It’s a magic bullet, but it fell at this time!
"Five-shaped magic fire robbery!"
The demons immediately lost their alarm when they saw this magic bullet. This is the most powerful magic bullet in the underworld. It is mixed with five shapes of force and five colors. This is the most remarkable external form and the real power is said to be difficult even at the level of the five masters in the underworld.
What kind of magic weapon is this? It has attracted a five-shaped magic fire robbery!
When all the demons looked at each other, they obviously felt that this phenomenon was beyond their cognition!
The magic fire robbery beat the jade pot when it was in decay. He stretched his arm lightly and bent it like playing Tai Chi. After a few moves, the magic fire robbery slammed down the land next to it as if it were guided, and quickly burned out.
When he was a child, he tried to transport the things he understood in the extinct door to the refiner as much as possible, just as if it were nothing else. He didn’t fail to see that the jade pot was distracted by the refiner key at all times to do something, and even if he could help the jade pot himself, it would be a big joke if he didn’t say that he helped it in case.
Besides, it is more than enough to look at the jade pot to cope with this magic bullet.
So when I continued refining, the inferno was even more amazed that ordinary people would be frightened out of their wits in the face of such a scene, but the master was indeed the master without blinking an eye in the face of such a magic bullet.
This is such a style as boldness of vision and mind!
That is to say, at this moment, the demons really feel reverence for the little ones from the heart, and the mountains are down …
But before he woke up from the shock, he suddenly felt a brilliance shining in front of him, and the second magic bullet rolled. When the jade pot made another move, Xiao suddenly jumped out of the static state and raised his arm and flew out of his hand. The long knife was domineering and shot directly at the magic bullet.
Psst! Psst!
After a series of strange rings, the inferno was horrified and found that the dark cloud was stabbed by this long knife!
Then slowly disperse!
"That’s there are three magic bullet savings power JieYun! In this way, I was … chopped by a knife … chopped! " After some inferno mumbles like a dream, the whole person is like being immobilized!
Even the falcon’s adult was stunned for a long time before he asked Xiao in a trembling voice, "Master, is this magic weapon refined?"
"Refined!" I’m a little dissatisfied after I touched the long Dao in my hand in the future. Although I said that I made such a big noise, this magic weapon in his eyes is just a general thing. Although most ordinary things like the underworld are called top magic weapons by people, compared with the really powerful magic weapon, this Dao is still too poor!
After all, the innate refining material has limited the level of long Dao, which will not be too high after all.
An inferno immediately asked, "Master, what level is this magic weapon? Can you show us one?"
Glancing at the demon, he said, "Do you think I’m a busker? You said I’d show you?"
The inferno stared blankly, but then muttered, "Can the master refine another magic weapon?"
Before I could speak, Lord Hayato immediately rushed out and said that the master was very tired. Today, the words ended again and again. He announced, "Although the master will no longer refine the magic device today, three days later, the master will auction three pieces of his new magic device, including this one … Well, does the master have a name for this magic device?"
Small nodded a little funny and said, "Long Dao … Well, just call it scar. Long Dao scar."
"Including today’s knife splitting the five-shaped magic fire to rob the long knife mark, three days later, the demon city auction hall will be auctioned, such as if you are interested, please prepare the property then." Falcon’s adult turned his head to the demons and announced the news, so he was ready to ask Xiao Yi what else he ordered, but when he turned his head, he found Xiao had led his wife and servants and left.
Of course, the girl Xuan Spider, who exchanged herself for the purple pupil cow magic beads, was also taken away by them.
After returning to my residence, I finally put on a genius magic test. The master of Normal University crustily enjoyed the forced service of several foxes before going to the yard and asking the little panda shadow, "How do you arrange the jade pot and that girl?"
Panda Xi Xi smiled. "We can find out that, according to the most solemn etiquette, it should be to worship the heavens and enter the bridal chamber. I discussed it with the drought and asked Falcon’s adult to send someone to go for it. I think it would be very happy to arrange the jade pot like this."
"What, you arranged for the jade pot to worship the bride into the bridal chamber?" A little surprised, he immediately laughed. "It sounds like a good idea. Should I preside over this ceremony in the evening?"
The little panda immediately flatters and says, "That’s brother nature. You are the boss. If you don’t host, who is qualified to host?"
"You this guy" after a little criticise, I feel very heart in my heart. We haven’t met anything too good these days, so we can change our mood.
Candles in the bridal chamber. Hey, I haven’t seen such a ceremony in ancient times!
At night, as the little panda said, these few entered the courtyard and were decorated in a playful way. When the little one was arranged in the main seat, the little panda and the nine little foxes laughed and pushed the jade pot and the girl Xuan Spider out.
A little busy recalled seeing that kind of ancient wedding scene, and then he was ready to play a majestic elder to say something to the jade pot, but before he could say something, the little panda shouted something, and then he frolicked and wanted to ask everyone to make trouble in the bridal chamber, but after entering the bridal chamber, the little panda shadow did not know what to make.
At the end of the day, everyone simply frolicked and retired, leaving the jade pot and Xuan Spider inside. When they left, they conveniently stuffed the jade pot with the first fix-the-truth cheats.
Xuan Spider is sitting quietly in her room, and her heart is full of sadness. According to Master Yan’s style, his hands are definitely some tyrannical Xuan Spider. It is conceivable that she will have a hot night.
The door came quietly.
Xuan Spider’s fate seems to close her eyes, expecting all the sufferings to pass quickly. At this moment, she can’t afford to resist the idea that her brother is still in the hands of others by means of small thunder.
Then she felt that the man with sharp moves from the eagle stream came to the front with firm steps.
She could have imagined that the picture she received must be that the man gently provoked himself with one finger and then said in a frivolous tone, "Little girl, give me a smile!" "
Isn’t that how they tell stories?




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