Come at this time, my intestines are green with regret. If I overweight just now, this stone will be him. Think about it. It is indispensable to get this kind of jade when you go home for the first time. Is it a Bentley?
What does this mean? This means that there is probably a good jade in it, and it is not a small jade. Wang Haidong polished a light green and showed its vitality like grass in early spring.
Hibiscus jade suddenly appeared in front of everyone. The palm-sized Hibiscus jade is amazing. It is an ice kind. Although it is more precious than glass, it is an ice kind of jade anyway.
Moreover, there is a dark green jade vein on this pale green surface. In this case, there is a special name in jade-hibiscus with green roots, hibiscus with green roots is quite rare, not to mention that hibiscus with green roots will appear in new pits, but also in old pits.
At this time, those jade merchants and rich people can’t sit still.
A man with a Haikou voice said, "I’ll pay 500 thousand for this stone."
Because the implication of this hibiscus is very good, the price will be quite high if it is made into a gadget, and the appreciation potential of this emerald is still very high. This kind of glass is very rare, and it is enough for everyone to compete.
There are jade people in the river city who are not happy. A fat man snorted and said, "What’s with bullying others and not moving? You want to take this fast stone for 500 thousand?" I’ll pay 550 thousand for the shopkeeper, but you still sell this thing to me. "
This man said it was a friendship struggle, and nothing came out to hang out. It was just a face. If it was easy for a sea man to take the lotus root, the river market was really lost
And this auction is the highest bidder. Haike said without hesitation, "Alahai people can’t buy jade for 600 thousand." The guests from this sea are also quite generous. The price of this jade is 50 thousand, which is to compete with fat.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Old Sue gambling stone industry
Now it’s a half-bet. Although it’s unexpected, it’s not a big deal to raise the price by 50 thousand.
600,000, this jade is still profitable.
At this time, I thought about it with one knife. "We can still take the stone of Lin Gong, and if it doesn’t exceed 100,000, it will be profitable."
Lin Fengleng is a little unwilling to buy this stone. It seems a little shameful that he is only bidding now. He said that "to be a qualified businessman is to put interests first"
Come bite a bullet and say, "100,000 of this stone is estimated to be here, and we still have no basis for processing." When it comes to gambling on stones, come has no experience, of course, but if you look at gambling, he still has some experience. After all, his family is a jewelry company, and it would be okay without these two brushes.
One knife accurately explained, "This is not true, but recently there was a rich man’s father’s birthday in the north. This material is good. If it is a fruitful decoration, I believe that the rich man will be more acceptable. At that time, the money will still be profitable and there will be one more word. Won’t he still come to us once he buys jade?"
Like being a high-end jade merchant, most of them have their own networks and regular customers.
Sometimes I’d rather earn less, but I’ll also draw my regular customers to my hands. This is still white, so he nodded and finally gave up his obsession. Although he didn’t become a Buddha, his expression was natural.
He said, "700,000 Haidong’s rich water will not flow out of the field, so give me the stone."
This is also the place where I come to fight Wang Haidong to death. Just now I was sarcastic about Wang Haidong. But at this time, this guy came to buy jade. Everyone thought that you were thinking about it at this time.
You didn’t show any mercy when you hit your face just now. That’s how much is a catty for a businessman to benefit.
But what makes people’s glasses fall all over the floor is that Wang Haidong is smiling and holding the piece of jade and saying, "Come back to business, business is business. You can think about it. You will not go back on your word if you want 700,000 to hand me this stone."
Come consciousness glanced at a knife because he felt Wang Haidong this guy there is something in the words as if he had dug a hole to jump for him. This kind of smile is almost the same as that at a class reunion.
I took the stone in Wang Haidong’s hand with a knife and carefully looked at it. It seemed that nothing was wrong with the small strong light hand, so I made up my mind to say, "There is nothing wrong with it. Our company will take it for 700 thousand."
At this time, the hacker calculated that 1.7 million seems to have made nothing, so he didn’t follow the overweight, and what did the fat man think of Lin Feng? He also followed the overweight, so he didn’t follow the struggle. Obviously, he also recognized the sky of 700 thousand.
Wang Haidong took back the stone very formally and said, "Since you want to buy that stone, I will sell it to you for transfer."
Seven hundred thousand quickly transferred to Wang Haidong card. At this time, Wang Haidong really handed the stone to come.
And Wang Haidong also proudly said, "How about come or how about you give this half-gambling stone a solution on the spot?"
This is Wang Haidong’s goad. When Lin Feng was about to promise, he said, "Since it’s half gambling, I won’t cut it on the spot, or I’ll go back and work out what will happen."
A knife must be afraid that the stone will be cut down again, so there will be no company face. Lin Feng is the successor, of course, there is nothing. He is a sinner, so he can’t afford to take the risk and can’t figure out whether the stone really depends on the buyer’s own wishes
Mr Six immediately transferred the topic to Wang Haidong at this time "Wang Zhanggui, don’t you still have a piece of jadeite original stone unsolved? Otherwise, how about on-site solution? "
Generally speaking, it is quite good that a seed material can have such a jade.
The chance of another jade is greatly reduced. At this time, there seems to be a movement in Zhang Xiaofei
There is an extra skinny old man in his fifties around Zhang Xiaofei. He always looks at the chest with bedroom eyes, which makes people feel that this guy is an old prude.
However, although he looks like a bedroom, he sometimes takes the opportunity to get stuck with some oil or something, but on the whole, it is relatively safe, but there is nothing out of the ordinary.




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