Jinyang looked at the high body, and his heart was a little rough. He said faintly, "God forbid, you should guard around this body with all the younger brothers, and you should close the door for the teacher for a few days. If the third prince finishes practicing. If the teacher hasn’t woken up yet, you should give him this’ golden dumpling scissors’ and ask him to take it to heaven and give it to your mistress for self-defense in the future. "
"Yes, master." Road flyover Tianjue carefully catches the’ Golden Dumpling Scissors’.
Jinyang stared at the flesh in front of him, snorted unjustly, and the body was like lightning, flying towards the head of the flesh. In a blink of an eye, he flew to the top of his head, stood straight on the top of his head, and looked around. The strange array contained a large range, and there were hundreds of miles of Fiona Fang.
The aura in the array is extremely strong, but the trees are not lush. Soaked by reiki day and night, it has been completely melted, and it can no longer grow. Many trees have high energy in their bodies, and there are actually 30% trees in hundreds of thousands of trees. The energy in their bodies has a Jin Xian level. As long as they are taught the method of uniting, it won’t be long before they can master hundreds of Jin Xian levels.
There are no fewer than tens of thousands of animals in the array, but most of them are young herbivores. Running and chasing among the trees. Although young, but basically only the body contains a huge amount of energy. Many animals’ bodies have also been refined by reiki, but they are still unable to cultivate and demonize adults because they are unconscious.
Suddenly, a roar spread from a hundred miles away, and countless beasts suddenly stopped chasing and running, prostrating themselves on the ground in fear, and did not dare to move. Jinyang secretly estimated that the beast hundreds of miles away was the king of beasts in this array, and his mind flashed in a hurry. It turned out to be a green wolf.
This green wolf is not an ordinary creature. It has three tails and six eyes. Even if it is larger than an elephant, it is several times larger. Six eyes are full of cold and murderous, staring at Jinyang, but it seems that it is very afraid of the flesh at the foot of Jinyang. I dare not come near, so I can only look at it from a distance.
For a long time, Jinyang laughed loudly and said, "Ha ha, boy, there is no suitable mental cultivation, and there is great energy in the body from the upper level of the true fairy. I will teach some cultivation methods in the future, practice them seriously for a few years, and turn them into human beings. Then I will get it, and I will be a fierce soldier."
My mind slowly swept the whole array, and all the dead angles were swept. To Jinyang’s great surprise, not only the green wolf, but also the energy in the body of this strange array was of true fairy level, at least no less than 30, including those flying in the sky, crawling on the ground and swimming in the water, all of which were still ignorant monsters.
Jinyang suddenly laughed and said to himself, "When I close my doors, I will come to clean you up. It’s really a bit of a disaster to have so many fierce soldiers and not recover them."
Find out after a circle, there is no longer any major discovery, Jinyang also lost interest in the surrounding environment, and the spirit slowly recovered from his body. When passing by his feet, he felt that all the ten Taoist priests had sat down and cultivated with great concentration. With such a strong aura, ten people will be able to make further progress.
Jinyang also slowly sat in the center of the head of the flesh, and felt the huge flesh under his feet. He said with a little taste: "Although it is only a flesh, this horrible body is really yuan. I am afraid that even the Jade Emperor is ashamed, but I can’t find the other two souls and seven spirits. What a pity! Unfortunately! "
Jinyang wondered in his heart that if he could use this body, why should he retreat in the secluded area now, even afraid to go out of town, for fear of being calculated and losing his life? With the strength of this body, plus the incomparable true yuan in the body, even if the jade emperor comes to the Tathagata, I am afraid he can win three copies, but before finding two other souls and seven spirits, he can only watch and cannot use it.
Suddenly, there was a flash of light in my head, and a deep memory suddenly emerged from the depths of my mind. Jinyang only felt refreshed and unspeakable pleasure.
Jinyang has long discovered that although the memory has been passed down, some memories are still locked out like a box, and they can’t be opened at ordinary times. But just when complaining, the box seems to be suddenly loosened, and after that memory emerges, it is locked again.
Jinyang hurriedly sat up, closed his eyes slightly, and suddenly came up with memories, which must have profound meanings, and must be digested well. Maybe there will be another understanding, and no one will think that he is deep.
As Jinyang slowly settled in, the aura around him kept pouring into his body, and Jinyang’s expression became more and more pleasant and indescribably refreshing.
