In this way, I tried several times, and Du Yun’s action still failed. Now I can’t remember how many times I tried, and I was almost numb. Du Yun’s heart jumped suddenly and thought that it was almost impossible for him to walk according to his own set route because he had his own consciousness and was guided by his own mind.
Thinking of these, Du Yun stopped trying to solve the problem with his eyes closed. Seeing that Du Yun finally stopped trying to think, Liu Lao realized that Du Yun had found the problem and finally showed a satisfied smile on his mouth.
At this time, Du Yunti’s ice spirit didn’t good the spirit muttered, "Stupid humans want my minister to do things according to your wishes and daydream …" Then he burst out laughing.
Instead of being angry at Du Yun for laughing at the ice spirit, he was a little excited. After he woke up, Du Yun had come up with a way to collect the ice spirit. Immediately, he shook his head slightly at the body for a thousand years, and his mouth was still a sly smile.
However, this method needs the help of the fire dragon spirit, so Du Yun immediately called the fire dragon from the bottom of his heart, "Come out, little one, I have something to ask you for help!"
As time goes on, the fire dragon and Du Yun become better and better. Now, the fire dragon will not refuse to ask Du Yun for help. Sure enough, after hearing Du Yun’s call, the fire dragon rejoiced and said, "Du Yun, say something quickly and I promise to do it to your satisfaction."
For the fire dragon, if Du Yun is loquacious at ordinary times, he may be poor with the fire dragon, but it is very urgent at present. Du Yungen is not in the mood to joke with the fire dragon and quickly said that he has a cold spirit for thousands of years. I hope he can help collect the ice spirit.
After listening to this, the fire dragon’s face also showed a trace of caution, but he didn’t refuse. Du Yun also knew that it was very difficult to collect creatures with their own consciousness. After all, they had realized that they were free and happy and absolutely didn’t want to be slaves to others.
The fire dragon didn’t take action immediately after agreeing, but thought for a moment before taking action. The easiest way to collect the ice spirit is to defeat him completely.
After all, although this method is direct, it is also the most practical method.
Soon the fire dragon controlled a flame, and Du Yun gold and silver flowed in two veins to find the location of the cold ice flow. At this time, the cold ice flow was very arrogant and rampant everywhere, and no one looked at it, so the fire dragon soon found the location of the cold ice flow.
For the fire dragon, there is an ice spirit. Of course, I also realize that he has always been enemies with fire and ice since ancient times. Now it can be said that he is particularly jealous when he meets an enemy.
Roots don’t need a prelude to jump directly. Of course, the two are not affectionate feelings and touching each other, but to completely defeat each other and let him make his own feet.
In the process of rushing, the fire dragon mobilized Duyun Ziyan God to be cremated into a strip of fire pythons, while the Millennium Han’s spirit condensed Ruyi. As soon as ice silkworm came into contact with the two, he was entangled and madly gnawed at them. He didn’t care that the fighting occasion was in the veins of Du Yun.
The reason is that the thin film formed by hemolytic grass juice to protect the cold ice flow has not had much impact on the veins, but now Ziyan Shenhuo and the Millennium Cold War have destroyed the thin film. Now Du Yun’s veins not only have to endure the attack of cold ice, but also endure the baking of Ziyan Shenhuo and enjoy the double treatment of ice and fire at the same time … Directly make Du Yun want to be immortal. Chapter 323 Devouring ice and ice.
It’s a pity that dying now is not cool, but survival. You can’t die. You can’t violently distort the tendons and stimulate Du Yun’s painful nerves. Du Yun has long been unable to sit cross-legged but keeps rolling around and dying. His mouth is constantly sad and howling.
Of course, the dragon heard Du Yun scream, but there is no better way at this time. The only thing to do is to defeat the Millennium Cold Spirit as soon as possible, so that Du Yun may suffer a little less. The long stalemate has already made the dragon very angry, and the scream of his master Du Yun has completely angered the dragon.
Listening to his cold hum, the flame was originally borrowed from Ziyan Shenhuo, and now it has also been adjusted to its own life. Ziyan Shenhuo and the fire dragon’s life have turned the original flame into three strands. The circulation of Ziyan Shenhuo meridians has exceeded the maximum amount of Du Yun meridians, but at this time, Du Yun meridians have been destroyed. When three strands of Ziyan Shenhuo passed through, they were not hindered as much as one.
It used to be easy to distinguish between gold and silver veins, but now they are baked black, and they can’t tell which is the gold vein and which is the silver vein.
Three wisps of Ziyan Shenhuo suddenly turned into three strips of fire pythons, and then quickly pounced on the wishful ice silkworm fire dragon, which is a wonder of heaven and earth, and recently got a lot of energy strength of Ziyan Shenhuo. Although the attack power has not yet reached its peak, the strength has been restored to 70%, and it needs enough energy to return to its peak …
At this time, the battle is mainly about the soul. The thousand-year-old cold spirit has just condensed and formed the soul force. Naturally, there can be no fire dragon so strong, so the fire dragon can control three fire pythons, but he can still fuck one.
