Although Luo Feng is very bright and hearty, his aura is not as strong as this Dong Gong.
Su Wan couldn’t help laughing as a result of brain tonic.
This attracted Dong Shang to turn around and look over. He didn’t say, "Is Su Gong Shang’s words funny?"
Su Wan shook his head. "No, no, I’m just a convulsion type. I like to laugh when I’m fine."
Dong took a white look at Su Wan and seemed a little dissatisfied. Then he looked at Luo Feng, and the face of Huai Li flooded with a gentle smile. The eyes seemed to be sending out a little tenderness.
Luo Feng some can’t bear to treat such a big man who has always been bright and clear, but he got nervous and dragged Su Wan and said, "Su Su’s younger brother doesn’t have to find something to eat with you."
Dong wound turned around and took a casual look at Su Wan, and soon his attention returned to Luo Fengshen.
"Can Luo Gong talk over dinner?"
Luo Feng looked at his fiery eyes and a little wanted to call for help. He quickly reached out and pulled Su Wan towards Su Wan and winked at Su Wan, indicating that Su Wan should go quickly.
Su Wan looked funny and she still had business to talk about. How to get there? She reached out and patted Luo Feng on the shoulder. "Since Dong Gong is so kind, respect is better than obedience."
Sue wan took care to tease Luo Feng, but she didn’t notice that her shoulder-to-shoulder hand had stimulated a man. A man’s eyes flashed and the cold light looked at Luo Feng, which became an eyesore. What he was focusing on now was just paralyzing a little woman.
If he focuses his attention directly on a little woman, fearing that she will be alert, wouldn’t everything he has done be wasted?
He forbeared to recover his beloved woman.
Dong Shang quickly converged his emotions and ordered the boy Lang in Tsing Yi outside to "prepare a table of dining tables at once".
Outside, the Tsing Yi teenager should go to prepare at once, and Dong Shang in the house has sat gracefully beside Luo Feng, and he poured tea for Luo Feng with enthusiasm. Luo Feng’s face became more and more uncomfortable. Looking at Dong Shang, he called himself a sad heart and regretted coming with Su Wan today.
Who knew this Dong wound would take a fancy to him? Even though he saved him, it’s not worth committing suicide.
Besides, his sexual orientation is normal. He prefers women to men.
Dong injury has brought tea to Luo Feng smilingly; "Luo Gong, I’ll propose a toast to you first. If it weren’t for the second time, you would not have hurt me. Today, I only reported 111."
Dong’s hurt words haven’t come to the end yet. Luo Feng shouted, "Don’t, don’t be physically committed. I’m just comfortable."
Luo Fengtou is sweating.
Dong’s face is still smiling, but the radian of his lip angle is much colder, and the cold mans at the fundus are also swishing outward.
He felt a lot better when he saw this guy beaten.
When he suffers from lovesickness, this guy can accompany his intended woman. If he doesn’t kill him, he won’t be surnamed Xiao.
Dong thought that Feng Mei was slightly injured and said, "But I have no other way to repay you, or Luo Gong will accept me as a personal bodyguard."
Close-fitting bodyguard close-fitting bodyguard
All kinds of bad pictures in Luo Feng’s mind, for example, a man shakes naked in front of him in the middle of the night, for example, when he is naked at an inappropriate time, he gets into his bed, for example, when he is taking a shower, he sneaks in and molests him.
Luo Feng turned white with fear and shook his head quickly "No, no"
When he finished, his teeth chattered and looked at Su Wan. "Su Xiaodi, let’s go, let’s go and stop drinking."
He was afraid of being drunk, but Su Wan sat still, her eyes narrowed slightly, and there was doubt in her eyes. How did she feel that Dong’s injury didn’t have the rhythm of commitment? He seemed to be playing tricks on Luo Feng, but didn’t he save Dong’s injury? Ok, ok, how to play tricks on Luo Feng?
Su Wan was suspicious that the person who had come to play tricks on Luo Feng immediately became alert, and quickly got up and tried to divert his attention. Just then, the Tsing Yi teenager came in with something outside the door, "the public dining tables have arrived."
"Send it in."
Dong still ordered the Tsing Yi teenager to lead two people to bring in the dining tables, and soon the dining tables were filled with a table full of Tsing Yi teenagers and so on.
Once again, there were three people left in the original elegant room. Dong Shang personally poured wine for Luo Feng and Su Wan and then gave it to himself.
Then he filled himself with the last wine and looked at Luo Feng and said, "Since Luo Gongyi’s injury is not importuned, it is the thought of owing to the public."




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