Who knows that before I got up, I was already suffering from severe physical pain, and I was once again depressed in my heart.
"Hey, I don’t see you for a day, do you miss it?"
The girl’s crisp sound makes her appear in the hut when she is not known.
At first, Lu Li was happy with the appearance of the girl, and then the girl’s words made Lu Li dizzy and confused.
For this innocent and charming girl, it is almost impossible to resist, as if she were her own nemesis.
Seeing the girl on the spot from Lulu Petrochemical, she changed the subject with a smile. "I was going to give you a surprise. It seems that you have a surprise?"
He couldn’t really grasp the girl’s temper with a sigh. When he turned around, he found that the girl’s right hand trembled with a bamboo basket and seemed to be injured
"Are you hurt?"
Lu Li asked
"A minor injury doesn’t matter."
The girl is still smiling, showing a strong breath, shaking her head repeatedly, and she will die if she is injured.
For this girl, there is always a vague feeling of going back to the past.
It seems that I am no longer an immortal, and I have returned to Pingxi Village to marry and live a quiet mountain village life.
Chapter 37 deja vu
But now that I’ve fallen into the world, I’m very hurt. Can I still fulfill my former vows in this life?
Lu Li’s brow wrinkled deeply and almost twisted into a ball with a heavy expression, which seemed to be very dignified and serious after decades of vicissitudes.
Seeing that the girl obediently came to Lulu’s side, she sat on the stone bed and said, "This little injury of the fairy really doesn’t matter. Are you sad? Will the fairy still be fragrant and die?"
Hearing the word "fragrant and dead" reminded Lu of centrifugal injury, deliberately made an evil expression and glared at her, waving to the girl to get closer, then he checked the injury.
This scene is a bit odd. The girl went to collect herbs and left for medical treatment, but now she has become a stranger. She looked at the injury and stared at herself. The girl was a little timid and slowly moved to the side of the stranger, and the atmosphere did not dare to come out. She seemed to be startled by the ferocious face of the stranger.
The girl knows a little about medical skills, but she knows that the girl with eyes is trembling in her right hand. Obviously, she has some injuries. Maybe she didn’t realize that she was away from home for fear of hidden dangers, so she went out to check.
Lu Li gently lifted the girl’s right hand, and she felt her pulse for a while. She was relieved that the girl’s meridians were working normally, and a faint real fluid slowly improved her physique, removing impurities and leaving the essence, which was the performance of the foundation realm.
Seeing that the girl was not injured and showed no signs of poisoning, she was a little safe in her heart and asked, "Where is the injury?"
The girl blushed and said slowly, "It’s on the right forearm."
Seeing her shy heart, Lu Li said that this girl is really pure and simple, but the medical injury matters. How can the vision of this former fairy master be comparable to that of an ordinary quack?
Gently lift the veil on the girl’s right arm. Sure enough, there is an imprint on the forearm. The wound is faintly blue and seems to be bitten by some poisonous insect.
"This is?"
In the past, Lu Li thought that he was somehow a small demon in the Heron Mountain. Generally, he had a set of collars in dealing with poisonous beasts. Even some monsters at the beginning of spiritual wisdom were teased by Lu Li. There was a hasty impression about this impression, but he couldn’t remember it.
"I don’t know if it was caused by something, but I didn’t see it clearly when I was collecting medicine in the forest outside the heart lake."
The girl returned to the land and wondered that she was not very clear about the injured person.
"I have a vague impression that this thing is a splitting headache for a while-"
Lu Li tried hard to recall that the scar corresponded to the insect, but instead of remembering it, it was the pain in his head that forced him to stop.
"It’s okay. The wound condition is not like poisoning. I just want some herbs. On the contrary, you have been hungry for a day, right?"
The girl pulled up the veil on her right arm. Although she was away from home to check the injury of one arm, she still looked very shy.
"One beverage cooled-"A response from the belly was very clever and directly answered the girl’s question.
"This woman in great restraint to me! Far better than the ancestor of the cliff! "
From the dark sigh a heart sigh a way
The bamboo basket above the girl’s head went out of the hut again, and soon she returned and shook herself gently. The rain saw the stone bed shaking constantly, and the girl seemed to realize something. "Ah, I neglected to light some firewood."
I’m cold when I’m away from home, but I’m afraid to say half a sentence of malicious words. My heart hates saying, "You’ll kill me if you go on like this."
The girl who lit some firewood quickly set up an iron pot to pick mushrooms from nowhere, sprinkled a handful of spices and salt into the iron pot, and then set up a small fire on the side to cut a few small fish, cut sharp branches and string them together to roast the fish. She was very skilled.
I have to sigh that the design of this house is very clever, and the walls seem to be forged from a strange material, neither trees nor stone, so I have never seen it before.
Behind the stove, there seems to be a wind tunnel. The cabin is not only a little fireworks, but also a mushroom soup and grilled fish. The fragrance wafts to a hundred miles, which generally attracts the sight of the land.
Firewood burns and crackles, and the fragrance of this room will leave my childhood memories and my parents’ faces. It seems that a bunch of brothers and sisters in Pingxi Village are beside me.




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