Ruyan felt a burst of thread in her chest with her eyes closed tightly, but she didn’t move. Yexin Yang seemed to be born as inexplicable, but now that she believed it, she believed it. Ruyan told herself that she also firmly believed that this man kneeling beside her wouldn’t hurt her.
However, Yang Yexin is not fully sure that he can eliminate the energy of the black domain master’s stranded body without hurting Ruyan at all.
At this time, the evil energy he entered was besieged by the energy placed by the black domain master.
Summer throat looked at Jun and saw Yang night’s nervous expression and faint sweat on his forehead. He turned his head and took a look at Nan Rong Illusion. In an instant, Nan Rong Illusion and the scorching sun Muyang were also looking at him.
Everyone’s eyes are a little nervous, but the meaning is very different.
If everything is true, can Yang Ye cope with the main energy of the dark domain?
The scorching sun, the south glory illusion and Muyang are nervous, but it is Yang Ye and Ruyan.
While yang night there than anyone nervous.
He really wants to try his best to deal with some mo forces that are stranded like Yan Yan, but he is afraid of harm like Yan Yan. He can command evil forces to fight and retreat like Yan Yan.
And that mo energy is pushing your luck, regardless of it, such as Yan Yan’s reckless attack.
Yang night evil can be like Yan Yan’s chest. He can clearly feel that Mo energy is hurting the muscles, fibers, veins, blood vessels and mucous membranes of Yan Yan’s chest. All of them are violently hit by this energy.
At the same time, there is no doubt that Yan Yan felt the pain, and the pleasure instantly became a kind of faint pain, which Yan Yan did not expect, but she still didn’t open her eyes and didn’t know why she felt the pain, and at the same time, Yan Yan vaguely remembered something else
With her eyes closed, she frowned, and she groaned slightly because of those dull pains.
This Yang night nasty, he knelt down like Yan Yan’s side and saw Yan Yan’s pain with his own eyes. Of course, he knew that it was the strange energy that the black domain master put into Yan Yan’s body.
"RuYan! Ruyan! How do you feel? Does it hurt? Is it very painful? " Yang night nasty cross-examine.
Ruyan gently opened his eyes and looked at Yang Ye and nodded his head.
And with the aggravation of body pain, her little face has turned white with pain.
Yang night was frightened.
He will kill Ruyan himself, because he never thought that the energy of the Dark Lord would be so difficult to deal with.
Ruyan clearly felt the pain getting worse and worse, and gradually exceeded her endurance, so the pain became bigger and bigger, and Ruyan wept in her groans.
It hurts and tears.
Yang is nervous at night. He didn’t expect things to be like this, but how can he stop now? Your evil energy has already become like Yan Yan’s body, which has intensified the main energy of the black domain of Yan Yan’s body. At this time, stopping may even kill you!
Hesitate again and again. Yang Ye suddenly stared at his eyes. At this time, the larger foe must be broken, otherwise all previous efforts will be wasted.
"If you are patient, it may hurt, but in a blink of an eye, you are patient!"
Yang night cried out, holding Ruyan’s hands and fighting at the same time. It was absolute strength. Although it was controlled, Yang night thought clearly that this time it was necessary to make such a desperate attempt, otherwise Ruyan was the most dangerous.
Even if you personally burst Ruyan’s chest, it’s better than Ruyan being tortured to death by the main energy of the black domain after this failure!
Think like this when Yang night eyes flashed a fierce and decisive.
Ruyan heard Yang shouting at night, but the chest pain made her control her tears. The pain from weak to strong almost tortured her willpower, but she nodded with her eyes closed.
Ruyan thought about struggling, jumping up and running away, but that inexplicable letter stopped her from wandering around. After so long, she really didn’t know who she was. As soon as she knew it, she got a Chinese fir name, and she also adapted to the life of a maid as soon as she appeared. It seemed that everything around her felt very kind and familiar. The only regret was that Ruyan was afraid of who she was. Maybe she wasn’t Chinese fir, but she didn’t want to think about touching the depths of her heart. This doubt was really terrible.
But at present, this Yang night has expressed her doubts and troubles. Perhaps she is her only hope. More importantly, Ruyan feels that she trusts him very much, and this kind of letter does not need her brain to think, but she feels that she can trust him and must trust him.
No matter how painful it was, she didn’t open her eyes. She decided to trust her intuition for once.
Yang night changed Ruyan’s expression without missing anything. Looking at Ruyan’s frown in his eyes, his face turned pale, and then tears came out of his eyes. All this made Yang night worried, and some of them couldn’t restrain themselves from feeling distressed.
"RuYan I will be able to let you remember me! I must! " Yang night talking volume unconsciously has increased and nasal pantothenic acid root can’t suppress a kind of distress. When Yang night shouted this, he felt that his eyes were already hot.
What a coincidence! I opened my eyes for a moment because of the pain!
As Yan Yan didn’t mean to open her eyes, she felt that the chest pain had become more and more unbearable for her, and then she heard the words of Yang Ye’s excitement, so she opened her eyes.
And if Yan Yan opened his eyes and saw that it turned out to be a red eye, a tear was flowing in the corner of Yang Ye’s eye!
This moment, such as Yan Yan, felt a fierce tremor in her heart. She was shocked by the tears of Yang night. At that moment, her mind was white, but it seemed that many answers flashed out.
Yang night at this time also did his best. Evil energy was continuously input into Ruyan chest, and that energy in Ruyan chest also remitted two energies. Finally, Yang night made a positive contact, and he didn’t accuse evil energy of dodging and escaping. He knew that success and failure were just this moment …
The pulse erodes his body, and this force is so strong that he is overwhelmed after struggling to support it.




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