There are no five pieces of magic in the ancient metaphysical multiplier level, even the fragments of magic multiplier are rare. Compared with each piece, magic can’t be measured by spiritual fruit.
"Are you going to do it or not?" Guo Yi was very satisfied with Mr. Chiba’s expression.
"Don’t do it if you are stupid." Mr. Chiba is faster than afraid that Guo Yi will go back on his word.
Guo Yi hey hey smiled and patted Mr. Chiba on the shoulder. "That’s good. You will stun me in Lingjiu now, and then strip him naked and hang him to the door of the evil palace."
"Will it be too hard for you to do this, but it will completely ruin him? You should know that the cultivation of immortals values face more than life." Although Mr. Chiba is a little new, he is also a principled person
"Well, you give me back that multiplier fragment. If you don’t do it, I’ll find someone else. I’m sure many people will try to do it." Guo Yi laughed.
Of course, the principle of huge interests is to sell a multiplier-level fragment. It is already possible to invite a master to move the sky. Even if the wind and frost and the Xuan are the right way, celebrities may wear night clothes to help Guo Yigan with this kind of business.
Chapter 264 Wedding Day
For example, today, the evil peak gathered in the ancient mysterious realm, and most of them were immortal masters. Many of these people just returned from the battlefield and went to the evil peak to attend the wedding of Guo Yi and the evil woman.
This wedding is the biggest in ten thousand years, and the wedding flowers alone exceeded 10 billion Lingcao plants. However, as far as the marriage was concerned, there was a funeral before the evil peak the day before yesterday.
Comrade Ling Jiulong, the great genius of Tianxie Peak, was stunned by someone on the night of the tenth day of the month. When the next morning came, it was discovered that there were many onlookers, many sects and many young girls, as well as figurines Guo Yi and Mr. Chiba.
Some people say that Ling Jiulong’s butt skin is very white, others say that his side is not big enough, and some people say that the scar on his thigh was bitten by a woman. Anyway, many people commented that Ling Jiulong went crazy when he woke up.
Two days later, the rumors became more and more serious, and almost everyone knew about the scandal. It was not until the third day that the body of Lingjiu was found, when he had just died.
Who killed Lingjiu after all?
This has become the most discussed problem among all the immortals before Guo Yi got married. Some people say that he committed suicide, but how can a madman commit suicide? So some people say that grandpa Ling Jiulong killed him because of his cheek. Obviously, this inference holds water and is agreed by most people.
These days, Mr. Chiba has been pulling Guo Yi and complaining, "I didn’t kill Kowloon, but I died because of me! What a shame! "
"Ma Ling Kowloon was killed by his grandfather himself, and of course it’s none of my business," Guo Yi said.
After the funeral was detained, it finally came to the attention of the people on the fifteenth day of last month, and the colorful sun hung high, and the gongs and drums blared …
Banquets were held in all the palaces of the Heavenly Evil Palace, and the most famous artists in the Immortal realm were invited to perform on stage. There was a high platform floating in the air. This high platform was made of rare blue iron, weighing 990,000 kilograms, and the petals of fairy clouds were as big as a football field. The Heavenly Evil Peak Refiner Hall was specially refined for this wedding.
Early in the morning, Guo Yi was dragged up by Su E from the bed and then dressed up, and Guo Yi was driven out to meet guests instead of welcoming guests!
The groom personally went to the gate to meet the people who came to cultivate immortality. This is really an evil day peak. The bosses carefully arranged it. After all, it is natural for Guo Yi to be familiar with these predecessors. By the way, Guo Yi’s infamous name will be changed.
Guo Yi Haqie came to the table at dawn, and Guo Yi quickly greeted him. Before he could see who the bearer was, he respectfully bowed to the bearer and said, "Welcome to the elder. I wonder if it is a sect. Have you received an invitation?"
"Mom, cheating always arrives on the 15th of the month." The old beggar was exhausted and steaming, and then he sat down panting.
The old beggar was shocked by Yun Xianer. Ten thousand dumplings flew by boat until today, and he came to the wedding without stopping. Instead, he became the first guest on the spot. He had a shocking bet with Mr. Chiba and had to attend the wedding in person.
Lin Xiao and Guo Yi greeted the guests at the door together, but now he is sitting at an Aoki table at the door with a pen in his hand. Is he really a copy of the gift list or Guo Yi?
Lin Xiao asked curiously, "Who is this elder?"
"This old stick is rich. It’s very important for me to kill him." Guo Yi smiled and then walked behind the old beggar and patted him on the shoulder. "Did you come to the wedding?"
