No part has been hurt, but it has put the whole star bus neural structure into a state of normal operation, which is almost dead
Lin doesn’t know how much damage the explosion caused, but it must have hit some important parts of the nerve structure, and the nutrient flow no longer works. All the structures in it stopped, which is similar to the death of ordinary creatures
Next, if it is an ordinary creature, the dead structure will be quickly decomposed by microorganisms, but the star bus structure is special, and there are no microorganisms to decompose it
But Lynn thinks … it may not wake up again.
However, it seems that some other organs are still working, such as sending organs.
These organs are still’ alive’ because they were sent to the hospital after being hit, just like ordinary living things, organs don’t need brains to keep running.
Always escape from the original local security environment, you can have some opportunities to study everything, but … where did this place go?
At present, it is not clear … and it is not sure whether it is an safe environment.
But these things must be noted later.
At present, the world is still collapsing, cracks are increasing everywhere, and the ground is a scene of destruction, which makes Lin feel wonderful. The star bus is really a very solid world, which may be much stronger and more stable than ordinary rollers.
But if we go this way, the world will still be destroyed, and we don’t know if the brain spirit forces will follow us.
There are always many things to do now …
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Nova
"Boom …"
Although the war is temporarily … over.
But Lin, the battle is not over yet.
But the world scenery has not recovered, and everything is still on the brink of doomsday …
The hole in the ground feels like a huge spiral, which generally stirs everything together, like lava, black metal battleship debris and a lot of stones, all of which form a spiral and go straight to the deep ground.
The sky is still shrouded in smoke and dust, and the dark clouds still show the scene that the world has been destroyed
There are several cracks in the blackened surface around the huge potholes, which are increasing bit by bit.
A large number of fluffy balls flew over the earth’s surface and observed and recorded all the injuries suffered by the star bus, but the question is how to repair them?
Lynn has repaired many things, but it is not so easy to repair a world.
But this is not a’ technical’ problem, it is a material problem … Lin believes that repairing the cracks in the earth is very simple, and it is almost the same to stop the surface and underground cracks.
Of course, it’s not as simple as blocking the big cracks. Lin wants to send a lot of pompoms to block the small cracks in all the cracks on the surface and underground, and then block the big ones. The star bus is quite strong. If it is done well, it will not continue to collapse
However, there is a lack of resources to plug so many cracks, mainly because the number of pompoms is insufficient, and there are too few creatures here to transform them into enough to repair them.
At present, Lin Shao has repaired some underground problems. A large number of pompoms are moving rapidly in the cave of Spine Forest. They decompose the surrounding caving rocks and separate out the most suitable materials, and then another smaller pompoms fly to various parts of the cave for repair.
Usually, the decomposition of rock pompoms is about one meter, while the repair of pompoms is ten centimeters. They can drill into various cracks and fill them with tentacles.
Lin thinks it’s enough to put the fallen stones back in good condition, so that the collapse will end.
Stabilize your residence and then stabilize the surface.
In addition to the most severely injured and attacked parts of the surface, there are other places that have also been greatly affected, but compared with the heaviest parts, these places have not suffered much damage. Lin thought that maybe they can be repaired from these places.
But what Lin needs most is resources.
There are not enough resources here, so it is necessary to transport resources from other places. At present, the star bus has very few resources, and because it is now collapsing, Lin can’t continue to dig around to find new resources … or Lin can produce resources here herself, but how long will it take?
In order to deal with this problem, Lin took action … Lin fired a large fluffy ball into the virtual middle to confirm the situation around here.
As soon as the fluffy ball left the smoke-covered star bus, it saw a huge shining light cluster …




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