Chen Senran put his hand to look at the hole in the door and then it was poor and dark.
I feel like I’m standing in front of a ferocious beast’s mouth
I stuck this one for six hours.
The whole person is about to collapse
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Page two hundred and twenty-six ferocious frost
There is a corridor in the door.
A corridor that is as different from the mainland as the gate. It is not as beautiful and exquisite as the west coast of Demassia, with windows and acceptable sunlight. It is covered with ivy, an open ceiling, a ferocious and sharp axe and sword on the wall like Noxas, a barbaric aesthetic, and it is not like Pieterwoff’s habit of decorating mechanical parts on the corridor wall. Magic technology design.
It is rough and crude, just like a deep cave naturally eroded by time, and there is nothing here except that it has not been disturbed for hundreds of years and time has accumulated dust as thick as snow.
The cave is very long.
Chen Senran and Lao Du walked for five minutes, but they still didn’t see the exit. Through the light of the fingertips in their hands, they saw that there was dust all over the sky except the darkness in the distance.
The cave is very stuffy
In a deep cave, there is no sound other than stepping on the ground, heavy dust and slight noise. It is dull and strange, like walking in a decaying grave that has been sleeping for hundreds of years. If ordinary people walk in it for a long time, they may have some psychological problems.
I have to say, this is really a bad place. Chen Senran can’t imagine what it would be like for my little girl to walk here without herself.
The only thing that is fortunate is that the footprints have not been lost in the cave. Although there is no snow, those footprints can continue to spread in the thick dust.
"Did you find out?" At this time, Lao Du, who had been walking side by side with himself, suddenly spoke and broke the dull silence of the whole cave.
"Irregular footprints" Although Chen Senran has been worried about Little Annie, his observation has not weakened but has become more meticulous.
In fact, he discovered this situation from a breath ago. The footprints in front are very neat, except that the small footprint that should belong to Little Annie is particularly conspicuous. The other footprints are all closely connected with the front and rear feet. Except that the feet are different in size, it is almost like a person stepping on them.
This fully shows that the 1000 Demassia elites are well-trained and tell Chen Senran that their state is normal, so little Anne should be safe.
But just before the breath, he found that the footprints were no longer neat, and all the footprints were mixed together. It was like a group of people walking aimlessly, and judging from the messy range of those footprints, those people were still stumbling inexplicably.
This is an extremely dangerous signal, which means that they have encountered an unknown attack. Chen Senran believes that the sword-to-sword exchange can’t make those demasians lose their pace.
Only mental attacks can confuse them.
After all, they are as strong-willed as steel and human beings.
In the speech, the frost queen cursed …
Thought of here, Chen Senran didn’t dare to think about it any more. He wanted to walk faster. His breath was completely messed up. He was barely suppressed. Mania broke out again. He growled and ran away. His body flame once again condensed into his legs. Suddenly, the power broke out and brought a raging storm in the dreary grave.
He can’t hold his breath any longer. He must rush out of this damn place in the shortest time and shout the name of little Annie.
He didn’t care so much. He also thought that shouting might cause unknown danger in the dark, but put little Annie in danger
Now he wants the girl to hear her voice and tell her I’m coming.
Lao Du didn’t say a word. He also ran with Chen Senran. His former energy consumption has recovered a little at the moment. His speed is enough to quietly hold Chen Senran’s unsheathed knife in his arms.
A bloody battle
Two men in a dreary cave ran forward toward the darkness that might lead to hell.
The end of the corridor finally appeared in Chen Senran’s eyes, and the little flame at his fingertips had already gone out, so he could clearly see that it appeared in the darkness ahead and leaked in the dim moonlight.
Bright like the beginning of heaven and earth, the first light broke all the haze and fear, which made Chen Senran slightly relieved.
But before his breath completely dispersed from his throat, he forcefully swallowed the remaining half breath back.
Because he saw a man, a man in blue and white armor, lying at that point. The pale moonlight shone on him, and his face was as pale as a statue.
Members of the stormtroopers in Demacia should protect the little Anne.
Chen Senran stopped abruptly in front of the statue. He squatted down and stared at the face that was as cold as a knife and now has no vitality. "Where is Annie?"
The other party didn’t respond. Although he opened his eyes, it seemed that he didn’t see a vacant hole in his eyes. He looked straight at the dusty wall as if there was any truth there.
Without hesitation, Chen Senran grabbed the other side’s armor and slapped the other side’s face. That kind of force was a blow with great reserve, which made the other side’s face sound slightly fractured.
Such a blow made his mouth bleed, and he finally had a slight reaction. He didn’t seem to feel the pain, but he looked at Chen Senran with his eyes open.
"Cold …" After a long time, he finally squeezed out a cold word from his throat. The dryness and pain reached the extreme, and the vibrato made the surrounding gas colder by three points.
Chen Senran was not satisfied with this answer. He raised his hand again. He didn’t care whether his slap would kill the Demaxian in front of him. He wanted to stimulate his nerves more vigorously to make him awake even for a moment.
Just as his palm was about to bombard the Demacian’s face again, Chen Senran inexplicably felt a kind of cold. He consciously threw the Demacian to the ground as if throwing a poisonous snake that might jump up and bite himself at any time.
For a moment, a layer of frost poured out of the eyes of the demasian cave, spreading and freezing his whole body
He hit the back hard, the wall shook off, the dust on the wall revealed a corner, and the wall was carved with frost. In the broken moonlight, the frost on the wall was ferocious like a devil’s tooth.
Go to bed and continue to make up for sleep
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And I want to say that I am glad that more friends like me.
But that’s not that reason why you can speak ill of me.
I’ve been writing this out of interest, and I haven’t taken a penny, not even a lot of spiritual pleasure. I can’t drag my body down and write it. I don’t have any meaning. Who must I write it to?
I tried to write. Look, you called me what I called because of the plot, but you called me not to write when I was on leave.
I hope you respect yourself.
Page two hundred and twenty-seven enemies without faces
Chen Senran once thought that one of the stupidest things in the world was shouting when you met those problems in life that you could not solve by blocking.
Chen Senran has seen several people shouting at his gun to call Mom, God the Buddha. In the past, he thought it was too weak. In Chen Senran’s world, if someone pointed a gun at his head, he would definitely cut off that hand.
But when those footprints were scattered, when the Demassian face covered with frost appeared in front of him, he felt that he might really lose something in a moment when he didn’t know it, just like those who cried out and lost their lives in an instant.
He suddenly understood some people who had shouted at his gun. He was not really better than them, but he had not met anything he really cared about enough.
At the moment, he really can’t and can’t overlap little Annie’s face with those damn frost. He’s really afraid of losing it
So he shouted desperately. He shouted Annie’s name all over the sky at that damn hole, and the world trembled, but there was no response.




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