He walked forward smartly when he saw that no one was paying attention.
There is a bully in his free and easy walking posture, and he is a street thug with dazzling blond hair.
He knew that Chen Ping must have a way to help him get rid of the kun yang sent to follow others without hesitation.
Sure enough, after he turned a street, a very ordinary taxi stopped in front of him
He cut to the chase without saying anything.
The taxi driver dragged him directly to a downtown shop without talking.
The waves went in from the store, came out from the back door, and found another roadside taxi from the back alley.
This taxi took the waves directly to the suburbs.
The waves met Chen Ping in a villa.
When Chen Ping saw the first sentence of the waves, he said bluntly, "Brother, I want to ask you a question, please be honest."
The waves say "Go ahead"
Chen Ping said, "What are you going to explore at that port on your first day in town?"
The waves froze and said, "How do you know?"
He then suddenly realized that he generally said, "By the way, there were several drivers on the roadside at that time. They must be your people."
Chen Ping nodded his head.
The waves said, "When I was in prison, I had a cellmate who had been involved in the underworld in this city. The middleman told me about the situation in this city. He said that the biggest gang in this city was the’ Star Gang’, that is, the’ Star Group’. The symbol of the’ Star Group’ is three blue stars. If I want to come to this city to live that day, I must not provoke the’ Star Group’. I came to listen casually at that time, but I didn’t worry. Unexpectedly, something happened soon after I got out of prison, so I had to run away from home When I came here, I wanted to occupy a place in the harbor and find that most of the ships moored in the harbor are your’ Star Group’. I dare not provoke you, but I’m running out of money so that I can go to the city and hear people say that the street * * place is not what you think, so I will rob it. "
This remark is awe-inspiring, and Pei Yi can make Chen Ping happy more than a thousand words, and he is more convinced that the waves are young people who have just gone to the rivers and lakes to grab territory.
Chen Ping said with a smile, "Did the brother stab another policeman before running away after he got out of prison?"
The waves are even more stunned and say, "You … How do you know?"
Chen ping ha ha a smile turned around and took out a file from a cupboard and handed it to the waves with a smile. "This is because according to your hostel’s registered place of origin, we sent people to investigate for three days and all the income was delivered in vain. Do you see if there are any omissions or wrong places?" If not, we will input your personal data into our brain. "
The waves pretend to be dumbfounded on the surface, but they are overjoyed because everything is going according to his original idea.
He showed great awe and took the file with both hands.
The surface of the file is very ordinary, just like the official file and personnel file of every company.
The font inside is printed by the brain.
The surface is like this: the waves are written in Heze, Shandong Province. People are strong and violent since childhood. Their parents love Wu from childhood. They studied under a village martial arts teacher. At the age of twelve, they entered a local famous martial arts college to study Sanda and boxing. At the age of fifteen, their parents both died in a car accident. At that time, they withdrew from the martial arts college and lived a wandering life. Because of their kung fu and tyrannical temperament, they were soon wooed by local gangs. People in the city dared to provoke a famous gangster and gangster fire at the age of ten. In the fight, he was sentenced to five years in prison for being injured by brutally stabbing another gangster’s first three times. He was sent to a prison in the provincial capital for labor reform. After he was released from prison at the age of 23, he returned to his hometown. Although he restrained a lot of contacts with local gangs, his personality remained cruel. Less than a month after he was released from prison, he fled his hometown overnight and fled to the south because he could not see an urban management officer bullying an old farmer who sold vegetables and stabbed three holes in his weight.
There are comments on the waves from his hometown and his childhood deeds, as well as some childhood photos brought back from his hometown.
Finally, the writer’s comments on the waves are serious violence and occasionally a sense of justice. Chivalrous man is a person with little underworld experience but very gangster temperament.
Chen Ping’s annotation on the top of the case file indicates that he has read it and said that it can be accomplished in time.
Chen Ping’s annotation surface is a line of beautiful women writing pen words to try.
Chapter 17 A shot to the head
The waves look at each other and pretend to be very shocked, indicating that they are so shocked to know their own details. On the other hand, they think quickly.
It took him a long time to close the file before he sighed and said, "I can talk!" "
Chen Ping laughed and walked to the front of the waves, patted them on the shoulder and said, "Don’t be angry, brother. I sent someone to investigate your details. It’s also hello."
The waves said, "Oh? I don’t understand. "
Chen Ping looked solemn and said, "I’m going to officially let you join the gang today. If you want to, you are from the’ Star Gang’ and’ Qinglongtang’!"
The waves were surprised and delighted to say, "Really?"
Chen Ping smiled and said, "Of course it’s true! When did the way lie to you? "
The waves said, "I … I …"
He seems excited and doesn’t know what to say.
Chen Ping said with a smile, "Good call brother, you know brother, I am the master now!"
The waves were stunned and immediately said, "Congratulations to the way!"
Chen Ping laughed. "The patio is our two brothers. We share weal and woe and are all our own brothers."
He is a deep-seated figure. At this time, his long-cherished wish to be the master of the "Qinglong Hall" has finally been achieved, and he is not a little carried away.
But after all, he is a lean man, and then he said with a heavy expression of happiness, "The former master of the Tang Dynasty has been assassinated, and this hatred must be reported. Now he always helps that master of the Tang Dynasty to order that he must investigate the end and find out the murderer Huang Tang’s revenge. Our first thing is to find out who is behind the scenes."
The waves said, "I’ll do what the elder brother Chen says."
Chen Ping turned to say, "This matter can be discussed slowly. Now I want you to hold a ceremony to join the gang."
The waves said, "I’m honored to be a brother in the Star Gang. I’m a little impatient."




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