"Xiaofei, I don’t mean to go home with me, okay?" Mufei still hasn’t given up and wants to make one last try.
"Dream!" Xiaofei’s eyes flashed with golden light and flew out with a golden soul of taming animals.
White skin, black spots, golden wings, ten meters long body steps, taming animals and wearing clouded leopards!
"ouch!" Wear clouded leopard roar toward MuFei swoops down.
"Damn it!" MuFei face crazy right hand quickly with a wave of his hand a white ghost home spirit of war vitality suddenly crashed into the clouded leopard.
This ghost home residual soul vitality is about to hit when wearing a clouded leopard, and Lin Yuti’s ru white vitality suddenly turns wildly to blow MuFei out of the ghost home vitality to suck it up!
Ghost’s vitality was sucked away by Lin Yu. Mufei didn’t dodge. He was hit by a soul wearing a clouded leopard.
MuFei one mouthful blood KuangPen body instantly disappear outside Yun He.
"Lin Yu, you kidnapped my son. My family must settle this account with you!" Like most of the defeated people, they longed for flying away and failed to swear.
Lin Yu never put such malicious words at ease. Is he less threatened?
"Xiaofei you …" Looking at Xiaofei Lin Yu, who is already a strong man in heaven and earth, actually didn’t know what to say at the moment.
He was worried that Xiaofei would turn into an inflammation, and when he regained his memory, he turned his face and denied people.
Lin Yu was very glad that Xiaofei didn’t turn against him and deny people, but smiled slightly. "Eldest brother, from today on, I will ask you to shut him down in Yun He City, and I will trouble you. By the way, my name is Xiaofei, and I have another name called Ming. Chapter 376 Yuan tricks.
Nowadays, not many people in Cangyu mainland know the name "Ming", but everyone who knows the name "Ming" is surprised.
"In those days, the family was strong in Cangyu!" Everyone took a breath of air conditioning. I didn’t expect Xiaofei to be the reincarnation of the strong man in Cangyu!
"What is the fate of this Lin Yu? Why do all the strong people run to him?" Some people secretly sigh at the bottom of their hearts, and they also hear Xiaofei calling Lin Yu the boss, which shows that Xiaofei’s attitude towards Lin Yu is that Lin Yu is the only one who follows.
If you wait until Xiaofei’s strength reaches Cang Yu’s territory, won’t the Lins have two Cang Yu’s territory?
Good luck is that others can’t envy the families, and there are thoughts in their hearts that the nine strong men disappeared and the present one appeared, so where is the one in their family?
In addition to inflammation, all his families and forces are thinking about the same problem.
Lin Yu doesn’t have so many troubles. Xiaofei said that he wants to practice in Yun He City. He is begging for "Xiaofei, you can leave the rest to me."
Xiaofei smiled easily and turned to the rain and said, "I’ll leave this animal-taming tactic to you, and help the boss train a batch of animals."
The rain was still stupefied, and a tactic of taming an animal’s heart that she had never seen before came to his mind.
I don’t know how many times stronger this heart formula is than what I learned before the rain. After browsing it, she exclaimed with surprise, "Xiaofei, why have you become so powerful?"
Xiaofei just laughed and turned to face Ouyang Xiu. "Old friends will help you recover your memory after I finish restoring my strength."
Xiaofei is a strong person in Cang Yu’s territory, which is enough. Every family in Cang Yu’s mainland was shocked. When he said this, the nerves of every family were completely paralyzed.
Ouyang xiu, this kid, is also one of the nine strong people in Cangyu. Shit! Did Lin Yu, the God of Destiny, get a cheat? Why did he take all the benefits?
Fortunately, Ouyang Xiu’s soul power in his previous life has not yet started. Otherwise, who can be the Lins’ opponent?
Since Ouyang Xiu’s identity was exposed by Xiaofei, there were more people who started all kinds of crooked ideas.
Ouyang Sheng, the temporary family leader, couldn’t sit still any longer. He immediately "Huo" got up from his chair. "Somebody please come and ask my sixth brother and wife to take a trip to Yun He City together!"
No matter for what reasons, Ouyang Sheng must get Ouyang Xiu back from Yun He City!
Outside Yun He, Ouyang Xiu looked at Xiaofei’s face, and his age was out of proportion. "I will come back soon … old friends, we will fight side by side again!"
The two little guys hold hands tightly, but no one thinks they are playing house and no one dares to laugh at them.
Lin Yu arranged an independent closed place for Xiaofei to hide back to Xiaofei. Now it is a pitifully low level of strength in Yuan Lingjing.
"To teach MuFei that bastard a lesson, it will be a heavy soul after I wake up. It’s a pity that I can leave this starting point now." Xiaofei smiled at Lin Yu. "I don’t know how long it will be closed. If the Lins need it, feel free to come to me and talk about me."
Lin Yu nodded. "Yes … I wanted to give it to Yu, but now I’ll give it to you temporarily. If you think it’s gone, give it to your sister."
When Xiaofei took over the artifact, the beast gourd, his face was stunned and it was hard to say, "Boss, you …"
Xiaofei can’t believe that Lin Yu even gave herself the artifact.
He really imagined that people could be so broad-minded
Even if you really want to curry favor with your own people, you will never take out the artifact to curry favor with yourself.
Before Xiaofei recovered his past life memory, Lin Yu had printed a tall and stalwart image in his mind, while Xiaofei was grateful and then he could do it again.
Even a thousand words can’t express Xiaofei’s mood at this time.
Although friends can’t be measured by material things, we can see how much a person is sincere in making friends from the material aspects.
To be able to give away the artifact like this, I don’t believe that Lin Yu didn’t really want to make friends with himself and killed Xiaofei.
"Boss, I closed this thing. I am very grateful." Xiaofei didn’t and Lin Yu politely put away the beast gourd and hid in it
Artifact and vitality with the same attribute have mutual promotion, which is the reason why Yan Lan can reach the realm of heaven and man in a short time.
And how fast can you rise with the strength of the beast gourd Xiaofei? Lin Yu is looking forward to it.
After arranging Xiaofei, Lin Yu ushered in the second day to come to Yun He City to "find a child" parents.




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