Seven people are all a little weaker than him. If one person falls, his fighting power will be reduced, and it is even more impossible to separate people to save lives.
Have been ready for a post and others, consciousness are locked falling Berserker, all kinds of powerful five-element spells rained down.
Three meters long ice gun with blue awn flashing, this is a water attribute spell!
A meteorite with a diameter of five feet wrapped in flames, this is a double-attribute spell of earth and fire!
Thumb-thick golden thunder, this is the Geng Jin Lei method handed down by Xiang Lang!
The weakest also has the attack power at the early stage of Yuan Ying, and the strongest is even close to the middle stage of Yuan Ying. Although Berserker, whose fighting power is comparable to the peak of Yuan Ying’s middle stage, is not as good as it is, the greater advantage of the Five Elements spell is its large attack range. Everyone has at least seven or eight attacks. Even if not every spell attack can reach the strongest power, the five-line spell released by the three people together is equivalent to the full blow of more than 20 people who fix the truth from the late then to the middle of Yuan Ying.
Of course, even so, it is still not enough to kill the Berserker. After all, the proportion of the most powerful attack is small, but it is different to add the cold.
Nearly yuan baby mid-term hurricane chop, pouring out without reservation, Chen cold exclaimed and bounced up, and his arms were not numb.
Berserker not only has extremely strong mad quarrelling, but also has amazing physical strength. The two abilities complement each other and their power cannot be underestimated. Compared with those guys who were previously exterminated, although they are all at the mid-term level of Yuan Ying, Berserker not only reached the mid-term peak of Yuan Ying, but also had strong defense, which enabled them to launch the strongest attack without reservation.
A hard blow made the Berserker equally scary, and his eyes were as red as an angry bull, full of incredible look.
His mad quarrelling was shattered by pure power by more than forty percent, and his arms were also shocked by the pain!
Booming …
Before he recovered his strength, the overwhelming five-element spell fell, and he barely raised his hand to meet him, and a sweet blood spurted out of his throat for several meters.
"Crack-hurricane chop!"
"Breaking the sky-chasing clouds month by month!"
Chen Han, who was bounced back to a height of 100 meters, kicked the palm shadow taken by Xiang Lang in the sky, roared down with the help of anti-shock, and the two great wars were launched at the same time: "Quick! There is no time to condense the five elements of magic, and attack with me! "
The three men grabbed the magic weapon that they stepped on, and then the realm lost its magic weapon, and they fell downward in succession, but also launched the strongest blow.
Chapter 79 Day Xuanzhenlong
"overlord gun-black dragon into the sea!"
"ChiYang sword tactic-burning heart!"
A post uses a natural lighter, while Fang Chihai and Jiang Song use the sword tactic commonly practiced by Tianlong members, which is obviously inferior in power.
There was no time to gather crazy quarrelling, and was injured in the last wave of five-element spell attacks. The attack power of Berserker’s counterattack again was less than twenty percent in its heyday.
A circle of ripples visible to the naked eye stirred up, and his arms were blown into blood fog all over the sky on the spot, and his whole body bones were almost inch-broken, and his seven orifices spewed blood at the same time.
The five internal organs were shattered by four people working together and several pieces of internal organs were mixed in the blood.
Just at this time, the thunder, which was hundreds of meters away, threw a clear ray of wood, and that guy’s body burst in the air on the spot.
Chen Han, who was bounced by the anti-shock force and landed firmly on the Panlong golden gun, hit the second Berserker with another blank seal: "Brothers, here comes the food, hurry up and prepare to slaughter the living, haha …"
"Stop it!"
Seeing this going on for less than three or five minutes, everyone will follow in the footsteps of Berserker who was beaten to death. The priest Karady’s eyes are all cracked and he rapped out: "What do you want? Damn fix true, don’t push too hard, rabbits will bite when they are in a hurry! "
His Chinese is fluent, but he can’t fully understand some meanings, so that Chen Han and others can’t help laughing.
"Rabbit? Are you a rabbit? "
"Old glass!"
"The legendary Longyang is good, Gaga …"
In the ridicule of everyone, Karady vaguely guessed the meaning of the rabbit. His face turned red and he shouted, "Stop fighting in exchange for what we got, or with our strength, even if we can’t die with you, the only one who can live is the remnant blood!"
Previously, those who killed Chen Han didn’t choose to perish together, on the one hand, because they were frightened by Chen Han’s strength, on the other hand, they didn’t think that the explosive way could really cause fatal damage to Chen Han, who was ridiculously strong in the flesh.
At present, however, these people are different. As fifteen priests under the three major sacrifices in Australia, the strength of Karady and Dolozaya is not much different from that of the four big families.
