And just appeared in the ear, I heard the noise of killing, and all of a sudden, the reincarnation people moved too fast, even when it was difficult for the holy three guards to encircle, but they just let them catch up.
"Killing the past here is not far from the eternal night sage. We are one step away from success."
Encouraged by strong fried eggs
Players can’t help but secretly lose a step, and they can be divided into ten small steps and ten small steps and a hundred small steps … dismantling and dismantling are exhausted.
I feel that the gap between them and the reincarnation is getting harder and harder to make up.
Chapter 35 If there is blood, God will kill it for you.
Nowadays, the awakening country, the Imperial Capital, has been very different.
One hundred and fifty thousand elite awakens …
This is the last elite of the whole awakening country.
And lost a large number of elite soldiers, although the imperial city is still heavily guarded, it is packed, but its defense strength is weaker than before by more than one level.
But they are carefully calculated.
Several attacks have given them the most intuitive experience of the world’s powerful.
Self-confidence, even if they attack again, even if the strength is a few grades stronger, they will definitely resist.
Ki, they have considered all the possibilities …
But unfortunately, they neglected one of the most important things.
That is, sending the roots is not limited by the number of people, and the most powerful reincarnation in the world has not been dispatched yet.
And now just out.
It has achieved great results.
Those top reincarnators are on a roll all the way, and they encounter a few ten waves of obstacles along the way. Even in this most negligent defense tunnel, the defense forces are layered and there is no way to sneak into it.
But if you can’t dive in, you can’t dive in …
Just break in all the way
Reincarnations are like chopping melons and vegetables.
Their mastery of martial arts is one or two levels higher than that of "Limiting" OL players. Now, they are trying to go to Yongye Sanwei and have no resistance at all, which can only hinder their steps a little.
The reincarnation is in front of the charge.
Players are catching up behind, and then they are shocked by the dead bodies. The top strength of the reincarnation is so strong, and then they are eager to get the reincarnation status. Doesn’t it mean that they will reach their realm one day?
Even when the time comes, the strength of these old reincarnation people has already climbed to a higher peak, but the most important thing to be a man is not to compare with others, because there are too many objects to surpass because of the law.
Samsara players compete with each other, and they have long forgotten …




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