Chapter 199
Dear, I am so poor that I don’t know how to comfort you, but I can see from your window that the corner is gray every day. If I say there is another window, will you believe it?
Can you really forget him? Did you really have no feelings for him in the past years?
But she doesn’t want to repeat life five years ago, just like vines tightly wrapped around trees. Once the trees disappear, the vines can wait for death.
I loved someone so much, but can I forget him when there is no him in the world? You can live happily with others, forget them or think about them occasionally …
Tomorrow can still go by like that, but what he did made us ignore him.
This kind of feeling is always realized when he is not here and cold.
I know that I can’t stand him because I always cling to him a while ago, which will make me blame myself even more. I know that even if I don’t show off this person, I won’t like him. For him, I feel like treating my brother
However, this feeling makes me feel selfish, because he always pays without asking for anything in return. This is my always-kind character and I can repay him, and I can give him what he wants.
If it is for a moment of gratitude, it will hurt him even more, because such feelings will last forever.
Do I still deserve it? Do I deserve such feelings? Dare I have it?
I don’t know all the answers and I don’t know how to respond.
Just like today, come to the desk and have a look. There are two breakfasts on the desk. Who sent them? I know that one of them must be cold. Every morning these days, I can see one breakfast on the table, but now there are two.
Take a seat and open the breakfast paper. As always, it is cold, so the other one has a few words without signature.
I bought it for you when I knew you didn’t have breakfast.
Familiar with handwriting. Yes, it’s dazzling handwriting.
But what does this mean? I don’t understand it anymore
Didn’t we break up already? There’s nothing to do with it anymore. Didn’t I already say it’s not their fault? It’s my own blindness.
Why leave and then turn around? What does this mean? Charity or what?
I came to Chen’s seat with two breakfasts and put him on his desk. I said, "You have eaten these two copies of Nuochen, haven’t you eaten them yet? I don’t have the habit of eating breakfast." After that, I walked to my seat without a cloud and sat staring out the window, staring blankly. I didn’t see someone behind me being stared at by two pairs of eyes, but looked at me with a wry smile.
Rhyme master, you don’t have the habit of eating breakfast. Do I? And can you not show it to me fair and square? Don’t you know that someone will kill me with their eyes?
Oh, my God, the Virgin Mary, Nuwa, Pangu, the Jade Emperor, do you see a master who is so exploitative? Why did you arrange my fate so badly?
He really wants to talk about 10 thousand evil capitalists
But does he dare?
No, he didn’t dare to give him nine more lives. He didn’t even dare to die because of that cold company in his face
Chapter Three-Man War
Chapter 1
He can wait all the time
But I don’t know if she hates him waiting.
I don’t know. For her,
Is he waiting for another kind of purgatory?
The consequence of many things is that you can control what you can do or do what you think is right.
Every day, several people pour into this fast-rotating city-daydreaming with their grand blueprints or soap bubbles; Every day, several people leave the rigid and indifferent city skyscrapers to form forests-leaving them with tears.




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