Finally, the bell rang again in the room. Yun Hua picked it up and talked with each other. He said to Zhuo Qiang, "Boss, their attitude seems a little relaxed. I hope we can stop shelling and negotiate how to properly solve this matter."
"Do you ask them if the murderers have been caught? If not, then talk about everything!" Zhuo Qiang didn’t want them to have a chance to take a breather, and it would be a day without talking about it. Although he could get away then, he decided to get it done before the day.
President Fils once again tasted humiliation. This group of pirates from the East Wind Pirates Group, Daxia Kingdom, refused to negotiate with the Nigerian government at all. They are the most rampant pirates that Fils has ever heard of.
But the situation is stronger than others, and his country is still ravaged by them, so he can’t help but bow his head.
"Find those murderers as soon as possible!" Fils stressed again.
At this time, a communication room worker came in to ask for instructions, saying that the guiding troops were ready and asked the president to reach the instructions.
"Well, very good! In this way, we also have their conditions. "Fils has no plans to launch a beheading operation for the time being, because if it fails, it may cause bloody retaliation from the other side, so we must be very careful
I can’t find the enemy’s sight. Their one-sided situation that the army can’t make it work makes Fils feel powerless. He can’t bet on the lives of his own people to die with each other
"Mr. President, since the leading troops are in place, I think it is more appropriate to launch an attack as early as possible." A big boss in the president’s office saw that Fils was hesitant.
"Yes! If you have a counterattack, you will naturally fight back and always shrink your head and get beaten. This is definitely not acceptable! " Another ding) military representatives also chimed in.
Seeing someone come forward, others also expressed their hope to launch a counterattack as soon as possible to combat the arrogance of one side.
Fils wanted to explain to them that doing so would lead to bloody revenge, but the words came to his lips but he didn’t say them.
The Nigerian government has always been tough in power. If he talks like this, he will surely attract these people to laugh at him and call him a coward who dare not fight back.
"I really don’t agree with this idea. If you want to vote, I’ll give it up!" Fils consider for a long time before slowly said.
Counting the lives of the people, he expressed his will with this attitude.
He really wanted to stop these bosses from fighting back, but he didn’t expect his words to play their due role.
Faced with the threat of pirates from arrogant countries, these senior government officials have long been impatient, and Ma agreed to hold an interim vote on this emergency.
Because Nigeria is a federal country and plays an important role in the military government, his presidential power and influence are not as strong as others.
The vote soon came out, with three votes in favor, one vote against and one vote abandoned, and a counter-attack was held.
Fils sighed deeply when he saw this unexpected result, and ordered the troops to attack.
Zhuo Qiang is looking at the clock frequently at this time. He is also a little anxious at this time. It is not short when he comes here, and the longer he is, the less practical he is.
After all, the other side is a main country, so it will not wait and die if it forces them so much. I don’t know what kind of small moves it will make.
Up to now, he has achieved a reputation for his pirate group and shocked many others. The pirate group is completed.
Although Neil Leah may not hand over those murderers, whoever wants to fight a Chinese-made ship in the summer will naturally think about what kind of retaliation they will receive one after another.
Do pirates want to see their actions and make their country suffer a heavy blow?
Pirates are human beings, so are many of them. For example, Zhuo Qiang himself thinks he is patriotic.
If he was unpatriotic, he wouldn’t have gone to Wan Li to ask for justice from the citizens of Daxia.
Of course, he didn’t expect anything in return. He wanted to make the world of Xia Guo and Sun have a safe environment.
This time, Neil Leah made such a big noise, which is also a warning to pirates from all over the world. The ship in Daxia can’t move if you want!
It’s better to think about a big Xia Guo anger before moving!
While Zhuo Qiang’s lofty sentiments were greatly aroused, the thief’s behavior in Wan Li was greatly satisfied, and Long Yun’s remote control came to warn urgently "urgent report! Found four guides flying in your direction! There are still 25 seconds to reach your position! "
"what!" Zhuo Qiang jumped up and ran to the door, cursing, "Mom told you to monitor their movements, and you didn’t report until you came here!"
"It is reported that two of the captain’s four guides are abnormal during the flight and will not pose a threat to you!"
ZhuoQiang heart dark scold even if two can’t afford it, but the remaining two are enough to desperate efforts! But by this time, he didn’t say anything about him. He ran and jogged to the gate and was about to rush out of the villa.
"Report the captain guide distance you have eleven seconds! Even if you run out of this house, you won’t leave the danger zone.
Hear Long Yun issued such a warning, Zhuo Qiang’s head is big. Can he still lose his life this time?
He looked back at the bodyguards who followed him. It seems that it depends on the means of these bodyguards to survive.
While Zhuo Qiang’s six gods were waiting for the leader to fall to his head, he suddenly heard two explosions that were very close, and his ears exploded like a bolt from the blue.
"Report that the captain Long Yun has intercepted two guides!" Long Yun’s brain sounds this time make Zhuo Qiang feel much more pleasing to the ear than he once did.
Don’t pedantic ZhuoJiang or a little angrily since can intercept guide that what just now also make the atmosphere so tense that he almost died!
Looking back at Dior, he stared blankly at Zhuo Qiang, as if he was puzzled by what he had just done. The mayor didn’t know that his government had just destroyed the gangsters and even abandoned his life as mayor.
"Find them and destroy the launcher department immediately!" Zhuoqiang don’t want to let the other side have the slightest chance to fight back.
He thought about it and said, "And they dare to behead me. We must give them some color to see see!" Forget it for me, don’t do it to civilians. Blowing up the municipal government buildings in several cities near them is a small warning to them. "
President Fils soon got all kinds of information from the front. Not only did they fail to direct the attack, but even their missiles were discovered and destroyed by the other side.
And the other party immediately bombed the municipal government buildings of three coastal cities into ruins.
Looking at these people looking at each other, Fils asked with a heavy face, "What else do you have to do?"
See no one utter Fils sound harsh tunnel "or that sentence as soon as possible to find out the killer of the captain of Daxia countries! This may be our last card. "




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