The wind generally says that three men in Taiyin, Shaoyang and Chang want to kill the same stuff, and the top level of Shushan League Parliament is discussing it. It is not easy to decide that although he has three swords, the thunder and the palm of his hand may definitely make a decision, but since Wu Chi has come to believe, his heart will consider it.
Freshwater Tsing Yi looked back with a sigh. "If the ice glass is willing, the pity flower can get away. If the two departments of Violet Thunder make the same position, it is a pity that the ice glass can easily discuss the tactic …"
Wu Chixin said that the frost beauty is really complicated. Listen to this little story. What is the origin of the ice glass violet sword? I couldn’t help but ask, "What is the power behind the ice glass in Tsing Yi? What is the violet sword in Emei?"
Tamsui Tsing Yi listened to his heart. "It’s really … forget it. I’ll tell you something. You’re like a dust bag. The three swords of Shushan Jianmeng are thunder, violet and Linxi. Among them, the three swords of Qinglian Jianmeng are hidden by the leader of Shushan Jianmeng …"
Tamsui Tsing Yi slowly told Wu Chi something. The sword department of Shushan Sword League is the most powerful. Five people in Qiang Jian have passed the right yuan fire, accounting for half of the entire Emei player who has passed the fire super master. In the sword league Council, they have five regular members.
Shushan Sword League has no leader, the highest management body of the Sword League Council, and the League Council has members and standing committee members. Some important matters are decided by the standing committee, with a total of 21 standing committee members, while the Violet Sword Department has five other standing committee members.
In the ice glass, the Violet Sword Department is very simple-the palm of the sword in the Violet Sword Department is her brother Wu Chi’s eyes shining. "That old soaking her up is tantamount to the royal family of the Violet Sword Department. This beautiful girl is worth the risk. Soaring her up is tantamount to climbing the branches."
Freshwater Tsing Yi shook his head in shock and thought that this man was not saved. He was awkward. "You … it’s up to you … I really want to have the courage. I won’t stop you. Anyway, my words have been said before."
Wu Chi smiled and said, "Naturally, naturally, I won’t be bold. Rest assured, Tsing Yi, I’m leaving." Looking at the arrogant purple sword rainbow and fresh water in Tsing Yi, I’m afraid if you really act, you will be hanged to the tenth level. Whether it’s violet sword song or that man’s sword, it’s the ultimate death sentence.
As soon as I flew to Shennong area, I immediately received a unified statement that "the green mulberry Shenmu has been beheaded, and seventeen green spirit sword arrays have been damaged. The overall attack power of the sword net has dropped by 1%. Players must plant the green mulberry Shenmu to restore the original attack power of the green spirit sword net."
After reading this, Wu Chi was taken aback. Where did the strong man actually behead the green mulberry Shenmu? It’s really scary. You know, the green spirit sword nets are hundreds of pieces attacking in one direction together. This enemy can resist hundreds of green spirit sword net attacks and behead the green mulberry Shenmu. It’s really scary.
In the attribute interface of Qingling Sword Array in Wuchidian, it is found that there are more than a dozen Excalibur marks in the western sword array map, and the light is dim. I quickly flew in that direction, and just flew near the location, I saw two guys who were fighting.
The red knife is like a rainbow, and the momentum is like thunder. The knife light waves and cuts the trees to dust. This knife is very familiar to Wu Chi. It is Tang who cuts away from the fire knife. His enemy is a pale yellow sword rainbow, which is forced by the knife mans to dodge everywhere. Obviously, it has fallen.
One person thundered, "Don’t insult others, don’t let me explain. Don’t let me cut down the power and prestige, but I’m not afraid of you."
Come to Tang chop sneer at "seven steps into a corpse, you cheat me. Shennong people dare to destroy my green spirit Shenmu sword. This time, I will definitely cut your knife. In the past, I let you go in the forum. Today, I even ruined my Excalibur so impudently that I don’t hang up the face of your Shennong alliance."
His grandmother how these two guys got into a fight at sixes and sevens? Listening to Tang chop seems to be seven steps into a corpse and beheading Shenmu Sword. It’s really dizzy. Wu Chi is busy drinking "Brother Qi Tang, stop listening to me."
Seeing that Wu Chi suddenly came to Tang, he couldn’t help but get out of the attack range by one leng. Wu Chi flew to them with a wry smile, "How did you two get into a fight? Qi Tang, I invited guests. Is there a misunderstanding?"
