"Tell me in detail where all these things are put?"
Zeng Guomin replied, "Their metal storage is scattered all over the mountains around Washington. It is estimated that there are a dozen places."
"Estimate? You mean the information you got is not accurate? " Zhuojiang a little disappointed to ask
"yes! Because, after all, these two old guys are bankers, not Zheng fu or senior military officials, and what he knows about these things is only because he is a little bit closer to the military, "Zeng Guomin explained."
Zhuo Qiang thinks about confidential information like this. I’m afraid only those presidents or senior officials of the garrison in the capital of the United States can be qualified to know it. Otherwise, any officer will pull up a team of people and steal all these spare materials, which will make the United States government fu miserable.
However, these precious metals are distributed, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the robbery. Of course, if the Long Yun is forcibly captured with its powerful firepower and stealth, it can be done. If so, the impact will be a bit big.
After only a little gold and silver, America, the capital of the most powerful country, can’t be beaten. ""J ""Where should America face?
Although Zhuo Qiang is not afraid to offend the United States, there is also a value that is not worth considering.
"Then tell me about the specific locations of these repositories?" Zhuo Qiang asked
He doesn’t want to "LNG" again, and the top management of the two banks will soon be found by the Washington police, and then the police will naturally know that the real goal of the kidnappers is the US national reserve, and they will definitely strengthen their troops to protect these reserves.
Zhuo Qiang has to make moves as soon as possible to reduce the positive contact of the rice team.
"The specific location of their storage is here and here …" Zeng Guomin pointed to the screen around Washington and marked the locations of the storage one by one.
"Well it’s very scattered very clever! If there is a problem with a reserve, he can take precautions as early as possible to reduce losses as much as possible! " Zhuo Qiang was full of praise for the Americans, but his heart was very angry.
Zeng Guomin saw that Zhuo Qiang was not in a good mood and said, "Yes, now we have all the locations of their warehouses, but there are not only precious metals such as gold and silver in the warehouses of the United States, but also a lot of worthless metal materials such as copper, aluminum and zinc in these places. It is really not easy to find out which warehouse has a lot of gold and silver when it is scarce."
Zhuo Qiang scratched his head and felt like a hungry cat. He finally saw a small animal but a hedgehog covered in thorns.
"Do you think this is" B "?" Zhuo Qiang is really a little worried.
Christie leaned over to ""h ""at this time. "What’s the big deal about even fighting? Every time I see you hesitating, I worry about you! "
"That won’t do. Why don’t you direct this operation?" Zhuo Qiang is on fire
"If I command, I command. Will you and I command worse than you?" Christie climbed down the pole.
Zhuo Qiangsuo ""ng ""whatever. "Well, anyway, you led Xiaolei and Chuchu to figure this out, so let you be responsible!"
"That’s settled!" Hearing that Zhuo Qiang really gave her the command, Christie’s face showed excitement, and she quickly went to the front of the screen. I don’t know if she deliberately or accidentally squeezed Zhuo Qiang and almost sat down in the ground 46 and killed it in the reserve.
46 kill into the reserve bank
Several bombs fell near the hidden iron "en", causing an earth-shattering explosion. The turf and trees were blown by the explosive force and the gas "LNG". In less than half a minute, nothing grew here. e47 was wiped out.
47 number annihilation
After twenty fighter planes slowly drove into the depot, they quickly figured out the structure of the depot and how many warehouses there were.
"Prepare to slam the door!" Christie lost it.
Zhuo Qiang asked with a smile, "What are you going to smash the door?"
There are so many warehouse gates in the depot that it is impossible to have one guide for each gate. Besides, there are not so many fighter pilots at all.
"The lock expert, Zeng Guomin, should be able to do it." Christie thought for a while and said.
Zeng Guomin, a generalist, has done such a thing before, but the warehouse door here is not so easy to break down in such an important place.
"Let him try it, too, but then ask him to enter the reserve library." Zhuo Qiang felt that this was also a helpless way.
After he entered the warehouse, the gold and silver in it were all over the floor. I didn’t expect that there were so many warehouses in it, and the difficulty increased accordingly.
Christie was just about to transfer Zeng Guomin into the reserve when something new happened.
"Report to the captain that a large number of fighters have appeared in the north and east at the same time, which seems to be directed at us!" A high school patrol fighter pilot reported that
"Finally! But there are only twenty? Do you Americans look down upon our Dongfeng Pirates? Don’t you already know that the current commander is a woman who thinks she is easy to bully? " Zhuo Qiang never misses a chance to tease Christie.
Christie angrily rejected a "fuck you! My acting captain is no worse than your real captain? "
Zhuo Qiang clicked on the screen with anticipation to see what kind of fighters the Americans sent. The country with the strongest military strength, the U.S. national army and navy, has always been at the top of the world. He really wants to see how powerful the most powerful F fighters in the United States are.
The most outstanding feature of F fighter is its stealth, not its maneuverability and high-speed performance, but its stealth performance has completed the standard garbage compared with those of Long Yun fighters.
F stealth is to reduce the radar cross section and the stealth coating on its fuselage to avoid radar detection to the maximum extent. However, Long Yun fighter not only makes it undetectable by the radar root today, but even the naked eye can see the advantages and disadvantages of the two at a glance.




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