Is to escape to the virtual plan
It seems to be quite similar to the history of Atlanta … but this plan was initiated by them.
Although this star has many rollers, there are not many rollers suitable for living. The most suitable place is confirmed to be a roller near’ Ershi’, which is here.
Another target is the’ Walsh’ satellite, but it is said that it is not suitable there.
Of course, it is suitable, that is, relatively speaking, there are wild sand storms floating here all day, which is not suitable for these creatures … It is better to stay in the flooded world and feel that life is easier.
But they decided to just leave.
In fact, there were quite a few weeks’ plans at that time. Lin saw from the information that there were a lot of things to be prepared, such as huge aircraft and many technical plants, and there were quite a few technical professionals at the same time
They intend to transform this place into a very comfortable world after they come here. They think that some plants and some animals are suitable for this place to grow, and these creatures will multiply here on a large scale and will soon transform the whole world into a comfortable place.
That’s why they have prepared a lot of technology and technicians, and many very famous’ scientists’ have a lot of introductions.
However, the chief here said that the understanding of these characters is limited to the actual information, and he has never heard of anything done by these famous characters.
That’s because after they came here …
Really didn’t make anything.
After preparing a lot of materials and selecting a lot of technicians and some’ very important’ roles, let them come to this place by plane.
A total of ten aircraft came here. According to the data description, they all seem to be quite large, hundreds of meters long, and they were pieced together in virtual reality. However, due to technical problems, they have been pieced together for a long time and have not been tested.
After the completion, all living things will be sent to the aircraft, and the plan will be launched to catch up with the disaster.
Nine of the ten flying machines are used to take goods and creatures, and one is an automatic factory, which is used to produce all kinds of things suitable for living.
Everything was ready at first, but the process was not smooth …
After flying here, two aircraft crashed due to faults, and several encountered some problems when landing, which caused most of the occupants to be injured.
However, quite a few passengers survived, including that one, which was an automatic factory, and the aircraft was not damaged
At the same time, their exhibition plan also allows the automatic factory to produce all kinds of things, which were originally produced … the bucket-shaped building that Lin saw now.
They first lived in aircraft, and later when bucket buildings were built, they slowly lived in these buildings, which allowed them to live comfortably in dangerous environments.
Of course, the factory can make not this kind of building, it can also make a lot of things, and it must have enough resources to make a city.
But that’s an ideal situation …
Chapter seven hundred and thirty New World Life
Damage … seems to be the first problem.
These Atalanta-like creatures didn’t carry much resources when they came to this tumbling place, because they thought that the mineral production here was very rich, and the source bases of all the factories’ resources were excavated on the spot.
At first, the excavated resources were used to make bucket-shaped buildings, which are mobile and can be moved to other places to live.
In addition to bucket-shaped buildings, the factory also produces square buildings, which are almost a small house with a separate energy living system.
However, their life did not last well, and the problem soon occurred. They found that they had planned to raise plants and animals in this world to adapt to the environment.
They almost died, in fact, a large number of them were among the first two aircraft that crashed.
The causes of death of these creatures are not only adaptation problems, but also factories.
Because … the factory didn’t produce anything except those houses.
The factory first produced the first two kinds of things outside the house when the manufacturing system failed. They originally planned to build many’ greenhouses’ to grow plants, but the greenhouses were manufactured by law.
Those well-known technical experts can’t do anything about this situation. It seems that the damage was caused by improper landing.
This information is not detailed. Lin heard from the leader that it was a long time ago. What happened at the beginning … No creature knows.
Most other aircraft have problems, for example, they haven’t been able to fly again after landing. Energy shortage is also a problem, and the oxygen temperature maintenance system of the aircraft part has been damaged one after another for some time.
Although there are many’ technical experts’, it seems that they can’t fix these faults at all. Later, they all had to live outside the aircraft. Originally, some of them lived outside the aircraft, and most of them still lived inside the aircraft.
However, if we want to live outside, the number of houses is not enough, so they first crowded together to live, and the original number of houses was changed to a dozen or even dozens, and at the same time, the factory was allowed to speed up production, but at this time, more problems appeared
That factory was completely damaged.
According to the information, there was an explosion, and the factory was destroyed in the explosion, so it was impossible to reproduce the house … so this means that they have to live together.
This will lead to more problems …
Mainly housing energy system, these houses can accommodate a certain number of residents, otherwise the oxygen system and other things inside will be overloaded
At the same time, they are attacked by huge sandstorms, and they argue with each other about food distribution and so on.
The first case of death appeared soon, and then the situation became more and more, and their number dropped sharply.
But life has become easier. After all, it is not so crowded, and the distribution of food resources has become much looser. However, they have moved to other places to live in order to avoid sandstorms and bad weather.
At the same time, they also split up because of disputes and disagreements, and the whole group was divided into several groups to live in different places
After that, they settled down.
Because of the frequent occurrence of severe weather such as sandstorms, the world must move and change places frequently, and the number of their deaths is increasing because of their inadaptability to the environment
And they eat food and water prepared by the original aircraft, and these things are getting less and less.
But on their journey, they found new … water.
There is water in some parts of the world, which occasionally appears on the surface of the earth, just like a’ resting spring’
They happen to have a device that can detect nearby water sources, so they chase water sources everywhere, and they also find that these water sources are rich in some nutrients.
These nutrients … are suitable for a plant to grow.




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