When the group of mercenaries arrived at the island, the giant eye suddenly disappeared again.
Lin Yu "non-stop" flew back to the chaotic city and came to the mercenary union to complete the entrustment.
Seeing that the three of them came back after a day’s trip, the woman was very surprised, but she did not say anything and still received them with a big smile. "Welcome back."
Zhang Xiaorou was very excited and handed over more than 300 pieces of spar ore in one breath. The woman immediately gave Zhang Xiaorou a ring.
Zhang Xiao’s soft spirit to find out the exaggerated expression on his face can become the emperor of the mainland.
"Three million spar!" Zhang Xiaorou has a feeling of choking, just like in a dream.
Are you dreaming?
Zhang Xiaorou squeezed herself so hard that she grinned straight, but others grinned and cried, and she grinned.
Ignoring Zhang Xiaorou, the woman said to Lin Yu and Yuan Lan, "Where are you two?"
Yuan Lan just wanted to take out the spar source mine. Lin Yu hurriedly held her hand and smiled and said to the woman, "Didn’t our companion just give you all the spar source mines?"
Zhang Xiaorou looked at Lin Yu strangely, but she didn’t expose Lin Yu.
Since he doesn’t want to exchange, so be it.
The woman naturally knows that Lin Yu lied because everyone knows it. There is no need to say it.
Then Lin Yu received two sets of gray mercenaries from the mercenary union and left the mercenary union with Zhang Xiaorou.
As soon as Lin Yu left the mercenary union, a man dressed in a golden priest and taller than ordinary people walked from the second floor to the first floor hall.
"That’s a little job?" I can’t see clearly. The priest’s hat is a female cold voice.
The mercenary union woman nodded respectfully and replied, "They paid three hundred and sixty pieces of spar source ore."
"Okay, I know." The priestess turned and walked to the second floor.
The mercenary union woman quickly shouted, "Don’t you need to take more spar here for the mercenaries to come back and exchange the source ore?"
Priestess cold way "you ask too much … but I can tell you that in addition to they won’t have his mercenaries back Chapter 17 Day Crystal Island variation.
Lin Yu three people just came out from the mercenary Federation of Trade Unions, and Zhang Xiaorou immediately asked, "Feed you, why don’t you sell those spar source mines? You don’t understand the cultivation method of spar source mines. It’s no use taking them back."
Seeing that this woman is so noisy, Lin Yu wants to play a trick on her. "I have a method of cultivating spar source ore here and sell you three million spar?"
"True or false?" Zhang Xiaorou’s eyes blinked and stared with a grain of salt.
Lin Yu snorted. "Otherwise, why don’t I have to keep the source ore with the ready-made spar?"
After Lin Yu said this, Zhang Xiaorou believed in it for a few minutes. She really wanted the spar cultivation method, but asked her to take out the three million spar she just earned, which was very reluctant to part with her.
"I can’t bear to let a woman get away with it!" Biting his teeth, Zhang Xiaorou immediately took out the ring, "Pay with one hand and deliver with the other!"
Lin Yu immediately took out a roll of little girl’s master had already prepared a scroll for him and handed it to Zhang Xiaorou to have a look. Sure enough, he remembered in detail that Ruli SPAR source ore cultivated SPAR.
Zhang Xiaorou couldn’t help but burst into a heartbeat and burst into laughter. "Get rich!"
Zhang Xiaorou was so excited that Lin Yu asked faintly, "Do you still have spar source mine?"
Zhang Xiaorou was immediately dumbfounded. He just seemed to have sold all the spar source mines!
"You have source ore there? Sell me a piece! " Zhang Xiaorou’s face is in a hurry.
Lin Yu hey hey say with smile "yeah, a hundred thousand spar"
"You kill pigs!" Zhang Xiaorou immediately wailed bitterly, one by one.
Seeing Zhang Xiaorou’s beaten sample, Lin Yu couldn’t help but feel a sense of evil drama, but it was his turn to be dumbfounded.
Zhang Xiaorou is still holding a piece of spar source mine. It is estimated that there are more than ten square meters of it. He is letting go to play. "Well, I don’t know how many spar can be cultivated from this spar source mine?"
Zhang Xiaorou blinked at Lin Yu as she spoke. That means it’s very white. It’s not that easy to fool a girl.
Lin Yu was completely defeated by Zhang Xiaorou. This girl is really greedy, but she is so cautious and save for a rainy day to make Lin Yupei.
I don’t know what it would be like to let this girl be a big family housekeeper.
Of course, Lin Yu is just thinking about it. Now the Lins’ roots don’t need a housekeeper




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