"The source of unrest? Where? " Fox god was surprised.
"It is the Shinto law of the gods in this world that has fed back the way that the gods reversed the congenital gods, that is to say, the Shinto turmoil was not the resurrection of the gods first, but the gods reversed the congenital gods first." Taizhuang Jiaozu said word for word.
"What?" Fox God exclaimed, "So, you Terrans didn’t get a big bargain, and the brothers turned into gods first. Didn’t you say that you Terrans will dominate the heavens and the earth in the future?"
The fox myth has fallen to many places, and the demon Dragon King is instantly alert, with a pair of eyes staring at many ancestors.
Looking at the bitter gourd face of Tai Huang’s ancestor, Tai Dou’s ancestor said, "Tai Yuan, is there anything you haven’t explained clearly?"
"Alas," Tai Yuan’s ancestor snorted sullenly. "If it’s really like the fox god said, it’s a great good thing for my Terran, but it’s contrary to expectations. In the sky, the ministries and the gods have quietly bounded, and it’s obvious that they have second thoughts and don’t believe me! Do you think that if our younger brothers have the chance to turn into gods, can we not support them and have to leave without saying goodbye? "
"It’s better to say than to sing. If you had known this earlier, even the gods would have been suppressed by you." Ao muttered a taunt.
"This is the rebellious innate magic formula. Please look at it." With a wave of his hand, Taizhuang Jiaozu fell into the hands of all people.
Now that the gods have leaked the news, it is not too difficult for the demon Dragon King to get this tactic by means of means. In that case, it is better to be generous and look petty.
Looking at the hands of the method, all the strong people are all surprised with horror. "This method is simply an uncanny workmanship."
"Crazy! This is crazy! Great chaos! " Taiping ancestor looked at his hands and muttered to himself.
At this moment, the gods of the heavens are crazy and have fled into the world.
Miaoyu in Yaochi looked at the beautiful maids in her home. At this time, the center of the hall was in a state of anxiety.
I drank a cup of tea slowly and Miaoyu said slowly, "What, do you want to be bound?"
The gods in Yaochi chuckled, "If you want to be bound, the palace won’t stop you from being a Taoist. It’s more important to kill your father and your wife and hate me for the treasures in Yaochi. You can choose any boundary and seek your own opportunities."
"Thank you, Empress, for being so grateful to us." The gods kowtowed in succession and then respectfully withdrew from the Yaochi Hall.
"Why don’t you go?" See Fang Dangdang hall wonderful jade looked at the maid around.
"I … I cultivate the humble gods, but I can’t compete with them. In this case, it is better to leave the empress with a flat peach fairy fruit to ensure that the handmaiden will live forever." The maid wry smile way.
"What’s your name? In the future, you will stay close to the palace. "Miaoyu looked at the maid and nodded. It’s interesting that the little girl Jiao Jiao is weak.
The maid respectfully said, "Handmaiden Yao Ji visits the empress."
"You are still wise. They have been carried away by the impact of the gods." Miaoyu shook her head. "What a pity! As soon as these people enter the mortal world, they will turn into cannon fodder and then go offline. Instead, you and the palace are blessed with endless blessings. The queen mother of Yaochi is yours. "
"Empress pardon handmaiden dare not lust after empress position" Yao Ji got a fright and hurriedly knelt down.
"What are you afraid of! This Yaochi shrine is easy for me to abandon. Now I’m an immortal. It’s fun to have this shrine with a smile! Fun! I’ll be interesting to see if Hung-chun is playing that play. "
Miaoyu sneered and turned to look at the Gonge. "Go with the palace to the Jade Jingshan. This dedicated hall is deserted. There’s no one there. It’s all for profit and intelligence."
"It’s really cold and cheerless." Jade Duxiu Jade Bodhisattva sighed in the middle of the thirty-three days.
"It’s not just you who do good deeds." Jade bodhi old zu turned over their eyes and now they are pretending to be good people.
Chapter 221 Godfather’s plan to hundreds.
"What are you doing here on the third day?" Jade bodhi old zu stared at the jade show with a strange color.
"All the grandfathers, demon gods and Long Jun have made movements. Wouldn’t it be too weird if I didn’t make any movements? It’s hard for those old guys to involve me in this matter. You know, these old guys are crazy now, and I don’t want to ask for trouble." Jade Duxiu shook his head. "Do you think all the grandfathers will deal with this?"
"Since this matter involves faith and good fortune, then … the ancestors will inevitably start from this aspect, and the ancestors will also send their own brothers to the secular world to kill the gods and call their own brothers to seize the incense fire." Jade bodhi old zu stared. "Don’t underestimate the wisdom of the ancestors. Your plan may not be successful. Maybe it is a"
"Really?" Jade Duxiu turned his head to look at the jade bodhi old zu. "It’s not easy to have these old guys spoiled by me."
"Hongjun, what do you really want to do? You can think it over. Once the gods are born, the situation will get out of control." Jade bodhi old zu cautiously said.
"Of course I know what I’m doing." Yu Duxiu said here, "Don’t let anyone come yet."




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