As the foxes introduced themselves, nine pairs of eyes were as charming as spring water, and everyone’s face passed by, suddenly all the infernos’ hearts were beating slightly, and they heard the neat sound of nine women in their ears, "We are masters and followers."
"Oh …" The old panda looked at the nine beauties with great meaning and gave a long sigh of an epiphany, nodding "I’m white, I’m white …"
Four Hiderigami, look at me. I’ll look at you, too. "The master really has a long-lasting fighting power and actually plays for three months."
According to the legend in the underworld, this man is not only eccentric, but also quite lewd. In those days, Su Aidi, the first beauty recognized by the underworld, directly killed the Berg family by himself, and did not hesitate to make a thousand-year feud with Pierberg. But after all, the first beauty was robbed by him and hid in the source of Forgotten River.
Since even this kind of thing can be done, it is really normal to accept nine foxes now
For a while, the pandas and Hiderigami all bowed their heads and dared not appreciate the beauty of the nine foxes any more. You know, Forgotten Chuanjun is famous for his lewd character, and these nine foxes are now forbidden by him.
Chapter 17 Negotiation Failure
Chapter 17 Negotiation Failure
Jade pot nao nao head full of paste artifacts into demon inferno he didn’t understand these things thought for a long time before saying "master these are mistress? Shall we … save the mistress? "
Nine foxes immediately giggled and turned red. "These are not mistress bamboos."
This word naturally has another meaning when it falls into other people’s ears. Oh, so these are just playthings. That little bamboo is the main room of forgetting Sichuan.
He nodded to the old panda. "Excuse me, we’ll start now."
The old panda nodded quickly. "It’s an honor for our whole Bayer family to stay here without disturbing the little hero at all."
He thought about it and couldn’t help saying, "I’d like to take the liberty of asking, what do you think of my grandson?"
"Your grandson?" Xiaoqi said, "Who?"
The little panda "Hi Yo" jumped out "That’s me"
The old panda looked at the little face and said cautiously, "My grandson is a little naughty, but he is alert, sensible, clever and has the highest talent in the family. I think … I think … I take the liberty of asking the little hero a convenient word, can I take him with me to pour tea and run errands?"
The old panda swallowed hard to see that Xiao Xiao didn’t respond, and added, "I know … it may be a little lower and weaker to ask his little hero to run errands, but … but … I still hope you will consider it."
Xiao is even more strange. "Since he is sensible and talented, he just inherits your family. Why do you want to drink tea with me?" Isn’t this a shot in the dark? "
The old panda sighed quietly and knew that it was Forgotten Chuanjun’s adult who deliberately played the fool. Obviously Forgotten Chuanjun still couldn’t look at his grandson. He wanted to go and there was nothing to explain. He could bite the bullet and said, "Let’s ask the little hero to consider it!"
Xiao frowned and looked at the old panda carefully to make sure that the old panda was not joking. He couldn’t help but look at the little panda. "Hey, would you like to come with me?"
"I … of course I do!" The little panda’s face turned red and his hand slapped his belly loudly. "Good brothers, be loyal. Don’t worry. Since I’m going to follow you, I’ll never frown. Even if I live or die now, there is absolutely nothing wrong. Anyway, my head fell off the bowl and it was a big scar. It’s a good bear two hundred years later. I promise you … I won’t even hum!"
Nodded. "Well, I don’t know what you and your grandfather think, but if you really want to follow me, follow me. What’s your name?"
"My name is Ying." The little panda looks a little embarrassed. "Grandpa said that our Bayer family is too weak, and the magic has to be low-key to get such a low-profile name. If the owner feels bad, you can help me change it."
Small shook his head. "You don’t have to degrade yourself and call me master. You and I just call each other names. I call you Xiaoying, so just call me Xiao."
Panda shook his head again and again. "No, no,no. How can I call your name? This is absolutely not possible."
Small thoughtfully, "in that case, you can call me brother."
The panda just nodded behind him.
The old panda trembled and looked like he had been hit by happiness, clutching his heart and breathlessly saying, "Bon voyage, little hero."
Small flying mountains with all the people at this moment is the day when two red suns shine blazing light, and naked Wan Li bakes blue smoke. I don’t know where I pulled out an umbrella to cover the sunshine. She chuckled next to Hu Nian. "The two sisters are so considerate."
"Of course," smiled a fox woman next to her. "I remember very clearly that when the master first broke into the fox’s nest, the patriarch said that he would give xiao yue Xiaoxin and the couple to the master in exchange for a way out for the fox family. I didn’t expect the master to be a great man, not only to let us go, but also to help us deal with Yukikaze’s leader without any requirements."
Double nodded. "Yeah, at that time, if it wasn’t for the heads of families who resolutely gave xiao yue and Xiaoxin to the master, it was estimated that the master would leave alone."
Hu Nian smiled and said, "Hey, why do I smell a strong smell of acetic acid? Is it because the patriarch sent you out and xiao yue Xiaoxin didn’t send you out?"
Giggling next to her, she was generous and didn’t feel shy. Instead, she secretly looked at her little costume and sighed, "Yes, people want to follow her, but they are not beautiful. The master doesn’t want it …"
"Oh, that’s right. Speaking of double major … people are no worse than those two girls in xiao yue Xiaoxin …" chimed in another fox.
I don’t know what other sisters think, but at least I am willing to give everything to my master. Another fox nodded deeply, including life.
These nine foxes have all practiced the magical powers of ten thousand foxes. At this moment, the realm has long been different from that at the beginning, and the relative appearance and temperament have already become a higher level. Which one can be regarded as a very beautiful woman? This teasing is not only a secret heart, but also a dead set to follow the red panda and Hiderigami next to them. It’s really enviable to say.
"Er … I said … should we hurry?" Little face has a little fever, so change the subject quickly. "By the way, where shall we go first?"




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