Now, of course, she knows that her father has created a knife method by restraining the double evil spirits, but it is too late to regret it.
But neglect of practice is not the most important problem. The most important thing is that it is only five years later, that is to say, she has half the ten-year skill necessary to make this knife method! If you risk this way to kill the evil spirits, it is very likely that you will not hurt the enemy at all, but the enemy will kill you with poison palm.
Lv Simei looked up when he saw Meng Yuanchao sweating and there was a hot white gas hanging over his head. You know, Meng Yuanchao couldn’t hold his breath all the time, so he had to breathe in the poisonous gas silently and send out the sweat.
Lv Simei saw this situation and knew that exemptions were close to danger. She made up her mind and thought, "Exemptions made our mother and daughter almost give up their lives. Now that he is in danger, how can I stand by?" Even if I was killed by Dian Cang’s double evil spirit palm, I also took the risk to try it. "So I took advantage of Meng Yuanchao’s reluctance to support it when I grasped it."
Yun Ziluo’s experience in facing the enemy is not as good as Lv Simei’s, but her martial arts attainments are better than Lv Simei’s. Never Lv Simei. At this moment, she was surprised to see Meng Yuanchao’s hair emitting hot white gas!
When Lu Simei remembered her father’s secret art of using saber, Yun Ziluo also remembered the three strokes of swordsmanship given by her father.
It turns out that Lu Shoukun, the father of Lu Simei, and Yun Chongshan, the father of Yunziluo, are good friends. In that year, they were still together. They had a fight against the double evil spirits, such as fighting against the double evil spirits.
One of them is a famous swordsman, and the other is an enemy of swordsmanship. The martial arts used to be equal, but Lv Shoukun lived a fugitive life because of running here and there, and sometimes he devoted himself to research. Therefore, Yun Chongshan came up with three measures to restrain the double-evil swordsmanship, which was a few years earlier than Lv Shoukun’s. In that year, Yun Ziluo was fourteen years old and Meng Yuanchao did not come to Suzhou.
These three strokes of swordsmanship have the same principle as that of the knife method, and all of them must be done quickly, but the sword method is more vicious than the knife method. All three strokes are aimed at the key points of the enemy’s life, and a sword can break the opponent’s poison.
However, although there are three moves in swordsmanship, it seems very simple, and each move has a very complicated change. At this time, when Yunziluo thought of responding, she couldn’t help but regret that she neglected to practice on weekdays.
The problem that bothers Yun Ziluo is that she doesn’t want Meng Yuanchao to see her now because she wants to be Meng and Lu. If Meng Yuanchao sees herself, it will affect his feelings for his school sister.
In terms of capability, she doesn’t have to worry as much as Lv Simei, because she is six years older than Lv Simei, and now she is less capable and half fragrant, so she can always worry about gas invasion.
Go out and meet Meng Yuanchao or continue to hide? If you don’t go out, you are afraid that Meng Yuanchao will have life worries!
Yun Ziluo is planning a way to get the best of both worlds, but Meng Yuanchao doesn’t know it’s her. She just came up with an idea and shouted, "Got it!" At this moment, I suddenly heard Lu Simei say, "Brother, I stand shoulder to shoulder with you to defend the enemy!" Draw out your sword and flash it’s already gone.
When I heard Bu Tiandiao’s "Ouch" in the flash of knife light, I saw Lu Simei stumbling back several steps!
It turned out that Bu Tiandiao gave her a knife and stabbed her wrist, but Lv Simei gave Duan Qiushi a push!
Lv Simei, after all, suffered from a lack of skill, but she failed to cut off Bu Tiandiao’s arm with this knife, but she gave Duan Qiushi a slap in the face and turned away, and she felt as if her insides were going to turn over!
Meng Yuanchao was frightened. "Younger, what’s wrong with you?"
Lv Simei clenched her teeth and said, "It’s nothing. The old monkey has been injured. Let’s stand side by side!"
Although she tried to resist the pain and speak loudly, she couldn’t fool Meng Yuanchao’s ears. Meng Yuanchao is a martial arts expert. Younger’s trembling voice is not only trembling badly when he said the last few words, but also obviously weak. Many Meng Yuanchao recognized that Lu Simei was injured when he heard it.
Bu Tiandiao roared and jumped forward and shouted, "I don’t know how to live or die, wild girl. How dare you hurt me? I want your life!"
