On the left side of the equation, it is a process of proof. Emperor Ziwei inspired the earth with all kinds of knowledge, opened a path to Tianmen science and technology from ancient times to modern times, and finally ended in Lin Man.
This eternal height or identity height.
It’s so methodical and interesting.
It seems that the rules have become precise theorems.
However, in this process, it is obvious that many elements can not be completely controlled by the Chinese Emperor, such as Lin Man. If Lin Man did not inherit the secret of Monty, the Tianmen would not be so easy to create.
Obviously, there must be a monty position in this’ Tianmen’ identity.
And the’ ginseng fruit tree’ is naturally the same. If Lin Chong does not cross, how can Lin Man return?
So in this purple back cover
It was not unexpected that the Chinese Emperor appeared and needed to thank his’ companions’.
Looking at the tree on the back cover, the monk Lin Chong and Lin Man all have a bright eye.
Left traces in the long river of history.
You must be able to trace it back to its source.
The old man who repaired the brain did not dare to leave the claw fish and robot traces in history, and Mobius’ historical mystery covered them up.
Now Lin Chong and Lin Man have caught a tree (a human fruit tree) and a monk (a monty? ) Shadow naturally needs to be explored.
"Long time no see, ginseng fruit tree. Come on ~"
Lin Chong stretched out his hand and took a stroke. The shadow of the ginseng fruit instantly turned into a huge tree with a height of more than 100 feet. It took root in the long river of history and stirred up several turbulent waterfalls like a mainstay.
The earth in the crown of that 300-meter-long tree with luxuriant branches and leaves is as rich as stars, but it is a ginseng fruit tree in the prime of life, with high life.
"Hey, called the replica ~" Lin Chong was delighted.
"It’s because the ginseng fruit tree has been killed, otherwise this replica can’t be summoned well." Lin Man also tutted.
The most important characteristic of the high concept Eucharist is indivisibility.
If the ginseng fruit tree is still alive or alive, Gao Linchong summons a shadow at most, just like the Emperor Ziwei, and now he has summoned an entire replica.
This is great.
It’s this replica that won’t waste Lin Chong’s mind to turn over the history of the earth’s source and find the treasure.
"In this case, let’s try this … the only secret manifestation?"
Lin Chong photographed a 300-meter giant tree in the long river of history.
The giant tree shrank, shrunk and then shrunk into a small sapling in Lin Chong’s palm.
"It’s shrunk."
Lin Chong scratches his head in a complete state, and the secret of germinal manifestation should be like this.
The word’ germinal’ can create life forms such as longevity tiandou and life Tao from creation.
The’ manifestation’ formula is to be able to exterminate a race.
Lin Chong just wanted to create a treasure of life that could’ soar to the top of mankind’ and accelerate the birth, but he turned himself into such a treasure in the ginseng fruit tree itself.
But it’s not bad
Not only not bad, but also good.
"If you plant it in" Humans "later, it will speed up the birth of human beings by 3%." Lin Chongxi played with this little sapling diligently, and then called you the tree of life. "
Of course, there is more than one way.
Before life and heaven are unified, the only secret of germinal manifestation is to find a successor
This replica ginseng fruit tree can steal the only secret, of course, so that the scope is limited to its contact area.
From the first sequence to the second sequence.
It’s a rare treasure
Not inferior to the magical power given by Zhenyuan to Lin Chong’s sleeve.




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