"He just hid the door? !”
People looked at the waiter in disbelief
"You talk nonsense!"
"I found the body of Mr. Chef with everyone!"
The waiter roared
"Then please clean the oil stain on your back-Chief Lance would you please check whether there is an oil stain on the back wall of a kitchen door?"
Goethe said with great interest
The sudden appearance of a case in front of me is really too simple for Goethe, a primary school student who has watched more than six deaths in his hometown and a drama grandfather, especially when his body is almost three times that of ordinary people, some ordinary people can’t observe the details, and Goethe’s eyes are limited to enlarge.
For example …
At present, the waiter’s heart beat violently from just now, even the screaming lady’s heart beat gently, but the other party remained the same.
This naturally attracted Goethe’s attention.
Goethe found something fishy after careful observation.
It’s like looking through the answers before doing a problem. Generally, the whole process can be deduced quickly-well, except mathematics.
"Pueraria lobata!"
Lanster ma shouted that the deputy sheriff rushed to the kitchen at once, and then behind the door, he found that a piece of the wall covered with oil was really rubbed off.
Pueraria immediately rushed to the waiter.
There was no resistance, and the waiter collapsed when Gegen rushed in.
"It’s his fault!"
"He told me that adding some drugs to food would make food delicious, but he didn’t tell me that doing so would make diners addicted and die!"
The waiter shouted
Goethe eyebrows a pick to tell the truth, he suddenly felt that it was not so bad not to have lunch here, and he also felt that Maria’s "blood-nourishing soup" might not be so bad to swallow.
Maybe …
I should go home for dinner?
Maria is cooking now, so it should come back, right?
Goethe thought, but a polite smile appeared on his face.
Because a group of reporters who were blocked by the patrol had rushed in at this time.
"What happened to Mr. Ma Puer?"
"How did you find the murderer?"
"Did you just help the police arrest the murderer?"
These reporters asked around Goethe one by one.
Even though they witnessed the process, they still asked cheerfully at this time
Not just for professional reasons.
And because …
They are really interested.
When they met Goethe, they felt that they had met a treasure.
Whenever they think they know Goethe well enough, Goethe always shows a more’ fresh’ side.
First, the mob-fearing gentleman
Then there are excellent travelers.
Then there’s the blood club teenager.
Not the kind of third-rate detective who investigates extramarital affairs and looks for cats and dogs, but the first-class detective who can solve murder cases




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