"This person’s strength should be more than the fairy’s early strength, so it can be seen that there are some things that can be shaken by the arrival power." Seeing this person suddenly appearing, I was relieved.
If this person suddenly starts to attack after collecting Xianjian himself, it’s really enough for him to drink a pot.
Mei Youji and Yu Hui must have been overjoyed and immediately said, "I have seen Xuanzu (Shaojun)!"
Sun Shaojun’s immortal sword power came, and with the afterglow of his blood, he wanted to work together to stabilize and enhance his arrival power, but he felt that he was hasty in blocking the virtual impenetrable chaotic fairy array.
"Fairy perfect power …"
Although the level of Xuanyang meteorite fairy sword is only in the early days of fairy, the original owner’s power at this time is much stronger, and this day Shaojun is obviously a fairy who is proficient in kendo and is also a descendant of the late fairy!
Looking at a face of survivors, the two of them are elegant, noble and distinguished, and you are embarrassed to tell them that it seems difficult for you to break through.
The body is fine, but the arrival power is a castle in the middle after all, and it can be somewhat powerful in the late fairy period for a short time, but it will gradually weaken as time goes by.
And the result of playing a war of attrition with the obviously prepared opponent can be imagined.
"What’s the matter? Provoked such a master! "
If Yu Hui were not his direct descendant, his roots would not have appeared!
The two of them soon told the story, and the young gentleman couldn’t help talking.
Although it’s understandable and really unexpected, after all, no one expected that a traitor would expose this so-called life-giving action, but wouldn’t you use your brains if a reincarnation of a great power was so easily caught by threats?
as expected
They are just too comfortable in the fuso world. They should have been let out a long time ago.
"This large array of gates is not a means of shining stars."
"Road flyover Qing Wei is really popular with the master of the gate, and he values Chaos Road and Xuandaojun! He must know the secret of the fairy world! "
Sun Shaojun urged the sword fairy to brazenly show off his power. He didn’t leave his hand at all. He didn’t take advantage of the strongest time to find an opportunity to break the array and let Yu Hui get away from it, so don’t even think about it
His strength is that it won’t last long to recycle xianjian in the future.
However, it is unbreakable to see the fairy lotus in chaos, the sword light rising and falling at dusk and the chaotic airflow surging.
Outside the law, the look is clear and calm. Shake the long banners in your hands, and there will be chaotic shock waves accompanied by jade Qing Xian Lei, which will burst outside the Japanese Shaojun.
The more frowning, the tighter the day. Shaojun was shocked by the stability of this law, but he was overwhelmed by this constant attack.
The power of every immortal thunder is called Xuanyang meteorite, and the brilliance of the immortal sword is dim, which is even more chaotic. The strangulation of firm but gentle makes him once in a precarious state.
"If I come here, I have to suffer from such cowardice!"
Isn’t it? If he complains, he will see two swords, one black and one white, and they will directly entangle the Xuanyang meteorite sword in chaos.
"A pair of late fairy fly sword? Finished this two people hopeless … "
Feeling the power and birth of the male and female fairy swords makes people feel the sword. As soon as you sigh in your heart, you will see that the fairy master is frightened that the golden light in the essence of Sinochem is extracted and integrated into the Xuanyang meteorite fairy sword.
"Meiyu machine is also a descendant of the divine king, but the blood is thin after all … let’s give it a try."
The sword light rises again, and the young gentleman takes the afterglow of man and sword into one, and his own residual strength urges the fairy sword to turn into a round of sunset, and finally the bright light collides with the edge of chaos.
Qing Wei’s look changed slightly, and he quickly changed his offensive and defensive position, holding long banners and cooperating with Xian Fu Yuan Ling to stabilize the large array.
Cleaning the dust is also throwing the staff into the large array, and then turning it into a heavy number of stars. The large array also cooperates with Qingwei to eliminate this fairy master’s sword.
Looking at the breakthrough, I hope to obliterate the afterglow, and blow up the fairy sword. On the day, Shaojun’s thoughts moved, and an explosion of jade Qing fairy thunder slightly interrupted the day, but it was still half a step late.
Immediately in the floating palace, the emperor Qingxuan directly caught off guard and took away the true spirit that the afterglow was still intact.
"Great power? !”
Chapter five hundred and sixty-one Xuanyang meteorite fairy to monty mouth star grave.
I have to say that at the key moment, Emperor Qing Xuan controls the floating palace, so it’s really a mess to watch the afterglow disappear.
It’s a little scary to have a powerful enemy who keeps watching.
It was at this rare opportunity that I saw a staff of stars flying out and hitting Xuanyang meteorite Xianjian directly.
The starlight diffuses and diffuses, and a heavy seal rolls up the fairy sword and flies back to the chaos directly, and then there is a firm but gentle pouring that drowns the little gentleman’s strength.
Donghai Sea
Fairy operator flies back to the Mud Pill Palace and sits safely in the starlight staff, and also flies back with Xuanyang meteorite Xianjian.
"You can’t buy my immortal sword for nothing. The other teacher younger brother put it away."
Outside, a gray river washed away at Xuanyang meteorite Xianjian several times, calling it clear dust after it had awakened to fear in the spirit of Xianjian Yuan, and handed it to Qingwei instead.
Even if the magic weapon is much longer than the dharma body in the world, it can’t hold the dust to wash back and forth like this, and cutting the "Shou Yuan" is to remove the traces of the Japanese monarch
This is a threat of swaying, which is comparable to the common people.
Qing Wei’s hand raised against Xian Jian bit by bit, and the seal was suppressed for the time being.
Although the senior brother seems to have fallen, he still has to cook it well after he is clean.
"It’s a blessing and a fortune for every fairy sword to be able to come to Buzhu Fairy Sword Array without being tempted by threats and inducements!"
And the trace in the fairy sword was completely erased to suppress the moment.
On one side, in the middle of the vast and prosperous world stands a towering ancient tree, which exudes a mysterious and unpredictable atmosphere.
Looking at the thick trunk of the ancient wood nearby, it’s hard to see the edge, but a branch of it suddenly opens its eyes as if two groups of sun were sending out hot light and going straight through the void
"Great power …"
"The coincidence of what Yan said should be the one who took away the Taoist Qing Wei at the beginning."
Sun Shaojun didn’t feel angry and sore because of the loss of two immortals and a fairy sword.
On the contrary, I didn’t find anything more, so I have a little regret.
"This powerful person should be a Taoist who is generally in poor condition but seems to be very clear."
"A fantastic large array that can be filled with fairy complete series at any time, and a pair of fairy swords in the late fairy period …"
On the day, Shaojun’s eyes were deep and awe-stricken, and he glanced at the higher area of Fusang ancient wood, and he couldn’t help sighing.
"If you really want to get any news from Qingweidao personally, you have to prepare yourself."
"It seems that it is necessary to consider changing the target. Now, it is likely that Wanbao and Lin Lingsu will be more difficult to deal with him."
"Yu Qingwei … I’ll find you personally after your breakthrough, saying that Xuanyang Sword is not so easy to take!"
And thinking about being taken away, I can’t help but frown and put it away.
Although this kind of thing, the true spirit, carries a lot of information and can be recorded, all the lives of creatures contain eternal memories, but the body is not strong enough to be considered "fragile" at the level of dharma body, especially if there is no yuan God in the case of the true spirit, it is difficult for the soul to hold on to the high-level forces, and even worse, the afterglow of the true spirit has been somewhat damaged
When the true spirit returned to the heavens and the earth, there were many unlucky people, and some of the true spirit was completely annihilated in the aftermath, prolonging the life span.




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