Black Iron State Five Thunder Axe Method can be restored in three or five days.
It is estimated that it is only seven years.
"all right"
On the beach Zhou Jia mouth again.
"You know all about the ice mines and ice source pith in Jushan Gang."
Li He forced himself into his heart and stirred his mind sharply. He turned out all the things with ice mines and ice sources and handed them over to report back.
"Ice mine was found to be a fragment world. At the beginning of the fall, a group of people explored and killed animals …"
"Every day, miners die and miners’ slaves disappear. The strict management of ice mines is in the hands of the supervisor."
"Wait a minute" Zhou Jia stretched out his hand and lifted a way
"You just said that many slaves in the ice mine were secretly captured?"
Li He nodded.
"It’s not easy to go to the ice mine and collect the marrow from the ice source, even if silver enters the ice mine, it’s hard to protect itself. It can be said that it’s a human life for the mine."
"In fact, a human life is far less valuable than an ice marrow, and more people die in the mine every day than the ice marrow is collected."
"When animal meat is scarce, many people are willing to take a chance. Nowadays, starvation is rare, and fewer and fewer people are willing to go to the ice mine even if the giant mountain gang raises the price several times."
"Ah …" Zhou Jia is light.
"The people of Suojushan are outside secretly arresting monks to enter the ice mine slave mining?"
"How many people know about this?"
"I have heard a lot, but there is no evidence."
This is normal. Although the Jushan Sect can’t talk about "noble and decent", it must be done secretly to do such a thing.
"Who is the ice mining power?"
"black wind bandits"
Li Hezheng seems to guess what his face is full of excitement and some uneasiness.
"The six leaders of the Black Wind Bandits, two of them are the seventh order, and one is the dark ethnic group. They are ferocious and powerful."
"It is said that seven orders of silver were killed by their gangs."
"Really?" Zhou Jia tapped on the console table
I heard that somewhere I was closing my eyes and my body flashed in the house.
"It’s better to find their stronghold if you want to find a black bandit." Zhou Jiakou
"In addition, tell others that the black wind bandits have offended me for a year and I want them to disappear completely in this fragmented world."
“?” Ji she looked up and visually looked at Zhou Jia’s expression, and then she bowed down and nodded.
In just a few days, a message suddenly flowed in the square.
The evil black bandits don’t know when they offended the mysterious owner behind Taobao House, and the other party threatened to make the black bandits disappear in one year.
This seems to be a joke
For nearly a thousand years, the two leaders were all seven-rank silver, but who knows the main family behind Taobao House?
it is said
It’s a fifth-order silver




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