"Is it because-"
"What?" Liu Ximo stared at Ann. This answer is very important.
"Did I tie my hair up today?"
Looking at the silence, Liu Ximo’s pouting seems to be wrong.
"Don’t …"
"Is it because I wear high heels?" But Sister Mo Liang said it would look better if she was taller.
I don’t think so
"oh! ! I know it must be "nodded in peace. Liu Ximo looked at it eagerly. Did she know?
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Does N65 hurt?
"oh! ! I know it must be "nodded in peace. Liu Ximo looked at it eagerly. Did she know?
"It’s because my skirt is dirty, right?"
I nodded smugly. I was swollen. I didn’t expect Ink to be so clean.
It’s that damn dead woman. Why did she push herself down …
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
"No" Liu Ximo shook his head in disappointment.
"Ah?" Ann looked up at Liu Ximo with a big mouth.
She really doesn’t know.
"What happened to your face?" Liu Ximo excitedly took Ann’s cheeks so red.
Is it swollen? Who bullied you? Anxiety occupied Liu Ximo’s whole heart.
"No, it’s okay." How could you forget to keep your head down in peace?
….. his face slap print.
"Looking up" Liu Ximo frowned. It’s really a naughty doll.
Be reluctant to raise your head
"It must be very painful." Liu Ximo looked at the red half face lovingly.
"…" Looked at LiuXiMo in peace.
Although it hurt just now …
But I have forgotten what I said when I saw Mo Er blushing. It seems to hurt.




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