"Don’t make me smirk again and I’ll throw you to the North Desert!" Su Mian slapped him on the head.
"Which one? Just … I don’t know why I feel … "I like a girl very much.
"Go home and recuperate. The girl will see you outside. Don’t talk or say a word. Don’t go out in this suit." Su Mian pointed to his clothes.
"Well, I listen to my sister." Surin didn’t care at all. It was easy for him to like Avana.
Yu Wana, don’t suffer. It’s good to be together after that.
He was helped out of the hall of music, and it was Avana outside. Naturally, Su Mian asked someone to call her.
I took a step back at the sight of Surin’s blood consciousness.
Surin, look at her. She didn’t dare to speak.
Su Lin chuckled and wanted to say something, but she couldn’t help listening to her sister.
Back to Sue Sue Sue the old lady asked him to kneel "you are the wife can’t tube you but you think about yourself to do things! Kneel for an hour today! Dare to get up and my wife will die for you! "
"Grandmother grandchild didn’t say no, kneeling. You always say something, anyway …" Surin knelt down neatly.
Isn’t it just an hour? Who will believe that grandma didn’t release water?
So Su Shi was beaten for 30 lashes and went home and knelt at the ancestral temple before he could dispose of the wound, so he went out.
Well, who told him to dispose of the wound and then change into a bloody suit? Perfect misunderstanding
At that time, it was said that Su Shi was a young and ignorant empress, and the family style of the Su family was rigorous. At such a time, someone accused the Mo Yuan princess of not being.
"I Mianmian just like the princess" Yan has some doubts.
"I don’t like and dislike her … I don’t want to say whether she is so suitable or not … I want to see how determined she is. If she is not firm enough, how can she support a government?" Sumian avenue
It must be Su Lin’s wife that Hou Su’s family is in charge.
Zhang also wants to lean back. If she marries Avana, is Zhang still in charge?
"Good Surin is still young and confused for a while. You don’t have to worry. Didn’t you say that he won’t get married until he is ten years old?" Yan returned.
"You don’t have to worry about me. I won’t be tired. I have work ahead, right? Go and get busy. It’s nothing today. I’m going to test this girl. Su Lin will definitely "Su Miandao."
"Good Mianmian is relieved to go to Sue’s home in a few days." Yan Gui said.
"Ok, I know." Su Mian smiled and waved. "Go busy."
Yan Gui kissed her and got up.
Su Mian called Mammy Fang. "Where did that girl live yesterday?"
"Back to the main story, I lived in a pavilion on the south side of the imperial garden. Before the pavilion had no name, it was a house maid. It was spacious and she didn’t go out to run around," said Fang Mammy.
"Waiter, did she say anything about Surin?" Su Mianwen
"Never really didn’t say anything. The princess didn’t know the Lord and Su Shi," said Fang Mammy.
"That’s good. Don’t even talk about three meals a day. Don’t talk too much about the bitter cold in the northern desert." Su Miandao
Fang Mammy got the message when she froze for a moment. "If the handmaiden knows it, it will be done well."




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