The old emperor thought that the sky was a real dragon, and dragon day said that the eyes were getting deeper and deeper. Seriously thinking about this sky was a real dragon, it wouldn’t be Xiao Huang’s work.
What kind of person is my son Laojiu? He still knows what a ten-year-old can be. What a real dragon day!
It’s really dragon day.
But now Xiao Huang is such a trouble that all the people in Dengzhou recognize that Nine Emperors are real dragon day.
The old emperor was thinking that there was a eunuch running in outside the temple and reported that "Emperor Xiao Shi came to the palace with people."
Although the old emperor didn’t like Xiao Huang, it was hard to see Xiao Huang, but he returned to Beijing with great achievements.
The old emperor got up and got cold, and his face was gentle and his smile was full of love.
In addition to some fine ministers, the old emperor is in a good mood.
Xiao Huang came in with two or three hands, carrying a big ebony box all the way from outside the temple.
"I have seen the emperor"
The old emperor waved "get up"
After Xiao Huang got up, the old emperor said with a smile, "Xiao Huang, it’s really hard work for you to lead thirty thousand soldiers to Pinghu bandits. I gave a banquet in the palace tonight to entertain you and your soldiers."
"thank the emperor"
Xiao Huang, supercilious and giving thanks, then said lazily, "Back to the emperor, this time I went to Dengzhou to destroy the lake, and the bandits were like Jin Longteng. I immediately ordered people to salvage and found that the water was like a jade statue specially brought back to the capital for my emperor."
When Xiao Huang’s words fell, the old emperor’s eyes darkened, but all the courtiers in the hall were happy. All of them looked at Xiao Huang’s hand behind them.
Xiao Huang motioned Yu Ge and others to box up and reveal a statue of jade.
As soon as the jade statue is in the temple, it suddenly glows. This jade is really rare in a thousand years. If it is not natural, no one will believe that it is still a jade statue because such a large and complete jade is really rare. And after careful watching, everyone finds that this jade statue seems to be very natural without carving, just like a natural jade statue.
Not only did the courtiers think it was a natural jade statue, but even the first emperor’s heart thumped and he couldn’t move his eyes.
Because he also thinks that this jade is like a natural jade, and it is green and moist, and there is no trace of carving/
Is this jade statue not made by Xiao Huang, but a real jade like the golden dragon?
Although the old emperor suspected that this was Xiao Huang’s tricks, he was old and easy to believe in ghosts and gods, saying that his heart almost doubted whether he was the real dragon day, which was too Xiao Ye.
I felt disappointed at the thought of too Xiao Ye as Emperor Gan. He was very optimistic about Xiao Ye’s recognition of him as the Western Chu State, but I didn’t expect that he not only didn’t get things done well, but also did it.
Everyone scolded him, and the more he thought about it, the more dissatisfied he became.
Someone in the hall has gathered around the jade statue to watch the fun, and then some people recognize the jade statue, and they can’t help but be shocked and suspicious. After rubbing their eyes and watching it carefully, they can’t help but mutter, "How is this a bit like nine emperors?"
A courtier said that others were curious to watch before going, and at last many people nodded and agreed that "it’s really like nine emperors"
Except for a part of the elite in the DPRK who didn’t speak, others admitted that this jade statue was like nine emperors.
Think of Xiao Huang’s speech before. It’s different from Jin Longteng. Is it true that nine emperors are dragon day?
Everyone turned around and looked at the first emperor. The old emperor’s face was dim, but neither too nor nine emperors wanted them to have something to do. There were two sons left around him. One was too, and the other was nine emperors. The old emperor thought about the dark eyes and said, "It’s a good omen now, but it’s my place to celebrate. You are really my place to celebrate."
As soon as this statement came out of the hall, all the courtiers stood up and said, "My emperor is mighty and my western Chu will be immortal for generations to come."
This sentence made Emperor Chenggan happy and laughed. "Well, you can go out of the palace and have a banquet in the palace tonight. You can attend it as soon as possible."
"It’s the emperor"
Xiao Huang and a group of courtiers led the imperial court to the gate of Qinzheng Hall. As soon as they got out of the Qinzheng Emperor, they saw Tai Xiao Ye leading the people to come over.
People look at the ancestral temple more and more gloomy and cold. It used to be warm and jade-like. I don’t know when it started to look like a different person. Is it because I was too embarrassed?
Tai Chi is always unpleasant, but is he really too popular or salutes according to the ceremony? "I have seen Tai Dian."
Xiao Ye waved his hand, but his eyes did not fall to the minister, but to Xiao Huang, whose eyes were dark and cold.
Xiao Huang smiled back at him and couldn’t say how high-spirited he was.
Today, Xiao Huang is not the same as before. Fireworks can’t tell that warmth is an excellent person, and then it is as gentle as a Buddha or a spring flower. It is really like warmth and jade, and people can’t move their eyes.
"I’m leaving now."
How angry Xiao Ye was, and how happy Xiao Huang was. After saying hello to fuels, he lifted his feet and left.
Behind him, the courtiers wanted to make friends with Xiao Huang, and they were afraid that the temple was chasing Xiao Huang and left all the way behind them.




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