Finally …
The queen breathed a sigh of relief.
I’m still uncomfortable, but no, as long as it’s not a boy
If you really let Feng Shao give birth to an emperor, will that be great?
"It’s good to go back to the empress!" Steady woman walked from ear to ear.
The queen smiled, too. Although things didn’t develop as expected, she smiled warmly and turned to the queen mother and said, "Mother is a little princess."
All the people were relieved.
Fortunately, it is a female doll!
"Come to Ai Jia and see what Ai Jia’s granddaughter looks like?" The queen mother came a few steps and looked at the child’s delicate appearance. She was happy, but when she thought that it was a baby, she suddenly felt that she didn’t like it.
"Good-looking is indeed a great beauty when it grows up!" After barely boasting that, the queen mother stopped talking.
Just then, another woman came out with the emperor in her arms.
Satisfy you, goblin twins ~ ~! ! But don’t write that brothers and sisters are weak and bored. Let’s have a royal elder sister, a domineering elder sister and a cold-faced black brother. So my three sons are ruined. Chapter 654 was touched by Feng Shao?
The first thing I noticed was that the queen’s face barely kept smiling.
"Hey, are these twins?" She walked over with a little luck and couldn’t tell what it was like in her heart. Of course, she was afraid at most.
Everyone hears that Zheng is premature and can have two babies safely?
This phoenix shallow luck will not be too good!
The expression on Li Fei’s face is even more wonderful.
What is this?
What if that dog fart oxytocin root didn’t have any effect? She’s been busy for half a day for nothing.
God, you are unfair. Why do you care so little about Feng?
"The Empress is not a twin, but a twin." The steady woman smiled happily with her little emperor in her arms. "The imperial concubine gave birth to a pair of twins safely, and the little princess was her sister and the little emperor was her brother."
The queen, who has reached half her hand, froze slightly for a moment, but when no one has the leisure to take care of her, it’s like everyone’s heart is fried
The twins are lucky!
How rare luck was touched by Feng Shao?
How come everything that happens is too good to make people itch!
I’m afraid that in the future, the emperor will be better and more considerate to that phoenix than he is now. It’s really nothing to do with them!
The queen mother’s eyebrows beat hard for a few times, thinking that her grandmother can’t be too obvious and deliberate about this child even if she doesn’t like it, otherwise she will eventually fall into the trap.
A smile was piled up and the steady woman was about to pick up the steps, but suddenly she smiled and respectfully said, "The Empress Dowager Empress and other empresses just told the little emperor and princess to be taken care of by Dongyang girl Li Gonggong, that is, the shallow imperial concubine has been safe. The Empress Dowager and Empresses need to worry and go back to rest early."
The in the mind is a surprised.
How can they not recognize the emperor’s marching orders?
Dong Yang saw that the atmosphere was awkward and hurriedly went to hug the steady woman’s hand, and the child humbly made a rounder. "Yes, thank you very much to the Queen Mother and all the Empresses. If our Empress knows that she is here to see her today, she will be very happy, but it seems that our Empress will not wake up for a while and it is not good to delay the rest of the Queen Mother and all the Empresses."
The queen mother gave her a cool look and said nothing.
Is flow sunseeker see the queen mother intention to hold the queen mother walked to the door.
The queen mother took two shots: "Let the minions take care of the emperor since the shallow imperial concubine has been safely ill. It’s not a thing for the emperor to come out and have a rest and always stay inside." Although the queen mother was not happy in her heart, she said, "What’s the situation? Will the emperor definitely come back to see you as a child? Ai Jia saw two very cute little dolls. "
After talking so much, I didn’t hear an answer. The Queen Mother frowned.
I was just about to say something. Suddenly, there was a hoarse voice in the deep voice of the emperor. "Mother, go back to rest early and look after the children. It’s not urgent. I will watch it with her when Phoenix wakes up."
A definite answer
The emperor won’t come out until Feng Shao wakes up.




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