He is really fierce, and his left arm has been so bloody to Lv Simei that he almost broke up with his body. He came again without frowning or humming.
Moonlight saw that he was ferocious, like a spectre. His right arm was held high, and his palm was as black as ink. His left arm was injured, and the poison work was still vice-toxic. It was transported to the palm of his right hand.
Rao is Lv Simei’s audacity. I can’t help but feel palpitations when I see his terrible appearance!
Lv Simei turned her head to avoid looking at him. It’s a pity that after the injury, she couldn’t do it. She stumbled and this knife didn’t cut Bu Tiandiao. Fortunately, her posture was light and clever, and Bu Tiandiao didn’t hit her with that palm.
Meng Yuanchao swung the golden knife round with a stroke of "Long River Sunset" and splashed the wind, which also seemed to split out to protect the younger sister from the enemy’s attack, and pushed the Butian Carving to him to resolve this knife danger; A palm drew a circular arc and pretended to attack Lv Simei, leading Meng Yuanchao’s golden knife aside, and then jumped a few steps and laughed.
Meng Yuanchao shouted, "What are you laughing at?"
Duan Qiushi said, "I laugh at this little girl’s pretense, but I advise you not to bite the bullet and go."
Lu Simei pressed her sword and scolded, "What are you talking about?" She tried to attack, but she was afraid that she would not be able to do it. The attack showed the enemy the fact that she had been injured.
Duan Qiushi laughed. "Little girl, I admire you a little. You are in my red sand palm. This pain is not ordinary people who can’t hold back. You pretend to be like nothing."
Then he turned to Bu Tiandiao and said, "Brother, this little girl is hurt more than you, so you must be so angry."
BuTianDiao nu way "teacher younger brother, what do you mean? Can’t we spare them easily without revenge? If the story goes abroad tonight and others don’t know, we can’t even beat Lv Shoukun’s daughter and apprentice? "
Meng Yuanchao knew that the younger sister had been hurt by poison palm, and she was surprised and angry. She slashed at Duan Qiushi and roared, "Good, Meng Yuanchao, fight for it!"
Duan Qiushi didn’t take it, jumped three steps and shouted, "Wait a minute, I have something to say!"
Meng Yuanchao said, "You hurt my school sister. What more can I say to you!"
Duan Qiushi said, "What if I give you the antidote?"
Bu Tiandiao cried, "Teacher younger brother, you-"
Duan Qiushi quickly applied gold-creating medicine to Bu Tian in an unusual way and said, "Brother, I won’t make you lose face, but it’s better to make friends than to make friends, so that everyone can get by and stop fighting and make peace?"
Although Bu Tiandiao is a senior brother, he can’t compare with his younger brother in martial arts, so he always respects his younger brother. After listening to Duan Qiushi, he said, "I will depend on you if you want to protect our double evil face."
My sister has been injured. "Stop fighting and make peace" is exactly what Meng Yuanchao asked for, so he said, "Well, please say it if you want!"
Duan Qiushi said, "Your school sister’s injury is much heavier than my brother’s injury. If you call again, you will never get any benefits. Of course, your school sister will not live, even your life will be lost."
Meng Yuanchao said coldly, "Meng is not going to get out alive when someone comes. You don’t have to say this, but you should draw a line quickly." I thought, "This devil conqueror doesn’t pretend to be trying to bargain all over the sky, but it’s nothing if I want to protect my school sister’s life."
Duan Qiushi ha ha a smile and said, "Meng Daxia’s words are heavy. As the saying goes, it’s good to kill people, but if we make enemies, we will take your life again." However, there is also a saying that the father owes a debt to the people in our Wulin, so that the teacher owes me and Brother Bu a palm. I wonder if Xia Meng will repay it for the teacher? "
Meng Yuanchao said, "Well, give each of you a clap!"
Lu Simei was surprised and shouted, "Brother, no!"
Duan Qiushi laughed. "Meng Daxia’s skill is profound, but he can’t stand our double evil hands. In case you die, it’s contrary to my original intention of not wanting to kill you. Well, it doesn’t have to be like this!"
Meng Yuanchao said angrily, "Then how do you want to speak frankly!"
Duan Qiushi said slowly, "This is very easy for you to do. It is very simple. You need to knock three heads for us. These three heads are even for your teacher to pay off debts. From now on, let’s write off our grievances!"




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