These adventure groups came to the battlefield at the foot of the mountain and brought the five-flower gate hunting method.
As winter has come, the weather here is getting colder and colder, and frost has formed on the rock wall in the morning, so it’s time for these adventure groups to fight against those ghost-patterned soldiers who spit acid, and they will pour water into the ant hole. It’s so cold that the ghost-patterned soldiers are fighting at the mouth of the cave, and every body is wet and out of temperature, which makes the ghost-patterned soldiers at the mouth of the cave move very stiff.
In order to keep the fighting distance, some members of the adventure group are five meters long, and their spears and spears are fixed with hooks and sickles. Several of them work together to put the long hooks into the mouth of the cave for a while to pull the ghost-patterned soldier ants out of the cave and hide them outside the cave. The members of the adventure group quickly dismembered the ghost-patterned soldier ants.
There are also some adventure groups that have prepared hunting nets. These nets are very tough. Even strong ghost-patterned soldiers can break them. Every time they seal the hunting nets, they can always catch fresh ghost-patterned soldiers.
In the rear camp, there are suddenly some temporary leather-making workshops and red ant meat shops. These head shops are all processed and easy to carry red ant sausages. There are also merchants who buy soldiers’ teeth and stomach bags filled with acid. Almost every day, some soldiers’ corpses are brought back from the battlefield.
Some fresh meat of red ants with ghost patterns will be roasted golden directly, and some herbs and salt will be sprinkled on the stalls for sale.
Soldiers who come back from the front line occasionally eat two strings of delicious red ant meat in front of this street stall.
Surdak ordered Andrew to lead a team of costumed knights to patrol the battlefield every day, and they should deal with those emergencies when necessary.
For example, a male ant with ghost stripes, which is bigger than a war elephant, suddenly emerged from a cave, or some giant soldier ants with ghost stripes were ready to rush out of the nest to fight back.
Only Andrew, Gullit and Tiger the Wolf Knight, the two-turn-strong, have the ability to deal with these emergencies.
There is a huge bulletin board at the gate of the front-line camp of the Lord’s army. The bulletin board announces the names of the top 100 soldiers in the barracks and their current merit points. This merit list will change almost every day. Some soldiers will rise rapidly, and some soldiers will be quickly squeezed into the list because of heroic injuries, which is just a flash in the pan.
On the other side of the front-line camp gate, the reward exchange list shows that almost all the members of the adventure group outside look askance.
In particular, the magic pattern on the top of the table attracted the attention of most people.
Whenever this happens, the soldiers in the camp are like fighting chicken blood. Many people hope that the head of the team can go to the table several times.
Every day in the Lord’s barracks, the topic is almost inseparable from merit.
The so-called Dark Worm Valley here does not refer to this huge mountain, but to the fact that it is huge in the mountainside. According to the information obtained by Surdak, if you want to enter the Dark Worm Valley, you must pass through the wormhole here.
However, at present, the ghost-patterned soldier ants are almost blocking the mouth of the cave and fighting with the Lord army almost every day.
And no matter how many ghost-patterned soldiers died, there are more ghost-patterned soldiers behind them.
Of course, there are a lot of casualties on the Lord’s side every day. Many Lord’s troops will be cremated that night after they die, and finally a handful of ashes will be put into the altar and brought back to his hometown by their companions together with pensions.
For those soldiers who have been injured in the battlefield, they should first be glad that they have recovered a life from the battlefield, because the ghost-striped red ant is not a prisoner problem. The loser in this battlefield will always face death
The lucky wounded are almost always rescued by their companions, and they will be quickly moved to the rear.
The first-aid tent set up at the rear of Nika barracks has been gradually released to the members of the adventure group. Of course, there is a certain amount of medical treatment for the outside world, and the diagnosis will be different according to the severity of the injury. Of course, if you really encounter that kind of money, Nika will also treat it.
Most of the adventure groups here are from the Green Empire, the goddess of freedom.
When they saw the light in Nika’s hand, it was still the goddess of freedom at first. When they learned that Nika was the goddess of the morning in Duodan Town, they would realize that the goddess of the morning was blessed by God.
There are many such people in the Green Empire. Even if the Statue of Liberty takes all the officials away from reality, there are still many imperial people who are willing to hold the Statue of Liberty’s smelly feet and hope that the Goddess will bless her to return to the Green Empire one day.
But there are not many devout followers of the Statue of Liberty in these adventure groups.
The members of the adventure group follow the law of winning over others and eliminating nature in their hearts.
It’s really nice to meet the Double Goddess Temple and treat the wounded in the Saint’s military camp. If there are still some wounds that can’t heal naturally, go to the Double Goddess Temple in Duodan Town and seek treatment from the Saint. Many injured members of the adventure group will think so.
Of course, at this time, Nika never thought that the Dawn Temple would attract some believers in the adventure group because of this action to eliminate red ants.
Sur Dacla, with the wizards in the mage group, drew the topography outside the dark worm valley in the big tent of the barracks.
Lance and his group of wizards ventured around this giant mountain to explore the terrain around it. The magician found that there was a huge lava cave on the east side of this giant mountain that was not covered with snow, and the cave mouth was covered with turquoise moss.
However, it was found that there were also traces of ghost-striped red ants in the cave. The adventurous terrain wizard finally gave up the idea of exploring the dark cave.
Shilance also wanted to see how high the mountain was. Unfortunately, the magician flew high until he penetrated the clouds, but he failed to reach the top. Instead, he was almost attacked by Peng birds flying around.
Lance explained the giant mountain to Surdak by painting parchment on the outline of the giant mountain.
"It’s much bigger than Hailanza’s entrenched oak mountain. There is no comparability between the two. If you really want to describe how big this mountain covers, I think it may be a circle bigger than Bena." Lance explained to Surdak, "And there are no other mountains connected around it. It is more like a solitary peak standing in the north of Inver cargill Forest."
Lance draws a cave gate on the right hand side of a hand-painted mountain peak with a quill pen.
A magician, who has a very good talent for painting, vividly shows the appearance of the cave.
Lance explained to Surdak
"There are cliffs all around here. There are two stone bridges on the east side. It is a huge cave, and the mouth of the cave is very high. The mouth of the cave is more than 30 meters high and more than 10 meters wide. If you want to reach the mouth of the cave, you have to climb a steep mountain nearly 100 meters high from the foot of the mountain, and we still don’t know exactly where it leads. Our magician investigator was attacked by Pengbirds and was forced to retreat."
"Is there any other way to get the army into the cave?" Surdak asked some seriously.
Lance nodded his head, drew two curved arcs at the entrance of the quill pen, and then said, "There are stone arch bridges with huge roots on both sides of the entrance, but these two stone arch bridges are very long. At present, if we want to reach the eastern foot of the mountain, we have to walk at least 20 kilometers eastward. If we want to walk from the stone arch bridge to the surface, we need to continue walking five kilometers eastward until we reach the edge of the poisonous fog swamp."
Surdak nodded his head.
Lance then smiled and said to Surdak, "It’s really dangerous to ride a magic wand in this area for investigation. We magicians have been walking around here avoiding those pengbirds these days. Have you found what this mountain looks like?"
"What?" Surdak asks.
"Huge stump!" Lance replied, and then pointed to the parchment, which was a huge sketch, and added to Surdak, "A giant tree several times larger than ordinary roots, even our stone arch bridge across the lake looks like the air roots exposed by this tree, and even the texture of the cliff walls looks like bark."
Listen to lance said so Surdak also said




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