Gufan and Longshun live in an independent courtyard, which is not luxurious, but it is definitely not small. There is a separate spacious courtyard, which is definitely an advanced residence among the civilian areas.
Diameter back to the room, the relaxed expression of Gu Fan became a little lonely and lonely. I thought of the title of waste genius again and took a deep breath, but I still felt that I was stuck in a panic. His ordinary eyes did show a completely different picture, but who knows that his heart is depressed and unwilling?
Gu Fan sat on the bed, his legs crossed, his hands put on his knees, and made a strange gesture. His eyes closed and his breathing gradually became gentle and regular. Even though he had never condensed a cyclone for ten years, he never gave up and insisted on breathing every day. He hoped that he would be attached to him again and there would be a miracle!
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As he breathed, the energy gathered from all sides and rushed to the ancient mortal body crazily. This energy is the aura cultivated by all spiritual practitioners in the aura continent. It is invisible but real.
Reiki swarms like a tide. If this situation is seen by others, it will definitely make people stunned from ear to ear. This speed and quantity of absorbing reiki is simply shocking, let alone an ordinary person. Even spiritual practitioners may not be able to reach such a terrible speed as Gufan.
All this is simply appalling. Isn’t Gufan a waste that can even be condensed by cyclones? How can you still feel aura and absorb it? If all this is true, even cyclones have condensed in the past ten years? Obviously, this bizarre situation is unreasonable.
When it was so quiet, a few hours passed slowly. Gufan’s face was calm and still motionless. It was getting dark outside. Suddenly, those crazy people flocked to Gufan’s aura and slowly stopped. Gufan’s eyelids moved, followed by two weak white mans flashing and then disappeared, leaving behind the loss that could not be removed.
Gufan’s fists clenched tightly involuntarily, and his eyebrows slightly twitched, and his expression became a little ferocious, as if he had been angry and unwilling for a long time before he regained his look and sighed heavily.
"What the hell happened to me? What, every time? I can feel the aura and absorb it several times more than others, but what is so huge that the aura just disappeared when it was about to condense into a cyclone? " Gufan confused muttered expression can’t say annoyed.
It’s really strange that the ancient incarnation did happen. Over the years, he has read many books and found no precedent in this field. He has asked many people, and no one knows where the reason is. The otherness phenomenon is a mystery that has never been involved before.
Under normal circumstances, no matter from what aspects, Gu Fan should be a genius, born of cultivation and born of absolute genius! As we all know, a person’s cultivation talent is directly related to the strength of his soul. The stronger his soul is, the stronger his understanding is, and the higher his perception of aura is!
And these ancient mortals have also been confirmed, and his understanding makes the elders of the ancient family far behind. His perception and affinity for aura are also hard to be matched by ordinary people.
It’s a pity that this talent, which should be looked up to by peers, is likely to be the pinnacle of spiritual practice, but it was broken by a mere cyclone. He should have everything to send him from heaven to hell!
After a long silence, Gu Fan showed bitterness, which was even uglier than laughing and crying. After so many years of expectation and disappointment, he failed to numb him. He still accepted the fact that he didn’t hate people. He hated thieves. God! What gave him hope and made him despair!
Looking at the dark star Gufan outside, he got up and took out an old book from the interlayer of the bed board. Through the moonlight outside, he could clearly see that five big characters were written on the book surface.
The golden lotus burns the sky!
This is what he saw in his father’s room when he was five years old. At that time, he was a little curious. He sneaked through it. When he typed the first page, he was deeply attracted and deeply shocked
The golden lotus is born, everything is burned, the world is the best, and the gods are hard to handle! These sixteen words made Gu Fan deeply addicted, and he couldn’t help but feel surging and throbbing in his heart. He flipped through this ancient book, which was not thick, and looked at it carefully everywhere, but he finally failed to see it at this level.
However, he was not disappointed. Everyone can think of this aura * * and it certainly won’t be anything that was only five years old at that time. Only when he was less than six years old can he practice the aura standard. He secretly controlled the spiritual gas to wander in the fixed vein according to the golden lotus burning day tactic method. After ten years of practice, the cyclone seemed to be getting farther and farther away from him. Gu Fan withdrew his thoughts and eyes, and his face was full of self-mockery and said, "Even if you are a god-class aura * * I can’t have this suspicion. I was worried that half of the * * method would let me continue to
Talking, Gufan reversed the old book in his hand and suddenly appeared a more tattered side, like being abruptly torn to half, which turned out to be half.
He shook his head, put his book back in the mezzanine, pushed the door and went out. He was very bored and wanted to go out for some air. He looked at Longshun and closed the door. Gufan didn’t ask him to leave the courtyard alone.
There is a barren mountain in the north of the city. The only advantage here is that it is quiet. Because it is the peak of the city, let alone Warcraft, even the wild animals can’t find a few heads. Whenever Gufan is in a depressed mood, he likes to come here alone.
Because he thinks it’s quiet and lonely here, which is very similar to his inner world.
Lying on the grass, looking up at the sky, the crescent moon, some trance reveals a kind of unspeakable loneliness, which seems to be out of place with the world and I don’t know what to think.
"God, I’m dead. What did you say you wanted me to be born again in this strange world? If you want to give me a chance to work again, what will deprive me of all my hopes? Do you want to see my jokes? "Gu Fan said silently.
Gradually, he fell into memories. There was always a secret hidden in his heart that he didn’t tell anyone. He didn’t belong to this world or his soul didn’t belong to this world. He came to the earth in the 21st century. A mediocre young man died as an orphan. His life has always been unsatisfactory. It can be said that he has been struggling in a cruel society. No one cares about his life or death. No one cares about his quality. He has been bullied too much. If he works hard, he has no background. He is always trampled by others.
He has never been attached to by God, and he has never been pregnant.
A car accident ended his life, and instead of feeling afraid, he felt relieved, because his cruel world did not miss him, and death might be the relief for him.
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But God gave him a big joke, and his soul was incredibly reborn. He was reborn in a super big family, perhaps because the two worlds gave him a soul several times stronger than ordinary people.
He was so pitiful that he gave him a second chance. He vowed that he would never be bullied again in this life. Let everyone see him and respect him!
But it turned out to be a more painful blow, like a bolt from the blue. As the year passed, he found that he turned out to be a waste condensed by a cyclone. If the world could not cultivate, it would be tantamount to being deprived of all hope, which doomed him to live in this life and suffer humiliation and supercilious look from others.
Even with a strong family background? Strength is the most important thing here!
Does this make him hate it? If you are not angry?
Over the past ten years, Gu Fan has gradually learned that the construction of this novel world is beyond him to realize that the world is very big, which is several times larger than the original earth. No one can set foot in every corner of this world.
The mysterious and mysterious aura mainland hides too much and is unknown!
This is a world that advocates force. Almost everyone cultivates aura and is successful. Only when the strong are respected by everyone can they look down on all beings.
Reiki cultivation is also divided into many levels from low to high, namely cyclone, spiritual master, spiritual madness, spiritual king, spiritual Sect, spiritual statue, spiritual emperor, spiritual emperor, spiritual saint, and spiritual god. Only those who have stepped into spiritual practice can be regarded as truly stepping into the threshold of spiritual practice, and each level is divided into nine planets.
There is also a very strange symbol of spiritual practitioners in this world, that is, once they enter the ranks of spiritual practitioners, a lotus stand with one petal will be condensed at Dantian, which can be transformed into a fighting force when fighting, and if they enter the spiritual realm, they will regenerate one petal into two petals, and so on, the spiritual realm will be dzogchen with ten petals!




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