Now that Ning Frost Fairy has broken through the realm and is in a better mood, she simply gives Xiangyun a few words about the division of the three titles of the Taikoo Gate Key.
The last three titles in Taikoo Gate are Tianzun, Tianxian and Shentian from low to high.
The realm of the Buddha is not divided into primary, intermediate and advanced levels, but is divided into different levels according to Taoism and metaphysics.
The title of Buddha corresponds to the master of fairy realm, which is divided into three parts.
However, the title base of immortals has six divisions corresponding to the celestial realm, and finally the celestial realm is not nine but three.
Each level corresponds to the level, which is somewhat complicated. The frost fairy revealed that at present, she has surpassed the fairy to reach the realm of fairy and ghost.
Xiangyun doesn’t know much about it, and she doesn’t ask any more questions. She thanked the frost fairy and realized what she had learned by herself, hoping to improve.
As for Yu Long’s saliva poisoning Dan, Fang Yunhan has frosted the elders of Taikoo Peak in Xiandao. The fairy is not a master of Shang Linglan, but an elder with high status. Shang Linglan has no need to worry about the punishment of the master.
And the lake has also made an unexpected discovery.
Lu Li was sad, sitting alone by the lake and sighing.
Suddenly, an unknown object floated across the lake, faintly flashing with faint waves, which made Lu Lu’s eyes change and he tried to see clearly.
Nowadays, it is easier to escape from the earth in the early days of the fairy than to break through the restrictions at will and return to the boundary from the middle.
However, despite the shimmer of this mysterious floating object, it is quite shocking that it can’t be seen really.
Although the forest of beasts is connected with heaven and earth, there is hardly much moonlight to project in the thick clouds.
Lu Li’s heart was surprised to transport Zhenyuan and pay close attention to the trajectory of the floating object. As a result, he also realized that there was a special ban on the surface of the object, which was hiding the sight of outsiders.
But can you see the external shape clearly?
Lu Li is very puzzled. At this moment, a period of consciousness flashed in my mind, showing that this vision is different from the right eye.
Keep your mind away from your right eye, the purple light flashes, and the golden light on your forehead flashes. Before you ship it, you will blend into your own eyes, eyes and eyes, and your eyes will flourish.
Peeking at the floating object from the land’s mind, it gradually became clear that it turned out to be a jade bottle with a size of several inches. A strange spar seal streamer flicker was blocked by the forbidden law and could be seen by others except the land.
This jade bottle has some strange colors, including red, yellow and green. There is a strong ban on the outside. If it is not the golden light from the right eye, it will be blocked by the ban.
The figure suddenly moved from Ling Fei, crossed the toes and tapped the ground to fly for half a day until the jade bottle was separated from the right hand and sent a pulling force to suck the jade bottle into the palm of your hand.
The sealed bottle seems to be amber stone. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the refining materials, and the five-element alchemy is also very limited.
Look at the things in your hand and shake your head again and again. It’s strange. Even if you put it in your hand, you can’t see the real things. If the detected waves are a little closer, they will be hit by jade bottles. Obviously, the frequency is different.
Lu Li changed several frequencies from low to high in a row, and his own limit failed to break the jade bottle. It is inferred that the external ban of this jade bottle was at least laid by the late fairy or the fairy realm master, so we can talk about it later.
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Swallow the whirlpool
For this discovery, Lu Li is not going to tell Ning Frost Xian and other Taikoo Men predecessors. The reason is not that he is too selfish, but that he has a hunch that this jade bottle has a great chance because it is engraved with a word-Li!
I was about to leave when I received the jade bottle in my arms. Suddenly, there appeared a tens of feet of Fiona Fang vortex near the center of Luohu. The violent fluctuation of the vortex current is gradually expanding with strong suction and pulling force.
At this time, the original dark night rainstorm suddenly dropped.
A flash broke down and suddenly split in the vortex, making the lake bright.
The sky vision of flying away from Canada has attracted everyone’s attention.
At this time, the land is not far from the center of the lake, and there is a feeling that the vision in the lake contains a great crisis and will be involved in it if you are not careful.
Turn around and want to leave the land. Once again, the face changes, and the airflow disturbance in the nearby Baizhang gas field has changed greatly. The binding force has doubled several times, which makes the land movement slower.
In just a few minutes, several strange wind columns rise from the whirlpool in the lake like huge tentacles, twisting and expanding. Several creatures in the lake are caught in this strange wave and swallowed up by the wind column directly.
A flash from the right eye shows that the wind column is made up of high-speed rotating gas, which is ordinary but overbearing and will be torn and swallowed up once it approaches.
The wind column is like a soul possessed to plunder some creatures in the lake. In an instant, it found the position of the land several times as fast as his speed and swept towards the land. It was horrible and strange in the mournful rain with the strong wind and the roar.
The more the land is divided, the stronger the restraint resistance is, as if the two are in direct proportion. The more the land is divided, the smaller the effect is, but the speed is not as good as before. This is a bit subversive, and it is temporarily cracked.
"Be careful when you leave the land!"
On the lakeshore, everyone woke up. Aoki, Buddha, Xiang Yun, Yang Lie and others immediately flew out to meet Lu Li.
Frost fairy has a dignified expression. She knows something about the bottom of the lake in the middle of the lake. It’s that the earth ratio of the seal should not change.
Rumble for another time.
In the middle school, all the people were exploded by a shape gas field bomb, and the powerful anti-shock force made them fly around and fall to the ground, which was not light at the moment.
The frost fairy still hasn’t made a move, but Fang Yunhan’s whole body flashed with blue brilliance, and a kind of skill in Taikoo Men went to the wind to try to break the aura and help each other.
Fang Yunhan’s hands repeatedly printed the formula and danced rapidly in the middle, animating a huge blue symbol. With Taoist aura, Fang Yunhan was able to kill the demon and break the evil spirit, and launched it against the gas field.
At the same time, the strange wind column seems to be manipulated by someone, and the speed suddenly increases, and the binding force outside the land has reached a critical point. If he wants to increase it by half, his body will be torn to death!
Fang Yunhan has glimpsed through his right eye, but when the eyes are pressing, the international crisis is imminent, and help has already come.
In a hurry, he used his quick wits to insist that he would cross the rubicon and lift up the unpredictable power of ghosts and gods in his right eye. The third eye appeared on his forehead, and there were six purple flashes in his right eye. The third eye operated at the same time, and the golden-haired ape absorbed the power of fire eyes, golden eyes and purple light to form a composite attack and hit the wind column.
The name of Purple Youguang is still strange. I have been trying to treat the Lotus Fairy before I heard it from the heart-eating people, but I have not asked others for details. It is not clear, but the attack points are quite lethal.
A burst of golden light from a broken eye was instantly bounced, while the purple light force was slightly domineering. The purple flash finally tore a mouth after intense friction with the high-speed airflow outside the wind column.
Then Lu Li was swallowed by the wind column, not torn by the peripheral qi blade, but entered the wind column through the front notch.
It’s almost a real area. There is no air in it. As soon as I fell into it, I felt a splitting headache, and my mind was blocked. I felt like I was going to be suffocated, and I tried my best to move to what I had learned and want to live with my body.
However, the poor pressure came from all directions and instantly shattered the defense, which made him in danger. His clothes were exposed and blood spilled from many broken bodies and became burned.
Suddenly a sweet beauty said, "Don’t worry, you won’t die easily."
I turned my eyes and looked around, but I couldn’t see anyone at all.




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