If they use the way of burning the source, Chen Han can’t have a chance to survive, and at most, they can escape from residual blood and serious injuries.
"swear by the god of nature you believe in, plus five billion dollars!" The voice of the residual blood returned to calm.
In order to get what he wants, in order not to be caught up by Australian reinforcements, he can only choose to fail for the first time in his life. But he won’t give up the high reward amount. Since the task fails and he can’t get money from the killer intermediary, it is only natural that these people should make up for it.
"I want 100 billion dollars, and if I don’t agree, I will take a shot." Chen’s cold language is not surprising.
"You this boy … one hundred billion? Dollars? " Even the residual blood was startled by his lion’s big mouth.
"You only need $5 billion, but you have a treasure. What about me?"
Chen Han, with a righteous and righteous look, cried plaintively: "I took a group of brothers out to hang out, but I got hurt all over. Is it easy for me?" One hundred billion dollars, as a small soul to comfort my brothers and me, as a soup fee for Laozi, do you think it is a lot? "
Karady and Dorothea’s face remained, looking at the cold like a boudoir dissatisfied housewife, and comparing the cost of crash and burn, they finally had to grind their teeth and agreed to his request.
90% of the remnant blood who died together can still live, and the baby is finally obtained by him. The key is that as they are only under the three great sacrifices, they also have to pay for their precious lives.
Don’t open two of the fifteen priests, plus four powerful Berserker, worth only $ one hundred billion?
Obviously more than that!
Money in the secular world cannot measure the value of high-level practitioners, which is the strategic strength of the whole country.
As a result, they had to make an inviolable oath in the name of the God of Nature, remembering a string of international bank accounts given by the other party.
Karady face unwilling look, palm out of thin air more than a flashing golden red light, engraved with countless simple patterns, each with a foot square box. Faint there was extremely obscure energy fluctuation. Even with the consciousness of Chen Han now, I couldn’t sense what the box was inlaid with. It was more subtle than the law in the secret room of Tianlong’s headquarters, and it was ten times more subtle than the miniature array.
This metal box, which flowed out of nowhere, was smuggled out of Yanhuang along with a batch of antiques unearthed at the same time. The antiques were just to hide people’s eyes and ears, and the box was the real treasure.
At the same time, with the box floating to the residual blood, there is an inch long, translucent key, which also exudes a mysterious atmosphere.
"The key can’t be opened and the box can’t be destroyed."
Karady glared at the residual blood and sneered: "It’s useless for you to get it. I’ve tried it, and even the most powerful person in the Chinese people can’t force it to open."
Let’s go!’
Sleeves rolled over the box and keys, and the residual blood body flashed to Lei Ming’s side, pulling the Jingshi sisters to flicker away. Chen cold toward a post they cast a look, followed by up, a little while has been out of the priest’s spirit induction range, disappeared in the boundless ocean.
For more than ten minutes, when a large group of sacrifices and Berserker arrived, only a few people looked lonely, where can I find a trace of residual blood?
Half a day later.
On a 300-meter-long Fiona Fang in the South China Sea, there are several figures falling one after another on an island that is not marked on the map or even paid attention to.
The remnant blood, who kept silent all the way, seemed to suddenly breathe a sigh of relief. In front of a group of young players, he sat directly on the dusty rock and laughed loudly: "For more than two thousand years, it took me more than two thousand years to find this mysterious box, and finally I found it!"
"More than two thousand years? Your age … "Everyone was tongue-tied, only Chen Han didn’t feel strange.
"Ha ha, it is no wonder that you will feel strange. The rules of heaven and earth are different now."
It seems that the remnant blood has fallen into endless memories, from a cold-faced killer in the past to an old man in his twilight years: "Now, those who fix the truth in the golden elixir period are only two or three hundred years in Shou Yuan, and the Yuan infant period will live for five hundred years at most. More than 2,000 years ago, when the rules of heaven and earth did not change, the Shou Yuan in the golden elixir period was at least 500 years. In the Yuan infant period … unless it was killed, it would almost never die, and it was normal to live for tens of thousands of years. "
In fact, this is also a problem that Chen Han has always ignored. According to the records of the Emperor’s extremely shocking days, the situation is exactly the same as that of Canxue.
Once the person who fixes the truth forms a Yuan baby, it is almost immortal. After so many years, how can there be only a few Yuan baby masters with thousands of years of background of four big families?
Even if it is consumed in some battles, even if the natural materials and treasures are pitiful, how to say that there should be a tens of thousands of yuan of infants to fix the truth.




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