Suddenly it lit up all around.
Yang night saw that he was surrounded by exhausted burning flames, but when he looked around, it was a marginal expanse of white, and he couldn’t tell anything clearly, even the intersection of heaven and earth. His feet were black ashes, and all kinds of light-colored flowers and plants were growing on this black ash surface, such as light green, light blue and reddish brown. What surprised Yang night was that this plant ash surface was actually water! It is a slightly rippling, seemingly clear but bottomless backwater!
My mother! Is this hell? Yang night was frightened and thought it was over! It turned into a nightmare! If I had known this, I should have dedicated my virginity to Xiao Xiao just now!
When Yang night was frightened and repented, the stagnant water on the ash surface not far from his feet was turbulent, and the ash on the water surface was slowly pushed away with the ripples of the water, so a circular puddle the size of a wellhead was formed in front of Yang night.
Yang night staring at the puddle, I really saw the shape of a person gradually rising from the puddle, and the shape became more and more clear with the water droplets falling.
Finally, Yang Yegen saw that person or something that looked like a person clearly, because Yang Yegen was not sure whether this was a person or not.
Yang night in front of the white long hair down the head on both sides of the blue top incredibly still wearing a certain dark red hat, wearing a dark red robe almost mopping the water, I can’t see what cloth brown style always wears this root, but my face is ruddy, smiling and my teeth are white. My eyes are actually stuck with a pair of small dark red lenses and sunglasses, which makes Yang night unable to see his eyes clearly.
The man smiled at Yang Yewei and uttered an amazing first sentence, saying, "Yo, the child has a good figure."
Yang night looked down at himself and was surprised to find a watermelon and an egg! I don’t know when the bath towel disappeared! I am completely naked there.
Look at yourself * * brain echoed with this person talking in front of you. Yang night was depressed and I met a pervert. God, let me wake up quickly! I don’t want to dream of any disgusting and dirty scenes!
It’s extremely maladjusted to click and push … Let’s smash more tickets. We need a lot of support for the new ones! Thanks a lot!
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◎ Even Xin makes a scene in Yang Night Bedroom.
◎ Yang Ye decided that Miss Uniform Xin was her stepmother.
◎ Yang Yeqi ran away and even Xin scared Xiao Xiao away.
Anger ran away and even Xin scared Xiaoxiao away. Yang Ye was left alone in the bedroom.
But he walked back and forth in the bedroom, looking at this, touching that and lamenting his dream imagination.
The bedroom has a lot of furnishings and exhibits, but there are not many, except a row of wall objects, a big bed, a huge projection screen and a huge sofa with a ship shape. The rest is the 24-hour hot water bath pool in the bedroom, which is a simple style.
Yang Yexiang estimated that there were too many things piled up in his small room of several square meters in reality, and only in his dream would he satisfy his wish to have a spacious bedroom.
The bed is a waterbed, and the temperature can be adjusted. It can also be set to what waves, lakes, hot springs, streams and other water flows form the most interesting patterns. It can also be set to the ice surface to make the bed water freeze quickly, just like lying on a hard bed, but it will not feel cold at all.
Yang night played with the remote control for a while, lay in bed and enjoyed it, but refused to sleep. Let’s just say he didn’t dare to sleep. He was afraid that when he slept like this, the dream would wake up and everything would disappear.
He hasn’t had enough fun yet. If it’s a spring dream, at least he has to finish the last program! Don’t you want to lose your body in your dream?
It’s a little regretful to think of Yang Ye just let Xiaoxiao go. He is annoyed to talk about the word "shopping" in his bedroom. After all, Yang Ye’s bedroom is 50 or 60 square meters visually.
Shi Yangye didn’t know that he had more than one bedroom in Yang’s manor, and now he has it, which is the smallest of all his bedrooms.
As the saying goes, people have three levels. Oh, no, it’s three emergencies
There were so many delicious dishes, soups and dishes that night. I ate a meal on my stomach in the evening. Now my stomach is swollen in the bedroom. He feels that it feels so real to want to defecate. This is really a strange dream. Not only does it feel real, but it can’t wake up?
I’m afraid of coming to Yang night, and this real feeling will also have an effect in reality. I’m already in wet dream bed. Do I need a stool bed when I’m sleeping? But I can’t wait to wake up, but Yang Yehao quickly walked into the bedroom to wash his hands.
There is also a circular bathtub in the hand washing, and the wooden walls around it are all those seemingly unadorned and very original bluestones, which have actually been carved to look elegant and simple.
Next to the circular bathtub is a floor-to-ceiling mirror that is about five meters high. Don’t be surprised, because almost all the rooms in Yang’s family are about five meters high, but the floor-to-ceiling mirror is at least twenty square meters high, which makes it look quite imposing in your hands. Moreover, the mirror frame is carved from pure granite and looks like an antique. Oh, it’s just like an original mirror, and the environment is very clean as if you can put your hand in it.




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