After several direct conversations with Totti, Qinan found that Totti’s breakthrough is not like ordinary people’s pure speed or relying on fancy feints to swing against defenders, but he can always find you to defend. Of course, the change of rhythm makes you full of energy but there is no way to get to the point. This is the most direct feeling when Qinan defends Totti. Although Qinan has speed, Totti can always give full play to his physical advantage to the fullest. Without speed, Totti can make his body strong, get stuck in Qinan and then change his rhythm to get rid of Qinan. This method makes Qinan unable to do anything about Totti. ! ! ! Others can look up! ! !
The failure of Zinan to effectively contain Totti directly led to Napoli’s passive defense of Totti.
Color technology and sophisticated experience have held back the running of the whole court. Qinan dared to run around to make up for the defense center like that. The defense line of Naples was not protected by Qinan as usual. The defense line of Naples was in jeopardy because of the constant impact of other players in Rome. Finally, after twenty minutes of tenacious resistance, the gate of Naples fell.
In the 21st minute, Derossi tackles the ball like a lesson in the backcourt, and finds Totti’s strong body near the front of the penalty area. After receiving the ball, he skillfully pulls the ball and turns to put Qinan card behind him. Qinan Totti didn’t accelerate because he knows that the speed of the fight is definitely not what Dominica’s opponent wants. He chose to take the ball with his body to protect his feet. After observing a teammate’s position, he crossed all Neapolitans to defend and accurately send the ball to Bapu on the right side of the penalty area. Tista’s kick Totti caught Napoli’s defense off guard, including the big Cannavaro. Now everyone has focused on Domenica’s Totti, and they also said that Totti will give the ball to Vucinic again, but he didn’t expect that he would find Baptista fooled by his constant interference in Domenica.
In the face of Totti’s wonderful Brazilian beast, of course, he won’t wave such an opportunity. He volleyed at people’s attention and Lezo failed to catch Baptista’s foot and scored a goal! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Rhea looked at the game blankly, and he didn’t expect that a Totti would cause such a big trouble to Naples. At least half of the credit for that goal just now was due to his head. What Baptista had to do was wave his thick thighs.
Spalletti cheered excitedly on the coach’s bench. He looked at Rhea with eyes just like the advertisement in that area said, "I’m in charge of my site, and at this time, his mood can be shaped by the advertisement."
However, this goal didn’t make Naples players panic. They still defended calmly and calmly, which made Rhea feel a little relieved, because it showed that Naples was a bit of a "strong team temperament" instead of the former "young boy" who lost his position when he lost the goal away from home. A large part of the reason why Naples didn’t do very well in the first two seasons was that the away record was too poor. At home, they could stop killing the Buddha, but when they got away from home, young Naples didn’t know how to get there. Teams that play football, especially in away games where they concede the goal first, often lose like a mountain, and nine times out of ten they will end up losing. Fortunately, this situation has only changed since Dominica joined us.
This goal also made Qinan realize that he was too concerned about breaking Totti’s ball in front of Totti’s defense. It was a little fierce, which made Totti easily slip past himself and then made his loss a threat to Naples’s defense. After figuring this out, Qinan no longer insisted on breaking his ball with Totti one-on-one. He chose to block Totti’s travel route and ball route. Since I can’t break your ball, I simply won’t break it. I want to live in my own position, Qinan thought.
Sure enough, after Qinan changed his defensive strategy, Totti’s threat was greatly reduced, and Totti also felt the defensive change of Domenica. Now Domenica defends, and he can’t easily get out of his feet. He is good at changing the rhythm to break through, so there is no "market". If you want to be tough, he is obviously not Domenica’s opponent. Totti didn’t expect that Domenica should find the crux of his defensive failure in such a short time. This is terrible and clever. When his opponent Toti looks at Qinan, his eyes look dignified. If Domenica attacks and wins in the
Defense drives attack and promotes defense. Naples’s attack has improved before the solid defense.
In the 30 th minute, Domenica sent a long-distance ball in front of the square penalty area and went straight to the left side of Serravi to catch the ball, then broke through panucci’s defense and Dennis grabbed the point slightly above the crossbar at the end
In the 30 th minute, Napoli got the chance to score again. The defense was lighter. Hamsik and Brasi made a wall-to-wall cooperation and then rushed to the front of the restricted area of Rome. The Slovak’s iconic long-range shot made the Roman goalkeeper Doni do his best. He made a beautiful dive and saved Hamsik’s threatening shot from the baseline. Naples got a corner.
Marjorie’s corner kick out of Napoli was missed by Juan, the Brazilian central defender of Rome, and then perrotta got it in front of the penalty area. Rome fought back, but fortunately, Qinan responded quickly. He shoveled perrotta’s foot ball off the sideline with an incredible chase. This beautiful chase was broken and his teammates won the defense.
