"Ah, where the hell is this damn canteen? This canteen is so secret that when I find it, I will tear you down and piss me off. "I can’t walk any further, so I sat down on the lawn and beat my calf angrily.
Suddenly I heard a scream in the Woods behind me. "Ah-"
Urgent need for relatives to recommend and collect.
Xin Yu frown. What the hell?
Purple butterfly turned around and looked behind her. What happened?
Without thinking about it, YiXuan strode to that strange forest, followed by Xin Yu and Purple Butterfly (aren’t you afraid of a memory? Should I be afraid of a certain Xuan? This girl should be afraid of a certain memory, right? I’m not a girl in a certain Xuan, and everyone finally admitted that she was not a girl, and then a memory was unfortunately kicked off)
Walking through the Woods, it was a very hidden place, and Xuanxuan dared not make a move, watching their every move from behind the tree.
There are a few girls dressed like little sisters, but they should all be students of this college. They are very exposed, and I want to vomit when I see them. What kind of rags are they?
Purple butterfly patted GeXuan shoulder and startled GeXuan. She almost cried out to expose her whereabouts. Fortunately, when Xin Yu was behind her, she covered her mouth and made a "shh" gesture to her.
Xin Yu nodded his head, which loosened her mouth. She gulped fresh air and blamed Zidie "What do you want?"
Purple butterfly didn’t answer. She leaned softly near them.
"Don’t you think Lan Xi let you go?" A leading girl grabbed her by the collar and said.
She shook her head at once because she was frightened and faltered. She was very careful. "No, no, I just happened to meet him."
A girl came out and slapped her twice. "If you were still stubborn, we all saw where you and Lan Xi were plotting. If it weren’t for you two Yue sisters, he would have seen what happened just now?"
"You say you say it." When they were still ready to hit her, they were suddenly stopped by a sound.
"Stop it, so many people make a call." It’s not a purple butterfly or a Xuan, but it’s never been indifferent to such things.
It is true that when Xin Yu said this, Zidie and Yixuan were really intimidated.
I don’t know what it is or why, but everyone really stopped trying.
Xin Yu came out from behind the tree and played with his ring on the trunk. "Who are you?"
The leading girl came out from the encirclement. "Who are you? Do you want to save her? " Then I glanced at the girl who was sitting on the ground and crying.
"Ha ha, I’m not an onion, but I want to save her." Xin Yu looked up and looked straight at the leading girl’s eyes full of disdain. Why do you want to beat me?
The girl’s dangerous squinting voice has decreased a lot. "Really? You can save her, but it’s not up to you to save her from us. "
Recommend, recommend, recommend. I’m crazy about recommending
Similar person
Xin Yu corners of the mouth with a nice radian sneer at "is it? So I have to save it? Is there any way you can stop me? " I am already prepared in my heart.
The leading girl took a meaningful look at the person sitting on the ground and said to the girl next to her, "Why are you still wondering why you must not let her succeed, or we will not be able to explain?"
Those people with firm eyes shouted, "We won’t let you down."
Xin Yu was upset when he saw them, and he was too lazy to say more nonsense. When they were still talking nonsense, he rushed to solve them with three punches and two kicks. He grabbed the leading collar and slapped her twice.
"It’s really overreaching. I’ve never missed a chance to save people," said coldly, staring at the leading girl’s face
The leading girl can’t breathe. "You cough, you unexpectedly."
Xin Yu didn’t give her a chance to say that she broke that slender neck without any effort.
Others looked dumbfounded and hurriedly ran away.
But Xin Yu’s work has always been to eradicate the roots and never drag his feet. Purple Butterfly and Yixuan helped solve these people
Xin Yu came to the coma girl and took her to the clinic.
Alas, the storm subsided, but it also puzzled Zidie and Yixuan.
"What does Xin Yu want to save her?" Although Purple Butterfly is curious, she is afraid of saying the wrong thing. She is afraid of saying something wrong again, which annoys Xin Yu.
Xin Yu walked with his head down and never spoke.




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