Tang chop his nu way "your guest? Is that how your guests greet their hosts? Do you know that the sword net was damaged and who cut the Shenmu? "
After listening to the seven-step corpse over there, I shouted, "You can judge the obscene songs. I didn’t know that your alliance had sword array protection and entered the sword net in Shennong District to attack me. Can’t I fight back and die in vain?"
Grandma, it doesn’t seem that they are wrong. It makes sense to fight back in self-defense. It is natural for the directors of the Tang beheading alliance to kill and attack the enemy when they see that the sword net is damaged. In the end, it is that they didn’t forget to tell the green spirit sword net about the seven-step corpse, which led to such a situation.
This smiles send us light is my guest and my partner. How can we let Tang chop him up like this? It’s hard to explain why Wu Chi put on a long face. "It’s all my fault that Tang gave me some noodles, and I forgot to tell the seven-step sword net that caused Shenmu to be chopped. Don’t start to talk about it."
Tang cut angrily. "It’s not difficult for me to see your face today, but he has to mend this Shenmu sword net for me. Otherwise, don’t blame me for my spicy songs. This is what you invite people to do. If the sword net is not repaired, I will kill him and go to the ends of the earth."
Shuowang Tang chop before Wu Chi reply knife rainbow turned to the direction of Yinshan and went to bask in the sun. Wu Chi shouted with a wry smile, "I’m in charge of this matter, Tang, and you can rest assured that the sword net will be kept intact."
Seven steps into a corpse listened to hum a way, "Do blow the atmosphere, can you kill me with a joke?" Wu Chi came over to say hello to seven steps into a corpse and was scolded by him. He blamed Wu Chi for not telling him the details for no reason and clashed with Tang. Who told Wu Chi that he forgot about it?
Seven steps into a corpse’s mouth, though not afraid, has some fears about Wu Chidao: "You have to be responsible for the obscene song. I don’t care about that guy, but this little temperament is so stubborn that it’s really annoying to pester me for a long time."
If you are in charge, you should be in charge. Isn’t it just a few green mulberry trees? Go to Lingshan Lingkun Island in Fangshan and ask Sangmugong for a few. Don’t chop that guy and make a bird fire. When Wu Chi said, "I’m in charge of the seven steps, just ignore the small one. He has an explosive temper like an ox. Leave him alone. Let’s go to Wudang."
Seven steps into a corpse, laughing in my ear, saying that Tang Dynasty is as ruthless as an ox, and this is the thirty-three forum Moyitian forum. If someone says this, when they are not laughed at, the two of them will fly to Wudang control area, and see them flying all the way from Zhuqi. Seven steps into a corpse praised Wu Chi for his leadership.
Fang Da’s chief executive was very influenced by the fact that he became the chief director of the League. No player has ever said that he leads well and manages well. Wudang’s younger brother and younger sister always say that our chief executive has never had a good word. Today, when I heard this compliment, I felt that I finally got to know Wu Chi.
Xuanduguan is the seven-step corpse of the sect headquarters, but it is put in Qingqiu Village where it is not allowed to entertain guests. Seeing the water curtain, the seven-step corpse of Tianhua Fa Zhen praised, "Yin Ge, your village is really good. I have never seen such a defense system in villages and towns. Wudang is really good."
Outside the village of Wu Chi, the public came out of the circle of magic, and the two men were welcomed in. I was very happy that Wu Chi was here to command the comrades of Sanmin United, and my ass was soaked in clouds and gathered tea. This is Ye Xiubo, the ace merchant of Wudang Herb Group Company, whose green smell is fragrant and he praised the seven steps into a corpse again and again.
After the prostitute went out, she became a corpse in seven steps. "Can you sing a song about death in Wudang?"
Hearing this name, Wu Chi was immediately concerned. "There is a dead forest, which is one of the seven forbidden areas of Shennong Alliance and one of the top ten forbidden areas in Wudang control area. I have personally explored that it is really a dead place."
Seven steps into a corpse, eyes flashing, bowed their heads and took a sip of tea. "The reason why I came to Wudang was that half of it was because of the killing, but half of it came from the dead forest. I ask you if there is a big peak in the dead forest, which is more toxic than the visual defense."
Wu Chi Daqi "How do you know the seven steps?"
Seven steps into a corpse smiled and laughed. "It’s not surprising that I have an acquaintance with nearly 10,000 players in Shennong Alliance. This is the poison bee that I came to Wudang for.
Is this ya crazy? He was almost bitten by that bee, and he almost died. He dare not step into the dead forest again, but he is going to play this poison bee idea. It’s really crazy.
Wu Chi turns seven steps into a corpse and laughs. "Don’t be nervous. I have my own way to listen. I’ll talk to you slowly …"




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