At the end of the half-time, when the two teams came and went, Rome continued to attack, and Napoli’s defense was also very layered. This defense led to the Roman attack being mostly unsuccessful. After the goal, Rome gradually lost control of the situation on the spot or sat in front of the camera. It seems to Naples fans that it is only a matter of time before Napoli equalized the score. There are still 45 minutes left for Naples at half-time, and there are still plenty left.
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Machetes See Machetes again
It’s cool and humid in southern Italy. When going out, most people will choose to wear a coat or a small scarf, but obviously this dress is definitely not suitable for the Olympic Stadium in Rome now.
At halftime, the fanatical fans of both sides didn’t stop cheering as the players entered the dressing room. Two naked Roman fans in the South Stand of the Olympic Games were carrying two Roman flags and desperately shaking them. Behind them were tens of millions of die-hard Roman fans, some of whom were naked and waving their Roman scarves, singing the team song "romamama" created by Italian popular tenor Anton Tam Tite.
The south stand of the Rome Olympic Stadium is the place where the most fanatical fans of the Rome team gather, and the goal back stand (Curva) of the Italian stadium is the most loyal fan. (ulras occupies the local Olympic South Stand, which is where the die-hard fans of the Rome team gather.
Rome and Lazio have been together since 1973: an important Roman fan group, the South Stand Fans’ Association, said that Lazio fans were not welcome to the South Stand and the first-team Roman fans checked the South Stand during the Lazio derby. Of course, all imported Lazio fans were not allowed to enter the South Stand except Lazio fans.
That is to say, from then on, the south stand of the Rome Olympic Stadium has become a "holy land" in the hearts of Roman fans. The fans of this stand are not loyal fans of Rome, but they can enter this stand to watch the ball in the circle of fans in Rome. One thing that can be seen is the color of the home jersey of Rome-red.
However, in today’s match between Rome and Naples, a touch of sky blue appeared in the red world, which is particularly eye-catching among bright red. If there are fans wearing other teams’ jerseys in the south stand, there is one way for him to leave the ground, that is, there are two ways to either walk by himself or be thrown out by extreme Roman fans.
However, it is surprising that today, this fan who wears the sky-blue shirt of Naples and is the No.13 shirt of Domenica is still well born in this world after the whole half-hour and 45 minutes. It cannot be said that it is not a surprise to all the fans present.
And by observing the expressions of the fans around her, you will be surprised to find that there are anger, surprise, unwillingness and fascination on the faces of these men. Yes, they are fascinated because they are surrounded by actress Vanessa heisler, who claims to have "the most perfect Italian appearance"
Today, Vanessa is wearing a simple pair of light blue jeans with a No.13 long-sleeved jersey of Qinan Napoli team. Blonde hair is shining in the sun, and her face has a beautiful mouth that makes men want to worship. The smile that evokes all beings is even more fatal to the men around her.
In the face of such a fan, do Roman fans have the heart to hand in the south stand? The answer is, of course,no. This is why this sky blue has always appeared in the south stand of the Olympic Stadium. For the female fans in Rome, the south stand has always been a restricted area, and Vanessa’s appearance has become a rare sight in the south stand.
Vanessa herself didn’t think that she knew that asking friends to buy tickets was actually in the south stand where the fans of the home team gathered. She had already heard about the fanaticism of Roman fans in the south stand. Fortunately, these men were rational and didn’t do anything drastic to her, which also made a male assistant with her breathe a sigh of relief.
Because there was nothing to shoot at the stadium during the intermission, the cameraman turned the camera to the stands, hoping to catch some tidbits from the stands, and soon disguised himself. Vanessa entered their camera and Vanessa appeared in the Olympic stadium. The news quickly spread among the reporters, and more and more cameras were aimed at Vanessa in the south stand.
"Vanessa! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! It was Vanessa heisler! ! ! ! It’s amazing that she is wearing a Napoli Domenica jersey today. Our Domenica jersey! ! ! ! ! It seems that what she said to the media is true. She really acted on our Dominica exhibition. ! I like it. Dare to be a girl! ! ! ! ! Her courage to pursue love made us admire. At this time, she attracted the attention of Italian male fans. The fans in Rome in the south stand of the Olympic Stadium are happy because they can watch the ball and see the beautiful women at the same time. I think they must hope that the game will never end, but I hope that Vanessa’s appearance will not affect our presence. "After seeing the sudden appearance of Vanessa’s image in front of the camera, Moro was surprised. After a while, he teased Qinan and Vanessa about it. It was a chat for the fans in front of the camera to have a 15-minute intermission.
The cameraman also wisely left half of the time for the stands. The affair between Vata and Domenica has been in full swing in Italy, and fans are eager to see such a scene during the halftime.
Just before the camera, the male fans were still looking at Vanessa, and the half-time match between Rome and Naples had been restarted.
Qinan moved in his position and was already cold. He didn’t know that there were beautiful eyes watching him in the stands at this time.
