What a dog’s mouth can’t spit ivory!
It’s so insulting to my Chinese classical culture!
Feng shallow thoughtfully for a moment, well, either Li Gonggong is too picky or this person has money and nowhere to spend.
Oh, there is a very big possibility-this person’s brain is not very bright!
"Hey, did I just say that I played high?" Feng raised her eyebrows lightly and smiled sullenly. "Five hundred and twenty pieces of silver. What did you send for flowers?"
Since I touched 250, it’s not cheating!
"You are too pushy, woman!" Eleven is unwilling to pay for the silver. Smell speech immediately filled with anger.
Feng Shao suddenly felt that the child was not a cold face but a manic patient.
"Eleven, give her 1,200."
Phoenix shallow little darling almost burst into tears when she took the two silver tickets.
Money is too easy to earn these days, isn’t it?
"Ask, ask," she waved her hand impatiently. "I’m going out to put on lanterns when you’re almost finished!"
"Today is the Lantern Festival. Since the girl is from Donglan, she should also know the origin of this festival. When asked to tell a story about the occasion, the girl said it was not the story of Emperor Mao and Empress?"
Feng shallow looked at the curtain strangely. "What do you want to say about them?"
"It’s touching to hear that Emperor Taizu is deeply attached to the queen. Isn’t it them that are the most suitable for festivals like today?"
"But I don’t think their stories are interesting!" I don’t know what Feng Shao thought, but her eyes narrowed slightly. "No matter how touching it is, the queen is just a poor woman. What can I say?"
Maybe the whole world thinks that the queen is happy, but how can she be happy if she shares her beloved man with so many women?




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