When the one-on-one fire python and Ruyi ice silkworm are evenly matched, now it is three-on-one. Just after contact, it becomes a one-sided situation. After only a few shocks, Ruyi ice silkworm is entangled by three fire pythons and firmly moves.
The spirit of ice is to condense the best. Now that ice silkworm controls him, it is also equivalent to imprisoning the spirit of ice. Although Du Yun is reliable, the fire dragon defeated the cold spirit of the Millennium, but if you want to completely collect the spirit of ice, you still have to do it yourself. Therefore, Du Yun immediately controlled his gods to pounce on the spirit of ice.
Know that if you want to make the ice bend, you have to do it yourself, or even with the help of the fire dragon power, it is absolutely a method to beat the Millennium cold spirit. After this, Du Yun immediately controlled his gods and quickly flocked to the Millennium cold spirit.
At this time, the ice spirit possessed Ruyi ice silkworm. Although Ziyan Shenhuo bound the root method to move, at this time, the Millennium cold spirit is still really without a trace of consciousness. It is still a big talk and no gradual roar, and I can’t wait to slap the Millennium cold spirit to death.
However, this is just Du Yun’s intention that the ice spirit is a physical object. Even if Du Yun slaps the whole chamber of secrets, it may not hurt him.
However, although Du Yun slapped the ice spirit to death, Du Yun’s spreading of gods could pose a great threat to him.
When the original arrogant ice spirit was constantly clamoring, he suddenly felt a sense of crisis around him, which shocked him. It is hard to understand how a humble human can have the ability to hurt him
Although the ice spirit was surprised, it didn’t panic. After a while, it was found that the source of the crisis was a monster that was formed by the condensation of form and spirit, whistling towards him.
At this time, although it was found that Du Yun had condensed his knowledge, he was not at ease. After all, he was able to condense his consciousness and it was absolutely extraordinary. Du Yun couldn’t stand being clamored by the ice spirit. When he first made moves, he was the direct power root without leaving any hand.
God knows that the condensed monster seems to have sensed the anger of the master and arrived at the ice spirit, and then attacked it without stopping for a moment. Seeing that the monster came to his side, the ice spirit did not show weakness at all, but also condensed into an entity and rushed towards the monster not far away.
God knows that the condensed monster is fiercer than when he first came, and that pair of sharp claws mercilessly grasped the opposite ice spirit. Moreover, his claws are fast and powerful, which is very rare. There is a slight distortion everywhere. Du Yun absolutely believes that it is absolutely necessary to grasp the ice spirit with claws and instantly hurt him.
Although the ice spirit is arrogant, it is definitely not stupid. Naturally, it can sense the crisis of claws. Of course, it does not pursue direct hard touch but chooses to dodge …
Ice spirit made a very correct choice this time, otherwise this will make him move and feel the attack power of the opposite monster. Ice spirit also gave up his contempt for his heart and finally showed unprecedented dignity.
The sneak attack has failed. Du Yunhao changed his strategy and attacked directly to give the ice spirit a devastating blow, which made him feel fear in his heart, so that he could be a minister to himself.
After Du Yun made up his mind, he casually ordered the god-knowledge condensed monster to pounce on the opposite ice spirit again. He had an experience and didn’t let the ice spirit dodge. This time, the monster first kept circling around the ice spirit to find the best opportunity to shoot.
But after the second time, the ice spirit has learned that the defense is watertight, and there is no chance for him. So for a few minutes, the patience of the god-condensed monster is exhausted, so he can’t wait to find the flaw of the ice spirit and jump out directly.
When the ice spirit saw the box of monsters, he suddenly flashed two thoughts to escape or hard touch. However, these two thoughts only flashed in his mind for two seconds, and he decided to hard touch. If he escaped again, although he could get rid of the crisis temporarily, he lost his courage to fight, which was even more unfavorable to his later form.
Since I made up my mind that the ice spirit had crustily skin of head to meet him, after blinking, he collided with the monster severely. The monster was several times bigger than him and knocked him out of his back as soon as he touched it.
Du Yun, a monster with condensed gods, saw such a situation, and his heart was slightly pleased to pounce on the ice spirit casually and quickly. Of course, the ice spirit could not just give up, and then he violently resisted. If he didn’t know that the two were desperately, he would definitely recognize that this was two lovers making out.
Du Yun felt that he had controlled the ice spirit, and then he was overjoyed, and then the output of gods was faster and the quantity was greater. The monster got a lot of supplementary strength in the spirit, and the original ice spirit was not an opponent. After the current strength was greatly increased, the ice spirit root did not have room to fight back, so he directly fixed himself. No matter how he struggled, it was a way to escape.
Seeing that the purpose of imprisonment has been achieved, Du Yun knows that it is finally time for him to strike out. Remember to realize that he came to the opposite side of the ice spirit with the knowledge of God and took a glance. He still struggled. He smiled and asked, "Now that you have been defeated by me, will you be willing to surrender to me?"
"Bah, despicable human beings will use other people’s strength to have something. You let me loose and we will have a fair fight …" Ice spirit disdained to glance at Du Yun and said coldly.




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