"Naturally," the old beggar was so tired at this time that he didn’t recognize Guo Yiyin.
"Do seniors have wedding invitations?" Guo Yidao
The old beggar touched his arms and suddenly froze, then jumped up from the ground with a clap of his hands and shouted, "Mom ran so fast that I didn’t know which ravine she fell into."
"Don’t worry, don’t worry, you can come to the wedding banquet without an invitation, but you have to give a gift money." Guo Yi said.
The old beggar ransacked the treasury and palace of Zhongzhou Lingguo, but it was natural for Guo Yi to slaughter him well.
The old beggar turned his head and suddenly came with Guo Yi, an old guy with four eyes. When he found out that the person who asked for the gift money was actually Guo Yi, his heart suddenly jumped and he felt that the event was not good. His face smiled hey hey, "Everyone is an acquaintance and you are still my martial brother. I can count you as half an elder. Is this gift money not given?"
"What the seniors say is that you should give more because you are the elders, and the more you are, the more you love us," Guo Yi laughed.
"Greedy is too small" The old beggar scolded Guo Yi several times and angrily said, "How much will it cost you to attend this wedding?"
The old beggar is rich and confident.
Guo Yi was overjoyed and then smiled at Lin. "One billion strains of Lingcao, a mysterious old beggar in Wumeng, are sent to your predecessors. Please come inside!"
Lin’s smile pen is quite fast. Divide by three and five and divide by two, and a glowing bronze iron roll engraved with the number of gifts given by the old beggar.
After listening to Guo Yiyin, the old beggar suddenly fell down in a hurry. "You are too cruel. One billion Lingcao plants can buy ten instruments."
The old beggar wanted to reach out and grab the iron scroll gift list in Lin Xiao’s hand, but Guo Yi stopped him and said, "Please respect yourself, senior, but it’s the evil peak here. If you dare to mess around, I’ll treat you as disturbing the wedding scene."
Lin Xiao is also very cooperative. "There are fifty dharma lords in the evil palace, but they form an army to protect the wedding order. If they don’t give gifts according to the number, they will rush out and kill their predecessors."
Fifty dharma masters form an army, which is absolutely horrible. Only when there is an evil peak can the old beggar be so generous, but he dare not compete with fifty dharma masters.
"Mom, this cup of wedding banquet is so fucking expensive." The old beggar scolded 1 in a low voice and then threw ten pieces of utensils looted from Zhongzhou Lingguo, so he broke his sleeves and went in.
Getting married is really making money! Guo Yi now doubts whether Tianxiefeng really wants to make a fortune by holding this wedding.
After the old beggar left, various sects came one after another, including the Sect of Cultivating Immortals, and brought many younger brothers to see the world. When the sun rose, hundreds of people entered the banquet.
Guo Yi greeted dozens of predecessors in a row when a stunning girl in dark green clothes came slowly with a blonde girl in her arms.
Witch today finally gave clothes to wear, but also specially dressed up her long hair and put it in a bun. She also looked ten times more beautiful than before, and immediately gave Guo Yi a look of delusion.
XiaoFengFeng today is wearing a small gold robe with a small golden lotus face. It’s very cute. She looks at Guo Yi without blinking. Her mouth seems to want to say something, but she doesn’t say anything. Her eyes are sparkling with crystal tears.
The witch still glanced at Guo Yi with a cool look. The golden light flashed in her mouth and she spit out a Buddhist relic. She handed it to Guo Yi with a cold hand. "This belongs to you. Now you are a gift. Do you think it is enough?"
Guo Yilai wanted to get the Buddhist relic back from the witch, but when she handed it to Guo Yi, Guo Yi didn’t accept it.
"The first kiss in the witch’s temple is worth more than a Buddhist relic Guo Yi’s gift. How can I get it back?"
Guo Yi not only didn’t accept the witch’s hand Buddha relic, but took out a magic mirror from Xianmen. This magic mirror was given to Lingjiu by the witch that day and asked Lingjiu to help her do something. This magic mirror was specially taken away by Guo Yi from Lingjiu.
"This is the only relic your mother left you. Guo Yi is not worth it." Guo Yi said.
Guo Yi learned from Lingjiulongkou that the witch gave this magic mirror to Lingjiulong in order to prevent Guo Yi from marrying the evil woman through his prayer to the Japanese dharma keeper. Unfortunately, Lingjiulong did not give the magic mirror to the Japanese dharma keeper but hid it, and now it has fallen into Guo Yi’s hands.




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