Leng Lingwen said that she was not stupid enough to see that Ye Han’s face was excited and white at the same time. Perhaps as Yan Xin said, he was happy to find a way to hide the magic gas.
"Cold son …"
Aside Ye Rou listened to the two women’s words and felt that what they said was not false, so he also asked whether he wanted to ask questions, but he didn’t want Ye Han to suddenly reach out and make a gesture to stop her from saying anything about Naiye Rou or temporarily rest assured that she was curious and silent.
"You just watch it!"
Stopped the soft words Ye Han is quietly with your eyes closed for a long time to open your eyes turned to blunt LengLing and others said.
Even Ye Han was not sure whether the method of Xingyuan Stone Tablet was feasible. After all, Xingyuan Stone Tablet also belongs to Xingyuan gens treasures, and nine planets is even more inseparable from it, while nine planets is not in the same position. Why wouldn’t Xingyuan Stone Tablet be like this?
It was not until later that he carefully visited the integrated Xingyuan stone tablet that he suddenly realized that the Xingyuan stone tablet, although nine planets is a treasure of Xingyuan clan, has never been compatible with each other, but if the magic gas belongs to the same body, it will not bite each other and will not repel each other.
Naturally, this is the basis of their compatibility. If this can’t be done well, they will bite each other, but it is so powerful that the unitary state will be destroyed and die.
It is obviously impossible for Ye Han to integrate the two now, but one thing makes him an exception, that is, the stele of Xingyuan was already integrated with him before he became obsessed, and the magic gas was produced later. They were each other from the beginning, so that there would be no self-attack.
[75] 【 Cover up the magic gas 】
When Ye Han found the opportunity, he sat down on the ground without saying anything, and then the body star cold tactic suddenly ran to activate the body star stone tablet, which would lead to the body hanging above his head [KA]/
Ye Han once again found himself in an abnormal place. The star cold tactic is a wonderful method of uniting the stars, but now even it doesn’t resist each other. Isn’t this also a proof that the stars don’t resist each other?
Smiling inwardly, a cold leaf will no longer think so much. Anyway, no matter what he thinks, he is an exception, which has become a fact, and he will not get more benefits from it.
With a wry smile, he didn’t dare to neglect the cold tactic of the body star and suddenly put on the magic gas. No matter how far he tried to motivate his body star, he went down his hands and shoulders and shouted at the stele of Xingyuan.
Xingyuan entered the stone tablet and instantly emitted a beam of light, which plunged directly into Ye Han’s body. At the same time, the Xingyuan stone tablet also showed a blue color and Fang Ye Han was completely covered by a blue mask.
Ye Han himself has finished this step. Now the energy of Xingyuan stele has entered his body, and the magic gas of other bodies has already been suppressed and merged in one place, and the energy suppression of Xingyuan stele has gradually shrunk. In a short time, there will be a black gas mass the size of a fist.
This shows that Ye Hanshen’s magic gas is not yet strong. Otherwise, even the power of Xingyuan stone tablet may be so easy to suppress this magic gas. Even then, it must be several times more than it appears, and suppressing the magic gas has not dispersed. If there is too much magic gas, even if it is suppressed in the end, it is absolutely impossible to have a fist size.
After a while, the fist-sized magic gas was once again pressed down, eventually forming a thumb the size of a Dan medicine, but more like Yuan Dan cultivated by people in Yuan Dan realm.
The magic gas finally stopped changing after shrinking into that. Obviously, it was suppressed to the limit, and then it was suppressed again. At this time, Ye Hancai reluctantly stopped and slowly put away the star cold tactic.
Star cold tactic to stop the star stone tablet instantly dimmed, and finally saw a flash of blue light in Ye Han’s body, and the star stone tablet disappeared. Obviously, the blue light was the star stone tablet before, and the stone tablet had already returned to Ye Han’s body, and the blue mask attached to him at this time also instantly dispersed.
"Haha … I finally made the magic gas into a magic pill, so it shouldn’t be discovered?"
After carefully probing the whole situation, I found that the magic gas of the body had completely disappeared. There was a black Yuan Dan in the body, and he immediately turned white. All the magic gas was no longer wantonly emitted in this Yuan Dan.
Naturally, this is also more difficult to feel. In the eyes of the master of Yuanxin realm, this magic Dan can still be easily detected. When the time comes, whether he is a secret of inferno or will be known by people.
But this is not what he is worried about. With his familiarity with the law, he should simply cast an enchantment to hide this magic Dan in the enchantment. Even the master of Yuanxin can find out that this magic Dan is strong in Yuanshen … This he really didn’t worry about this world. It is estimated that there is no such person to fix it.
For these Ye Han also had long thought of getting excited about the alchemy of magic Dan, and he would run the star cold tactic body again and decorate it into a simple enchantment with the help of the star cold tactic power, and then put the magic Dan in the enchantment.
The magic Dan was trapped in the enchantment, and the magic gas was instantly isolated from the outside world. Even a little magic gas was never revealed. Even Ye Han himself was almost unaware of the magic Dan, and he was sure whether the magic Dan was still in his own body if he was not sensitive to the law.
"All right, everything is done!"
I feel that the magic gas has been solved, and Ye Han’s heart can’t help but feel comfortable … Finally, I got rid of this problem. Isn’t it possessed? Who can tell that I am an inferno if I want to hide it well?
At that time, he couldn’t help but feel sad that the Sun, Moon and Yuan demons were also demons who could flow away at will, and this Sun, Moon and Yuan demons, although they practiced high strength, ended up with everyone shouting, alas, this is what people often say about the world, right?
At this moment, Ye Han seems to forget that he is a demon. Once he is strong, he will be punished by Armageddon. If he is self-cultivated, he will reach the level of the Sun, Moon and Yuan magic. Then there will be no way to hide everyone’s shouting and fighting, and maybe he will become his final field.
Who will feel sad by then? Well, forget it. People often don’t know that they will end up like everything. Only in the end will they know that the result is that he has learned a lesson from it. Don’t laugh at others. Maybe you will become the object of ridicule in a moment.
After a pause, Ye Han took a deep breath and got up. Then he turned around and took one look at Lengling and others, and suddenly there was another panic.
Originally, when I saw Ye Han’s illness, Lengling and others knew that he had finished covering up the magic gas, so I couldn’t help but feel excited and excited. As a result, the three of them came at Ye Han desperately together and looked at the battle. It seemed that they really wanted to directly throw themselves at Ye Han and then …
Dumped their heads Ye Han will just rise in the heart to escape to drive away, and then open your arms and wait for the three beautiful wives to throw themselves down … Ahem is to jump into your arms.




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