne," said Xiao Wu disdainfully. "As far as I’m concerned, it’s not so easy to sit on this throne."
"I have to go back as soon as possible to tell the princess and General Zuo about this matter. It must be decided by your highness herself." Biao Zhan hurried to leave and came to Xiantao City, but he was scared back by the news that Xiao Wu told him without even drinking a mouthful of water.
There are tigers in front and wolves in the back. Xiao Wu believes that even if Princess Moonlight knows this news, she has nothing to do. If she uses the huge knife army to participate in the defensive war of Xiantao City, it will be exactly what Princess Sunshine and Prince Jumu want, because she can easily remove the stumbling block by fighting with the big demon country. For the big demon country, it is undoubtedly not an impossible thing to win the monster beast prairie and then take the army to wipe out the sun princess and the giant wooden prince.
So it seems that both sides will be involved in the war, but Xiantao City is the first to face an extremely powerful enemy alone. In this case, Xiao Wu also made his own decision. After seeing off the Tiger War, he once again called Qiyin, Pangdu and Lin Xianer to the Lord’s Hall. His purpose remains unchanged.
"That" Seven-tone doubt way: "Didn’t General Biao Zhan of the Giant Knife Army bring the news of the sun, the moon and the city? He also brought back news from our side. I believe that Princess Moonlight will soon decide why we should go to Sifang City? "
"It won’t be that simple," Xiao Wu frowned. "Princess Moonlight is not an ordinary woman. She must know that Princess Sunlight and Prince Jumu will not let her go. It’s hard for her to stay away from Princess Sunlight and Prince Jumu when she goes back to Sifang City. But with her personality, she won’t wait for someone to fish. She is likely to fight back, but at present, we have no power to get involved or even protect ourselves. There is a very important thing for you to do when you go to Sifang City, in addition to supplementing the statement of Biao Zhan."
"What is it, my Lord?" Pang asked him if he could think of nothing so important at such a time.
Xiao Wu said in a low voice, "I asked you to check the whereabouts of Guangming Fajing, the treasure of Sanqing Dynasty. According to my guess, the Biao Zhan sent by Zuo Qinghong didn’t say the assassination of Sanqing di wang, but I guess ten times it was related to Guangming Fajing, and as long as it was related to Guangming Fajing, Princess Moonlight must be present. She must know the whereabouts of Guangming Fajing. You must find it out!"
The reason for this judgment is entirely based on the cultivation strength of Sanqing di wang and his shadowy guards. The underground chamber where the light mirror is stored must be in a closed environment, and the vigilance of Sanqing di wang is also the weakest in that environment.
Lin Xianer mused: "The mirror of light is the treasure of the Sanqing Dynasty. If you want to know its whereabouts from Princess Moonlight, I’m afraid … we are good at killing people, but can we handle this?"
"Ok," Xiao Wudao said, "It is undoubtedly very strong to bring the seven tones with its ability and petite body to spy on news."
Seven-tone smiled shyly. "I’ll try."
Commanded shaw five quietly with a sigh. It is impossible for him to fight this battle because Xu Qingqing is still in the hands of the ever-changing venerable person. If he threatens him with Xu Qingqing, he has no choice at all. Now, only after putting Xiao Wu on the light mirror to rescue Xu Qingqing will he leave this chaotic world and he doesn’t want to care about anything. Qiyin, Pangdu and Lin Xianer also went out after Biao Zhan left Xiantao City. The combat readiness of Xiantao City is also going on like fire. Lan Tiande led a bunch of fix true men to carry boulders to block off the gate, while the old men in the Presbyterian Hospital were busy carving protective phalanx. Women soldiers’s female soldiers filled up the witch oil of the witch snake with the monster beast’s inner Dan, reaching an unprecedented amount. Huo Lie is still busy in his wizard workshop, but because the wizard shells are too complicated, he still hasn’t finished one until dusk falls.
Tao San returned to the dense fog forest at Xiao Wu’s behest and called the men of Hongye Tree to support him.
Xiao Wu’s mount ants also flew back to the nest to report the situation of Xiantao City to the Queen Ant Zero, and also sent giant ant soldiers to support them. Although their number is small, their arrival is undoubtedly a new force with great effect in terms of protection ability.
Fei Luo and Bai Long sent all their monster soldiers to the city wall and the watchtower, and some of them were listed as two squares with a number of over 10,000, which were on standby in the square behind the gate.
The whole Xiantao City is very depressed and dignified before the busy war.
Xiao Wu visited Xiantao City and returned to the Lord’s House.
Copying the monster beast Batman bitten by vampire bats and some red-crowned cranes has always been a secret operation of the Golden Shield Twelve. According to the method of copying the iron wolf last time, he didn’t believe that the Grimer meatballs that Xiao Wu once rubbed out of his feet had any special function. This time, he didn’t add it, but it carefully analyzed and studied the ingredients and tentatively added more metal elements.
Now we wait for the result.

Chapter one hundred and ninety-eight To do his duty
"Real crocodiles, eight-armed apes! Take that turret for General Ben! Kill those female soldiers again! " Looking at the generals around him falling in chaos, Niu Bi pointed to the turret in the northwest corner of Xiantao City. Just now, a gun blew his eyes red. women soldiers’s sniper also made his heart ached. If the two girls standing on the turret were fired a few more times, the female baby soldiers would be sniped for several rounds, and the morale of the armored army would be gone.
The eight-armed ape crane armored crocodile was ordered to fly straight to the turret.
Bull ratio is a violent roar "to play! Lift off! "
A moment ago, the wave was black, and the iron general demon warrior who was close to 30 thousand was ordered to fly to the sky and come straight to Xiantao City. This move is undoubtedly to give up the unicorn’s six-war advantage and turn it into an air battle. Although such a plan is forced, it also fully reflects Niu Bi’s command ability. Originally, it was planned to let the giant catapult blow down the city gate blocked by stones, but where did you know that an iron golem came halfway? Although the unicorn’s ability is a rare monster beast of seven to eight, it is impossible to slam into the wall with the dense and powerful firepower of the other side?
As soon as the leprechaun soldiers of the armored army took off, thousands of unicorns turned around and quickly left the fire shooting range of Xiantao City.
The monster soldier of the eight-armed ape, crane, armored crocodile did not have such tacit cooperation and due spirituality, and still rushed under the wall with his head stuffy. It is precisely because of these monster soldiers who act as goblin soldiers of cannon fodder and armored army that they have more time for cranes to rush to Xiaotaocheng. The spatial distance instantly overlaps.
The leprechaun fighters in the front row are preparing to rush down and start melee, but just flying over the wall, they suddenly appear in the wide square under the wall with a porcupine phalanx neatly arranged. Those are the fattest people. Dirty porcupines are also hunched over, aiming at them with sharp spikes on their backs. Before the array of porcupines, it was a big fat pig weighing at least two or three thousand kilograms. At the moment is eyeing up staring at them.




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