I don’t know how long it took, but Jinyang suddenly opened his eyes and laughed wildly: "So that’s it, so that’s it. . 。 ”
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Ps: In addition, I’d like to introduce you to this book, Black-hearted Buddha, the author of Hacker in Fingers. I’ve been reading it. It’s really good. It’s very emotional. Brothers and friends who like Xian Xia can go and have a look. If they don’t like it, they can come back and scold me.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 353 Exterior incarnation three
Celestial Volume Chapter 353 Exterior incarnation three
"So that’s it. . 。 ”
After Jinyang laughed wildly, he quickly took out the bag of Zijin Gankun, took out half of the relic left the day before yesterday, stuffed it into his mouth without hesitation, and did not swallow it. He wrapped it with aura, only contained it in his mouth, and then his left hand was down, reaching the head of the Lord God Emperor’s flesh, and his right hand was raised above his head, with his palm slightly upward, his eyes closed slightly, and his mouth kept chanting.
Soon, Jinyang entered a state of concentration, and his right hand slowly became angry. At first, the light blue aura swept over, and soon it turned into a light blue tornado, which was several meters in diameter and dozens of miles in the aura, and quickly gathered in his palm, and then flowed into his body along the palm, turning into a rolling yuan and entering the abdomen.
Then, the whole body of Jinyang sparkled with colorful shekinah. These colorful shekinah seemed to have a regular pattern. After circulating the main points of the whole body, they followed the meridians of the left arm and injected into the body of the God Emperor, but the body was too big, as if it were a bottomless pit. As soon as they entered the body of the God Emperor, the colorful shekinah disappeared instantly.
It turns out that the memory that just popped up is not the millions of years’ experience of the Emperor of God, but a practice formula of Taikoo Shenshu, which is called "Incarnation Outside the Body". In addition to the founding gods of Taikoo, in this world, only Sanqing Daozu knows this Shenshu.
In ancient times, the supernatural power was to seize the nature of heaven and earth, and it had a great magical power. In fact, the supernatural power "Out-of-Body Incarnation" was to instigate the archaic secret method, divide a part of one’s own Yuan God and merge it into a powerful magic weapon or an unconscious monster body, which lasted for 18 months. Refining the magic weapon or monster beast into another self is almost the same as this statue.
Under normal circumstances, those who practice incarnation outside the body will choose congenital Lingbao. Congenital Lingbao itself is extremely powerful and has no sense of being alone. It is very easy to practice, as long as it is refined for enough time. You can achieve the incarnation, the same appearance as the ontology. It’s just that cultivation will be different, but you can also use cultivation to improve your mana.
If there is no innate Lingbao, you can also choose a powerful monster beast to capture the monster beast with great magical powers, but don’t hurt the monster beast, which is very difficult. Then living to erase the monster beast to three souls, and then differentiate themselves into Yuan God, slowly merging into the monster beast, instead of the original three souls, driving the monster beast’s body to the point where it can be used freely, which can also be regarded as an incarnation, but it cannot be changed into an adult.
Ontology and incarnation. Can appear at the same time, can defend the enemy at the same time, can also be dispersed, they belong to the same consciousness, for example, the deity can choose to practice in the abode of fairies and immortals, while the incarnation can leave the abode of fairies and immortals. Collect elixirs and refine elixirs for the deity to take when practicing. When practicing in seclusion, the deity’s understanding of heaven and earth will naturally improve his way of doing things, and so will his incarnation.
As long as Jinyang transforms the flesh left by the God Emperor into an incarnation, the ontology can always sit in this strange array to digest the huge memory, absorb the aura energy and improve the cultivation of the ontology. And the avatar can make a strange array. Deal with some important things in the realm, but also get out of the realm. There is no difference with Jinyang, and at most it is different.
Moreover, this incarnation will not affect the future. If Jinyang is lucky enough to find the other two souls and seven spirits, he will slowly merge with himself to achieve the powerful Yuan God like the God Emperor, and he can also merge with the incarnation to achieve the powerful body like the God Emperor and restore the powerful strength of the God Emperor in the past.
In fact, Jinyang was not the first person to practice this magical skill. As early as tens of thousands of years ago, there was a person who had already practiced this magical skill, and that person was Yunzhongzi, the first disciple of the original Buddha, and that incarnation was the jade emperor today, which was also a fact that was later known to the three worlds.
After the Great War of the Universe, Xiandao took advantage of Buddhism and entered the four continents of the Universe. Yunzhongzi was the highest among the second generation of disciples, and he entered the enemy’s interior under the pseudonym of Jade Emperor, which made a great contribution to Xiandao’s final entry into the Universe. Sanqing jointly elected him to the throne of the Jade Emperor.
