It quickly whispered something.
an instant
Several golden waterfalls appear from the virtual.
These represent the disappearance of the rune of destruction as soon as the eternal power appears in the giant’s mouth.
The golden waterfalls are coming together and flapping gently towards the shadow.
The shadow suddenly dispersed into a dim black light spot, which was drawn into the virtual by the waterfall and gradually disappeared.
A line of fireflies in the virtual space appears quickly.
"You killed the eternal king."
"It is in the process of being demonized, so it gradually loses its qualification to represent chaos and is about to be completely obliterated by the destruction runes in the tomb of the market."
"You killed the eternal king without hesitation."
At the last minute, it cooperated with you to complete an important entropy solution.
"its pow has not returned to chaos."
"you inherit its last strength."
"You got the real doomsday power."
"-the dark sequence of the doomsday lines of all worlds"
Chapter 46 Chaos and strange things
Gu Qingshan is in the mouth.
Line after line of firefly fine print stayed in front of him, but he didn’t continue to look.
See his body gently move before flying that crystallized wall hesitate to count his breath and press his hand.
-what exactly is this body covered with black scales?
That’s what makes him more secretive than the sequence he’s about to get
A new indicator suddenly appears in the virtual space.
"You have come into contact with the tomb of Shuozhong Market."
"This is the tomb of all chaotic spirits, but it is the refuge of people surrounded by chaotic will."
Gu Qingshan asked, "Can the interface specifically say what this body is?"
A new line of indicators appears.
"it is the source of power in chaos-since chaos came, it has continuously released the mysterious runes of poverty and destruction, making the power of chaos strong enough."
Gu Qingshan looked deep into the crystal wall and saw that there was a black hole deeper than that. The rune of destruction was constantly released from the black hole and then rushed out of the giant mouth and spread towards the fog.
Suddenly a huge earthquake sounded from the corpse department.
"You … should … leave …"
Gu Qingshan word shape a longitudinal then flew quickly out of the giant mouth range.
-the other party has not allowed him to stay any longer.
I don’t have enough strength to talk at present.
I’d better leave first and ask him about it when I have a chance.
Gu Qingshan flew out of the range covered by the huge body and went deep into the fog until he was hundreds of thousands of miles away from the other party, and then he stopped to have a short rest.
He looked forward at the indicator.
"You have gained the power of the dark sequence of the doomsday lines."
"Your eternal power has been promoted."
"You will destroy your power and status forever at this moment, and you will be able to immediately call chaos to empower the apostles who hid in the past history."
Gu Qingshan changed his mind.
Four illusory battle flags appeared behind him.
A strange smell, his body is constantly floating, emitting a destructive force.
"This is the dark sequence power … much more powerful than annihilation and evil …"




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