At this time, the owner of the eyes is looking at the field in Qinan drunk. It turns out that the man on the court is the most handsome! ! ! Vanisha thought in her heart, because the half-court jersey was soaked with sweat, Qinan changed into a brand-new white jersey in the dressing room. In Vanisha’s eyes, at this time, he looked aggressive but without any coarse mineral gas. The tight-fitting jersey outlined Qinan’s solid, perfect and dynamic figure, and his hair was a little sweaty and messy. His eyes were as clear and distant as the sea in Naples Bay, and his eyes were full of confidence. A smile on his lips made him look even more confident. But it seems kind and natural. In the magnificent sunset in Rome, Qi Nan looks particularly radiant in white, just like Apollo, the sun god in ancient Roman mythology. Vanessa thinks so if she is more willing to regard Qi Nan in white as her own king charming.
A sharp whistle interrupted Vanessa’s flying farther and farther, pulling her from fantasy to reality for half a game! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Half-court Rome insisted on half-court play, relying on the team’s tireless running and transposition to oppress its opponents and create attacks for itself. This oppressive play is not only beautiful but also practical and effective. The Roman personnel structure is also very suitable for this tactic. With Spalletti’s play, Rome has defeated many opponents. The name of the Roman club is’ ‘heorivaSRoma’, which is the abbreviation of the club. The symbol of the team that adopts the color of Rome is’ ‘Giallorossi‘’. Rome, the mother of Macheng, nicknamed Wolf Warriors team Sanctuary Rome as "Red Wolf", so Spalletti’s tactics were also called "wolf tactics" by Italian media.
However, today, Naples, especially after losing the ball, obviously doesn’t take this set of "wolf tactics" against Rome. In Qinan and Grand Cannavaro, the captains of the two teams command and actively defend Naples, and the Italian defense is almost watertight. Although they are still one goal behind, Naples is not impatient. They still insist on the defensive counterattack strategy of Rhea. When Spalletti dances and shouts "Attack, Attack and Attack", Rhea calmly behaves more like a wolf, licking his wounds and waiting for a chance to kill.
In the fifty-fourth minute, the Roma team first ushered in the opportunity. After veteran panucci broke Ravizi’s winger breakthrough, he sent a long winger. perrotta unloaded the ball and broke through Brasi Hamsik’s defense. perrotta Tottina still didn’t stop. "Every step almost contains the experience ball running" (commented by the Roman media), so Zinan had to follow instead of helping Hamsik make up the position.
Litotti pulled perrotta into the heart of Napoli like a bayonet. After attracting Cannavaro, perrotta won! ! ! ! !
Vucinic caught the ball in the big Cannavaro’s personal defense, but the big Cannavaro didn’t turn around and shoot for him. He had to knock the ball to the front. Totti Zinan followed Totti step by step to prevent him from suddenly hitting the door, but to his surprise, Totti didn’t control the ball with his feet. He also scored the ball. Seeing that Totti sent the ball to the front of the penalty area at will, Zinan suddenly felt nervous because he knew that the place was now alone because of perrotta’s breakthrough.
Sure enough, a red and yellow figure appeared in the defense of Naples. He received Totti’s oblique shot and shot angrily. In the eyes of Naples, it was eye-catching. No.16]] So dazzling that he inserted the waist just right now.
It’s Derossi! ! ! ! ! ! The so-called successor of Totti has a future. The king of Rome called Derossi! ! ! ! ! ! His long-range shooting is famous in Serie A, and he has played long-range shooting several times in recent seasons.
In the exclamation of Naples fans, Derossi kicked the ball hard, and the football flew to the goal of Naples with the force that seemed to break the net. It looked so unstoppable! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Will it enter? Timid Naples fans have covered their eyes.
In Naples, the fans sounded like nature. Derossi shot and hit the post. Napoli goalkeeper Lezo made a world-class save. In Derossi, the heavy artillery almost flew into the corner of the goal. In an instant, Lezo struggled. Although his fingertips touched the ball, it was a light touch.
It’s enough that the ball changed a little bit in this small external force, so that Derossi’s shot could hit the crossbar naively and then bounce off the baseline.
Naples narrowly escaped! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
The 27-year-old Derossi is honored as the Italian national team. In the future, Derossi, who wears the No.1 shirt in the national team, is becoming more and more mature. Like Totti and others, Derossi is also a native player in Rome. His father was once an excellent player. Derossi has excellent technical offensive and defensive skills, and his long-range shooting ability is quite strong. A midfielder’s insertion just now shows his good judgment on the situation.
However, thanks to Lezzo’s excellent performance, Derossi’s frequent insertion into the defense of Qinan and Naples caused great trouble when the gates of Naples were not knocked by the Romans again. It was already very difficult to deal with a Totti Qinan, and another Derossi made him even more headache. Hamsik couldn’t come to help because he was entangled with perrotta and Baptista, and there was no way that Qinan could shake the impact of the two generations of Roman kings with his slightly thin body to outsiders.




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