But Yunzhongzi was bent on the Tao, and after sitting on the Jade Emperor’s throne for a long time, he gave up, but there was no suitable person to take over, and his heart was always troubled. Later, Yunzhongzi told his master the original Buddha, and the original Buddha knew that he was bent on the Tao, so it was really difficult for him to deal with the cumbersome things in heaven.
But the other two in Sanqing thought that Yunzhongzi didn’t like rights, which strengthened his determination to let him continue to be the jade emperor. Then he passed on the archaic magic of "Incarnation Outside the Body" to him, and gave him a congenital lingshi, so that he could refine the incarnation and continue to endure the position of the jade emperor instead of ontology.
Yunzhongzi was overjoyed when he learned that there was such a god after surgery. As long as the refining was successful, the noumenon could be freed, so he immediately began to refine it. After eighteen months, he successfully cultivated the Divine Operation "The Incarnation Outside the Body" and refined the innate Lingshi into an incarnation. However, this incarnation was only cultivated by a true fairy, and it was really difficult to be qualified for the position of the Jade Emperor.
At that time, the God-sealing War had not yet begun, and the aura on earth was as good as that in heaven. In some places, it was even worse, and even worse. Yunzhongzi put his avatar into the world, exercising his avatar to use energy, so as to reach the realm of ease of use as soon as possible, and at the same time, he constantly absorbed aura, so as to be qualified as the jade emperor as soon as possible.
After the incarnation came to earth, two animals were tamed, one was Xuanwu, and the other was Teng snake. They knew that they were no match, so they surrendered to the incarnation, and then they followed the incarnation until it was promoted to the rank of Xuanxian. This was only when Yunzhongzi recalled the heaven, and the incarnation became the jade emperor. Yunzhongzi himself went to the original Buddha’s residence for thirty-three days, listening to the Buddha’s sermon day and night, and devoted himself to the Tao.
The two animals were incarnated to teach the authentic Taoist secret method, and after the incarnation soared, they concentrated on practicing, and they made great progress in nature. Soon they became successful in monasticism and became adults. Before the ascent, they took a naughty boy Zhang Junbao as their apprentice and passed on the Taoist secret method left by the incarnation. Later, Zhang Junbao relied on the Taoist orthodox method to create the Taoist holy land wu-tang clan.
After the two animals soared, they were quickly discovered by the old master who was already the Jade Emperor at that time, and they were once again accepted as the family, and they really taught the Dafa. The qualifications of the two animals were superior, and they soon became masters of Xuanxian, which is the Xuanwu Emperor and Xuantian God today.
Ps: On the second watch of 19th, don’t be angry if you have different opinions about this one today. It’s just a novel, so don’t take it seriously. . . Finally, I wish you all a happy Tanabata and a happy family!

Celestial Volume Chapter 354 Exterior incarnation four
Celestial Volume Chapter 354 Exterior incarnation four
Jinyang’s magical skill "Out-of-Body Incarnation" and the magical skill of Professor Yunzhongzi of Sanqing at this moment are both from the hands of Taikoo’s founding gods, and they have great magical powers like changing the world. As long as they practice successfully, they can be divided into two, which is wonderful and has endless benefits.
After "Incarnation Outside the Body" is cultivated, Jinyang won’t have to worry about the lack of cultivation, which leads to even the fear of going out of town. If it’s just heaven, you can go there, as long as you don’t get into the Sanqing, the founder of Xiandao, or the demon outside the country behind Buddhism, it should be okay to protect yourself.
In fact, even if Jinyang doesn’t want to be in his heart again, the fact that he is one of the three main souls of the God Emperor can’t be erased. Jinyang actually understands that it is the most important thing at present and the most favorable measure for the eight families to find the remaining two souls and seven spirits, merge them into the God Emperor Yuan God in the universe, and then let the Yuan God return to the flesh.
But there has always been a doubt in Jinyang’s heart. As the supreme ruler of the universe, the God Emperor is also recognized as powerful. Even if the ancestors of the three sweeping ways can’t help him, why does he have to disperse the Yuan God and let the three souls and seven souls reincarnate respectively? What happened to him that made him suddenly have such a strange idea?
What worries Jinyang most is actually not these. I have been worried in my heart. If I find the remaining two souls and seven spirits, I will be back behind the God Emperor, whether I am myself or not? Or will it return to the original god emperor? If the body is still controlled by Jinyang’s consciousness, that’s all right, but if Jinyang’s consciousness disappears, what good will it do if the God Emperor makes such a big fight?




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